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Strength to Strength (hopefully)

By Updated on Apr 21, 2009   3555 views   3 comments


Welcome back to the second blog of my managerial adventures of fm09, here is the previous blog The rollercoaster 1-3, I hope that this season I can up my performances to be a main contender for promotion. With my squad being fairly stable I decided not to spend a lot of money on buying players as I am close to getting to club to turn fully professional, although I doubt this will happen until I get promoted. As I can see it the only positions I could improve more than others are my RB, and LB slightly although they are both stable but my first choice right back is getting quite old, and possibly getting some in form strikers although that is not a concern at the moment as I have three good strikers and 2 upcoming strikers. Any feedback from you (the users) will be appreciated, and I always say if you want to know where a player is in my game and how he has got on just ask. Although I still need to buy the youth and backup for this season to give my squad the depth it lacked slightly last season but all of them are bought on the cheap,


Paolo Ponte - 24 - Swiss - Played regualry for Yf Juventus in the league below me I think (it isn't activated) and is a solid LM/DM/and CM - I brought him to Yverdon mainly as a utility player to fill in for those injured

Manuel Docourt - 23 - Swiss - played well in his 3 appearences for chiasso last season as a second choice keeper in my league - I brought him to Yverdon as a second choice keeper now with Zuberhuber retired with the potentional to take over Bauch in a few years

Kevin Pollini - 21 - swiss - He played fairly regualary last season for Locarno and scored not a single goal despite being a striker, his entire career: 35 app 1 goal, - I hope to take him into my squad as a rotation and try to get him back on the right track

Martin Setzke - 27 - German - He played as a key player in my feeder club in germany last season (Erkenschwick), where he got 33 apearences and 17 goals although it is a different class I need another option if my strikers get injured or fail to perform

The next few are all minor players and youth promises all swiss

Sandro Foschini - 22 - MR,ML
Gael Santoni (regen) - 18 - ST
Massimo Solari - 20 - AMR,AML
Vullnet Basha - 20 - CM

Outs (not including loan)

Tom Colona - 18 - swiss - He played as a rotation for me last season but although he does look promising I feel he wouldn't get a place in my current squad so I took the 40k for him off Vaduz (in the same league as me after being relegated from the super league last season)

Pre season

Well it went buy without much of a hitch I beat Waasland (from the belgian second divison) with ease 2-0 with goals from alvarez and Sejmenovic, but the next game was against relegated Servette who had previously been in the super league above me but went down after 25 loses last season it was a tough encounter with me taking the game to them but in the 5th min I gave away a free-kick and Vitkieviez took it so well, then I came back in to it only to give away another free-kick which Vitkieviez dispatched with ease then it was solid and level for the rest of the half and match. My final pre-season fixture was against Beinne, my relegation rivals two seasons ago who I made the miricale season happen at their expense who are now promoted this season, it was chances at each end and a couple of people got minor injuries (ponte and some of their people), then Martucci scored a effort from inside the box, late on Dennevaud had a chance to double the lead but he missed from the spot kick


Martin - out for 4 games
Rachane - out for 6 games
Setzke - out for 6 games

Servette 0-1 Yverdon
I was very suprised as servette did not start with the man who scored a brace against me in the pre-season, I slowly managed to gain possestion and control of the match and dennervaud slotted in the winner!! Things are looking up for my title challenge

Yverdon 0-0 Locarno
It was a fairly dull game on 9 shots in it, I can't say much else

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Discussion: Strength to Strength (hopefully)

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  • Fackman's avatar
    Ah, That really sucks :(
    I know the feeling when you've built up a great team and then everything vanishes in an instant. I had that with my Everton game.
  • Stam's avatar
    this sucks :(
    well, you can start a new game now
  • _Man_u_barmy_army_'s avatar
    I would like to issue an apology. My computer got a virus from one of my brothers users and I went about trying to borow a memory stick to get all my game data (including fm on a memory stick) when I got home I found out that the memory had been wiped and I have lost all my data. Including all my previous e.g juventus/Yverdon, I am slightly angry and annoyed but I can't do much about it. Sorry again to all those who followed my process. I will hopefully come back to the forum after my exams 5 weeks. And possibly blog about fmscout team that sun is building. Sorry again :(
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