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My new 09 arsenal game, end of season 2

By Updated on Nov 19, 2008   4883 views   6 comments
although ive oly had 3 games i thought id just say!

fisrtly i got a transfer budget of £36 million, so i went out spending.

i bought:
- Mario Balatolli for £17 million, but he has been at the olympics so hasn't played yet :(

- Henri Saivet for £5.25 million, his stats aren't that good but he has played 2 games and got over 7.5 in each game, and he scored against tottenham.

- Joe Mattock for £2 million, i needed a new LB so i thought i would go english and he hasn't played yet so i can't say if he's doing well.

- Giorginio Wijnaldum for £4 million, he also is at the olympics so i couldn't report on him yet either.

- Adrien on loan from sporting lisbon, he is filling in for Fabregas at the moment, and doing a fantastic job!, i will be buying him in January.

- Asenjo (can't remember his first name) for £7.25 million, he is an amazing wonderkid goalkeeper, he is in my first team and doing very well, conceded 1 in 3 against newcastle.

all of these are good buys for any team.

at the moment though i have a lot of problems to deal with, well injuries, my injury list so far after 3 games and pre-season is:

- Robin Van Persie, injured for 2 months against newcastle
- Kolo Toure, injured for 5 months against some portugese side in champ league qualifiers
- Carlos Vela, injured for 1 month against newcastle
- Theo Walcott, injured for 1 month against that portugese side
- Francesc Fabregas, started with a 2 month injury
- Abou Diaby, started with around 2 month injury
- Denilson, 1 month injury in training
- Bakary Sagna, 1 month injury in training

so i don't like the new injury system in the game it is too viscious, and this is the patch version, where it was supposed to be fixed?!

my first game was a champions league qualifier against GUIMARÃES
i was supposed to roll these over without fuss.

Arsenal 2 - 0 Guimaraes

Adebayor got my first goal for me with a 25 yard screamer, and Van Persie got my second goal for us, a simple tap in after a parry from Walcott's shot,
also i got Toure and Walcott injured in this match in the second half.

starting line-up Asenjo

Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy

Wilshere Denilson Adrien

Walcott Van Persie


Subs. Almunia
Djourou (came on for Toure)
Ramsay (came on foe Wilshere)
Vela (came on for Van Persie)

my second game was the first prem game against Newcastle.

Arsenal 2-1 Newcastle

Martins scored a good header from a butt cross in the 3rd minute, clichy very bad defending, they dominated the first half, so i raged at my players.
in the second half though we jumped into action. Van persie got a goal in the 53rd minute and then another in the 57th minute after taking injured Vela in 50th minute, then got injured himself in the 89th minute.

Eboue, Djourou, Silvestre, Clichy
Ramsay, Adrien, Merida
Saivet, Vela

my third game was against Tottenham.

Arsenal 1-0 Tottenham

This was a very boring game with only a 23rdminute goal from Saivet and amazingly no injuries, so not much to talk about from this match

Eboue, Djourou, Gallas, Clichy
Wilshere, Song, Adrien
Saivet, Merida

well thats my story so far and if you have any ideas, advice (or praise) for me let me know, cheers.

soo.... here i go again on my own!
this is the second time i have tried updating this but last time i lost my internet connection, pressed update and lost it all :(

well i will begin with my champions league group.
i had Sporting CP, Shakhtar and Celtic.

- my first champions league group game was against Sporting CP, well i won 1-0 with Balotelli scoring his first ever goal for us, i was so proud! That was the only interesting thing that happened in this very boring game.

- my next game was a battle against Liverpool, to get an early advantage in the league. this game again was a boring 1-0 win, except for a bit of change in that Adebayor was my scorer.

- next i had a League Cup game against Fulham, now surprisingly this was not 1-0, shock horror, instead it was 3-2 to us, this was quite pleasing as i was 2-0 down at half time thanks to some sloppy defending, a shout at half time turned that around though, and inspired Bendtner to get 2 goals and Vela to get 1, all in all, a good game for my youngsters.

- Arsenal 3-1 Celtic, this was a very entertaining game, again i was down 1-0 at half time, but thanks to my soon to be wonderkid, coming on i won, yes Henry Saivet got a glorious hattrick, which earned him a start in against West Brom which we also won.

- now this next game is a very tough fixture for my emotionally, i had to play my lifelong heroes Manchester United. we was the first to score through a gallas header, which btw i did not celebrate through respect, this lead though did not last long as Rooney scored an amazing 30 yard thunderbolt.
next to score was another wonderkid to be, Giorginio Wijnaldum, putting us in the lead again with only 10 minutes to go, surely i had won i thought but again, Rooney came to spoil my party with a cheeky lob in the 92nd minute.

- next was Chelski. now in this match i had to play almost all my youngsters as tiredness had set in though playing the tough Utd game.
now although i played my yongsters, we amazingly took the lead within 5 minutes, through Denilson, good times. we took this lead into half time.
in the second half Chelski did to us what we did to them by scoring very early on through Anelka, bad times. reluctentaly i brung on some of my big names, Adebayor, Fabregas ans Nasri came on. this was a very good thing, as Chelski had started to apply some pressure on Asenjo. this substitution was justified though in the 85th minute when Adebayor scored a tap in, which won us the game!

- next was my game agianst Shakhtar. this was a very comfortable game finishing 2-0 to us through Vela and Adebayor. That made my run played 15, won 13, drawn 2. not bad if i do say so myself, especially with already playing Chelsea, Utd and Liverpool.

to be honest, here i will leave quite a lot out as i play lower league sides, with very boring results.
- Arsenal 4-1 Sporting CP, this was my biggest win so far and very pleasing to watch, as i had missed these, getting none unlike in 08. anyway this was pleasing in another way, 4 different scorers showed i was not reliant on a few strikers. Walcott, Fabregas, Van Persie and Adebayor got my goals.

- next i played Portsmouth this game i did not enjoy. this was my first loss with my team. 1-0 from a Crouch header.

- League cup, arseanl 1-0 portsmouth. ohh yes, you beat me i knock you out of the cup! also through lots of heavy challenges i injured crouch for a month, bless!

- my next league cup match was against man city, at city. this was the semi's so was over two legs. which i was glad for as i lost 3-2, robinho outclassing my defenders throughout the match and getting a hattrick, but i got 2 goals in the last 10 mins thanks to Bendtner and he may of saved me!

- next was my other game against tottenham, my fans were quite expectant in this game, and i looked good for a win going in to half time 1-0 up thanks to Vela. but to my surprise tottenham came out rampant in the second half and ended up winning 2-1. NOT HAPPY!!!

- this match started a tough period of 6 games. this was my secong leg against Man City, at home. i went in behind so had to win to go through to the final against Manchester United. the game was really boring, and only got intersting in the 79th minute when Bendtner got the goal we needed to go through!

- Chelsea in the FA cup was number 2, this was a terrible game and an earbashing was in order as we were outclassed totally, losing 2-0 with Drogba getting both.

- No.3 Liverpool at anfield. this was a must as i was 1st and they were 2nd. in this match only 2 players played anygood, Reina and Eduardo. it was a battle of wills as Eduardo kept testing Reina, in the end Eduardo came out on yop getting 2 goals and winning the game on his own.

- No.4 Chelsea again. this time at Stamford bridge. again Eduardo impressed getting a very early goal, this was then followed by a Bosingwa own goal within 2 mins, after this nothing happened, not very pretty football, but a win nonetheless.

- no.5 Wigan, it doesn't sound tough but they were 4th in the league, it ended up comfortable with a 1-0 win.

- No.6 Galatasaray in the Champions league, again 1-0 with a Bendtner goal.

League Cup final, Against Man Utd, now i was getting quite bored with this save as all games are boring!, this one followed in the same suit, 1-1 at full time, and it was decided by a penalty shoot out!, this we won, again celebrations kept to a minimum, i felt sorry for my glorious devils.

Arsenal 4-0 Galatasaray, Adebayor got a hattrick and Gallas got the last, more interesting than previous games, thanks to Galatasaray playing extremely badly.

in the Quarter finals i drew Liverpool and Man Utd got Chelsea with the winers playing each other, suspicious, i dont think they wanted another all english final which it would of been.

- leg 1, 2-2, Eduardo double and Gerrard double, a very entertaining game, but conceding 2 at home was bad, a good performance at Anfield was needed but i was hopefull.
- leg 2, 1-0, Eduardo again, he like playing against Liverpool. not a good performance that i wsa hopefull for but it was enough to get us through tothe Semi's against Man Utd.

Champ League semi's, winner plays Inter.

- leg 1, 0-1, a berbatov goal hit us hard, and lowered not just my teams morale but mine aswell.
- leg 2, 3-0, this was more like it, Balotelli, Vela and Van Persie, made me happy with this win, a European title in my first season was appealing.

next was my deciding game in the Premiership. i played Villa, if i win, i win the League. 2-1 to me YEAAAHHHHH!!!!! Balotelli got me 2 goals and i loved him for it.

the only thing left was my Champions League game against Inter.
i was quite nervous about this game, my top goalscorer, Van Persie, was injured. it started well with 5 shots on target within 8 minutes, with Inter getting none. i was dominating and inter had nothing in attack that Gallas and Toure could'nt handle. this was made better on 15 minutes when Gael Clichy of all people scored a 40 yard screamer, his first goal of the season!, it was truly magical. and that was the rest of the action, except for the whistle on 97 minutes concluding my amazing double in my first season! i just hope the fans don't expect this every season.

anyway i was offered a new deal of £97k a week on a 4 yr deal, i rejected!

actually i requested a 5 yr deal. i got it, obviously and all was well.
here come the changes in my team, although i won the double i was unhappy with a lot of players.

players out:
Theo Walcott - £17.5m to Real Madrid(jan), Abou Diaby - £5m to Sunderland(jan), Emmanuel Adebayor - £17m to Inter, Eduardo - £15m again to Inter, Senderos - £6.5m to AC Milan (part of loan deal), Song - £7.5m to Sporting CP and finally Silvestre - £4m to Palermo.

players in:
Cahais - free, Fred - free, Sturridge - free, Giovinco - £5m from Juve, Fleck - £3.5m from Rangers, Papadopoulos - £1.8m from Olympiakos, Rakitic - £10m from Schalke, Howedes - £9m from Schalke, Henry - £6.5m from Barce.
Brek Shea - £170k from Dallas(jan), Rolfes - £9m from Leverkusen i think(jan), Elano - £11m from Man City(jan), Zanetti - £3.5m from Juve(jan).

awards; players, player of the season - Robin Van Persie
manager of the season - ME!!
best buy of season - Henry Saivet.

well thats that for season 1. roll on season 2, hope it works this time! (fingers crossed)

well my arsenal steam roller is still going strong!

i will not go through each match it takes too long lol.

i wil go through all the competitions;

Charity Shield - Arsenal vs Man United

this was a tough match with lots of tackles and cards shown, but it was what was to be expected. i didn't like the referee in this match, he kept stopping the game and didn't let it flow.
Vela was the first to score with a screamer, that was followed by Rooney with a mistake from Toure. after that it dragged on for a while, but Vela came through again in the 78th min and won us our fisrt trophy of the season.

European Super League - Arsenal vs At. Madrid
this was a boring 1-0 win with clichy scoring an open goal after the keeper ran out to clear the ball and passed it right to clichy.

Club World Championship
semi - Arsenal vs Chivas - my youngsters won 1-0 in a tough match with Saivet getting the winner
Final - Arsenal vs LDU Quito - this was easier a 2-0 win with wijnaldum and ramsay got the goals to add another trophy!

League Cup - i went out in the first game to Newcastle, my youngsters were badly beaten 2-0, Man City went on to win.

FA cup - i got to the final, it was against Man City, i hoped i would win as i was 32 games unbeaten in every competition! this was not to be, i was tipped to the post with a late goal by Robinho, not happy!

Champions League - in my group was Dinamo Kiev, At. Madrid, Lazio. i won every game in the league, cant complain.
- Last 16 - Porto
i won the first leg 2-0 at home, Balotelli with both the goals!
the away leg was 1-1, Bendtner and Hulk were the scorers, hulks celebration was amazing, he got a yellow card for ripping off his shirt haha
- Quarters - Manchester United
not happy i wanted to play them in the final but...
away leg first, i went to get points, quite attacking but it back fired with me losing 3-2, Ronaldo and Tevez (2), and Vela (2)
at home i thought they would attack really hard, but we beat them 2-0 with Balotelli and Van Persie scoring
- Semis - Liverpool
again like last season i got 2 english teams, its not fair i want european teams, i play these all the time!
at home i won 2-0, with Bendtner (2)
away i won 1-0, Vela the scorer
- Final - Real Madrid
different! a non-english team in champ league!
i had a really amazing first half, with Balotelli scoring 2 and Vela scoring 1. in the bag! i started the second half by losing a goal to Van Nistelrooy.
but then Fabregas got 2 and Nasri got 1. finished beating them 6-1 that was a shocker.

Premier League
it was a lot tougher this time, especially the first half of the league.
i was second all the way until christmas to Manchester United. but i only lost 1 game and conceded 11 goals and scoring 34. i beat Liverpool, Chelsea twice, Manchester United and Manchester City, all the big teams so i was happy, but still 7 points behind Man Utd, with a game in hand.

in my next big games i beat man utd, man city and drew to liverpool.
i did not lose a game in the second half, but in feb i was still 2nd, until i beat man utd to overtake them, then i got the trophy with 2 games to go against Everton with a mighty 3-0 win.

the table was
Manchester United
Manchester City
Aston Villa
Blackburn Rovers

and Charlton, Crystal Palace and Wigan went down

the goalscoring chart was
Doyle - Hull - 25
Tevez - Man Utd - 21
Huntelaar - Villa - 19

my players got in all comps;
Vela - 29 top assist - Van Persie - 11
Balotelli - 28 best overall rating - Clichy - 7.35
Bendtner - 23
Van Persie - 13
Saivet - 8

so in all i got another double a good season i thought, but with city now a big side, they had the rep to get the big players, arrggghhh!

my signings for season 3 are as follows

players out;
Rosicky - Chelsea - £13m
Nasri - Man City - £28m
Fred - Lazio - £7.5m
Henry - Villa - £2.8m
Zannetti - Middlesbrough - £1.7m
Nordtveit - Villa - £7.5m
Giovinco - Genoa - £5.5m

players in;
Messi - Barcelona - £45m
Aguero - At. Madrid - £32m
Sakho - PSG - £15m
Van Eiff - Newcastle - £20m (hes a wonderkid lm regen)
i also signed 5 other regens at a cost of £9.5m

also if you was wondering Spain won the world cup.

my first game in the season was a Charity shield match against Man City.
they had a brutally attacking side, and played in that manner.
the match finished Arsenal 0-3 Man City, Robinho got 2 and Diarra got 1
i got destroyed it was embaressing.

i also lost the European Super Cup to Man City
that was 2-1
Aguero got my goal, and Owen got 2 for city :(

i will put the league results in next update!

i hope i will have good things to say in the next post but until then goodbye and sweetdreams.

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Discussion: My new 09 arsenal game, end of season 2

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  • _Man_u_barmy_army_'s avatar
    Try to add screenshots mate, it will make it a bit better.
  • RedArmy20's avatar
    aah you got rolfes very well written.

    Next time when your writing copy everything time to time so you dont loose the whole text everytime.
    Good read by the way.
  • The !RedDevil!'s avatar
    Now Updated! reading back seems a bit lenghty but whatever. enjoy, comments please!
  • Stam's avatar
    No need to be aggressive mate. miniyetiman, it is good to have people posting interesting stories. Spell check and tidy writing are not so important :)
  • The !RedDevil!'s avatar
    no need to get another centre back. toure will be back in before window and i bought jack rodwell after the tottenham game. and yes mattock is a really good player, since this i have been playing him and he's been getting better match rating than clichy did.
  • RedArmy20's avatar
    I like that you have bought Mattock. Hes a promising player. I have seen him play a few times in real life and he seems to be a solid good left back for someone so young. And he should do well in a team like arsenal in FM, so good buy that :) And get a better centreback when u have the money :)
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