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36 Basic Tips of Managing

By Updated on Jan 15, 2010   39474 views   15 comments
1) always have a mixture of experience and youth.

2) if players underperform put them in the reserves till they perform

3) send your scouts out straight away and look at their players before you buy

4) look in the division below you for a season and pick one of the top 10 goalscorers or the people with the highest rating if you need a ST

5) get plenty of frendlys in the pre-season to test out players and formations the same goes with easy matches

6) don't buy lots of players because their wages can rise and destroy the club from the inside(past experience)

7) if your players aren't doing good don't sell them or raise the price just put them in the reserves for about a month or so

8.) in buying strikers look for good pace, finishing, accelaration, agilty, and dribbling

9) always deny reports on you going to other clubs (if you want to go don't make it public)

10) in buying midfielders look for leaders or former captains to give the squad a stablity

11) always look for the people with unattatched contracts some good people pop up

12) don't lose your cool and resign after you lose time and time again you can't be guarented a good job once you resign

13) never do ultimatum they mostly always sack you

14) if the keeper gets injured in a match sub him with the person who has the best goalkeeping rating if he is your best player or not, so check when you get your squad.

15)When you start a new season, pick up a assistant manager instead of the current one, you don't have to have mediocre assistants is you don't want to.

16) if you are unemployed apply once every three weeks or else most people don't want you, as stated in news articles.

17)always apply for clubs either big or small (once i went from gretna to athletico Madrid)

18.) when searching for people look for people that have the club in their favored clubs it could increase the chance of them moving to your club

19)always try to get the players morale up by getting new contracts, playing them, or winning games.

20)when playing against clubs put the ones (players in the other club) that do good in your shortlist then get scout reports on them and maybe buy them.

21)If you are unsure trial them (do this mostly in lower league clubs)

22) Every month or so check on form and click on one of the top performers in a while and interact with him, It helps with stabilty in the club itself.

23) Opposite of 22 (so the worst performer interaction)

24) If you are doing very bad, form-wise, ask one of your senior players to hold a team meeting. This is a vital great tip.

25) If you have a good scout, take a good look at the scout report he has made for a team, it really helps if you put it into acount.

26) Don't get any more players than you need to scroll down to look for, in your first team, even if they are youths, as you will face a barrage of unhappyness from those reserves in your first team.

27) Don't just stick to one formation, as you should have about 2, as a precation if it fails in the heat of the season

28.) If your players get injured, then play them in the reserves until they get back to full fitness, If you don't have a reserve team in a league don't do this as it won't have a effect.

29) Try to get your subs to learn new positions as then you can cut down on some uneeded players.

30) If possible try to loan players out before you buy them, in case they will not adapt to your league properly.

31) Always set yourself a personal target position finish at the start of the season

32) If considering a national job offer, ask yourself if you have enough time of gameplay on average to keep fully up to date with both jobs.

33) Never sign a player on any one performance in either internationaly, or as if to sign the player

34) Set yourself a minimum target of points, instead of positions at the start of the season.

35) Use your inicative every now and then

36) Ask The guys here at Fmscout for any other help

Sorry about the skip, I did this when I first started FM and posted it on a site that has long gone, now I have found it again..... I will update this every time an idea pops up. This blog is full of mistakes which I will change, as when I wrote this a long time ago, and I did it on request. And yes I was that bad at spelling. Remember these are just tips you can follow to get an average job done. I must stress It will not help fully unless you add your own ideas. I might edit this later depending on how different Fm09 is.

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Discussion: 36 Basic Tips of Managing

15 comments have been posted so far.

  • macdab55's avatar
    great tips m8:wink
  • BennTheYoungRobin1994's avatar
    nice tips,
    the wage one has nearly destroyed me on several occasions.
    playing as coventry atm in the championship, just took over, the last guy spent 2.7 million on transfers, the budgets now zero, its november we're 23rd, and ive js got my first win of the season. :satisfied
  • micah's avatar
    did you change you tactic or something like that because he might not suit that formation/tactic/personal instruction
  • _Man_u_barmy_army_'s avatar
    try looking at the little problems e.g language, and who he is getting supporty from, and try to play to his strengths, with little instructions. Also find a person who would suit his style of play to play alongside, e.g a strong arially dominant player to get the balls for a speedy short person.
  • kote.g's avatar
    I bought Nilmar to Portshmouth's he scored allready 11 goals in 19 matches but at the last 5-6 games he played very badly and he didn't score any goal....what could be the probleme?
  • Fackman's avatar
    ok ;)
  • _Man_u_barmy_army_'s avatar
    I know he won't I was using that as a magnified example of the real thing, don't judge a forigen player soley on his playing in a different league.
  • Fackman's avatar
    Yeah, but you loaned him from your BROTHER, normally in a offline game you wouldn´t be able to loan him. The computer just won´t.
  • _Man_u_barmy_army_'s avatar
    I loaned Benzema from my brother for 6 months for Juve, he scored 2 goals in 15 app. Because he could not adapt to serie A << example
  • Fackman's avatar
    Tip 30 can't be done most of the time. If you buy a player it is to use his skill to up your level of play. Then you always buy players who are better. If they are good then you can't loan them because they are too important for their own team.
  • monkeyme's avatar
    joking, it is very good for beginners.
  • monkeyme's avatar
    you missed all the most important ones. Win games, dont lose and sign good players.
  • _Man_u_barmy_army_'s avatar
    Thanks Stam, Updated to 30
  • Stam's avatar
    nice one m8 :ave
  • RedArmy20's avatar
    good few tips :)
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