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The de Luen Factor

By Updated on Oct 28, 2008   4349 views   2 comments
Greetings and salutations! This will be my first and only blog(besides from continuing it) before FM2009. Just something new for you guys while ya all wait for 2009. I'm sorry for any grammar errors in advance but im a lazy ya :)

So after using the default skin since the game came out i decided to mix things up abit and try out a skin namely Flex. It looks very good i must admit i should have got one sooner.

I choose Lecce basically because i liked the name(lol) and that they had access to a good striker (Mirko Vucinic). And i wanted a challenge by trying to make my way out of Serie B. Im not really one for starting out with a big team and usually prefer to earn my way into a bigger team.

Im now in my 10th season with Lecce and my unfaltering loyalty cannot be questioned. Honestly i didn't expect to be promoted in my first season let alone top the table. But amazingly it happened alot by luck but maybe Lecce and me were destined for great things together.


As you can see we did very well and quickly became a force to be reckoned with in Italy. But domestically our best season was last (2015/2016) with 33 wins 4 draws and a single loss to Lazio 0-2 in the 3rd last Serie A game of the season. Which was only because i fielded my B/youth team as i was resting the 1st team for the ECC final. BUT THEY STILL LOST LOLOLOL.

The Heartache:

With success of course comes defeat something my team struggled with on numerous occasions in cup finals. We lost three times in Italian Cup finals((2009,2011,2012) to Milan and Inter before finally winning it for the first time in Lecce's history in three consecutive seasons (2014,2015,2016).


Well what can i say the tears flowed often when the Champions cup was concerned. We went down in our first campaign to Barcelona in the quarter finals. Then we lost to Liverpool and Olympic Lyonnais at the final in the following two seasons. Fucken Milan decided to cut our run short in the semi's next season, seriously don't think i hate any other team more(maybe liverpool!). Finally in 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 we had our sweet revenge and on both occasions downed Liverpool 1-0 and 0-0P, good times. However last season which was undoubtedly domestic-wise our best, who else but a 5th placed bloody Liverpool to come along and snatch our shiny cup away in 1-2 victory. Javier Aguirre you have made an enemy for life. FM 2009 really needs an assassination feature! Funnily enough both times we won the ECC the team failed to come 1st in Serie A.

Other honors:


My current Lecce team(1st+reserve):


As you can see three keys players(ronaldo,barbosa,sosin) are injured which is a rather serious problem for the new season, although so far it hasnt been an issue performance wise(YAY REGENS!).

Real players: 10(all 1st team players)
Regens: 12 (theres more but rest are reserve/youth)



Obviously certain aspects would be slightly different depending on your players stats.

I really like for my team to have 2 few key factors.

Height: I prefer all my players except probably the wingers/wingbacks/AMC to be 180cm or taller. Winning headers and out jumping is key to dominating the opposition in my opinion. Height is often overlooked by most players.

Speed: I consider players with 15 in acceleration and pace to be "fast" players. The higher the better as this coincides with my attacking mentality and style. The only player which wouldn't bother me as to what their speed is would be the DMC.

2016/2017 Season(current):

I signed alot of youth players and a very good defender called Italo Lemma from Anderlecht to replace Djourou who left because he wanted a new challenge. I was disappointed because i could have easily got another 2 seasons at least out of him. I let Albiol go to Milan because i doubted i could have gotten a better price for him since he had just turned 31.

I also decided id need to find a good replacement for the aging Jimmy Briand(31). Even though he's had an insane start to the season i thought id sign Pato(27) since he is one of the few "younger" real players left in the game at the moment. Managed to land him for 60mil+70mil over 18 months, alot i know but Valencia wouldnt take 90mil straight up so i had to settle for this. He joins us on the 2nd of Jan 2017.

We've had a sensational start to the season which is to be expected as league champions:


Briand and Balotelli have already scored 12(6app) and 5(3app) goals respectively across all competitions, and since Barbosa has been injured Michele Ibba(regen) has stepped up and got 5 assists in 6 appearances:


Next game is our arch-rivals the evil AC Milan! Not looking forward to this game to be honest.

Anyway guys i hope your've enjoyed "The de Luen Factor". Thats it for this week. I might write more but dunno yet.

Peace out.

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Discussion: The de Luen Factor

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  • monkeyme's avatar
    you MUST have cheated in your 2nd season. You just dont come 4th in the top leage in a country if youe just been promoted (unless your hull lol.) It destroys the laws of physics!
  • RedArmy20's avatar
    fantastic mate!
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