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FM 2010 my favorite from the FM series

My first go at Lower League Management

By Updated on Sep 27, 2010   3304 views   4 comments
My FM past
This is my fifth Football Manager which i played. Previously i played FM 2005, FM 2006, FM 2007, FM 2008 and FM 2010 is for now my favourite game which i played. Mostly because i started to play lower leagues and i finally started to do tranings, tactics and scouting in privous FM's i didnt do it and i always cheated mostly by save games before the match and when i lose i will start again untill i win the game but in this game i started to not do that because that way which i did before was boring and i think its more fun that way.

What happened with FM 2010
In FM 2010 i started to play teams from lower leagues because in all the privouse FM's mostly i played big teams like Chelsea, Barcelona or Inter, but i started to feel it was too easy because i won everything and most of the players wanted come to me but when you start to play less famous teams you have to know players which are cheap and want to come to you and its a challenge because when you play against better teams you dont got lot of chances to win but when you win then it makes you really happy (it at least make me teally happy and proud to win with better team).

And for me its even success when i dont lose by many goals like when i was playing CS Louhans Cuiseaux in French cup against PSG and i lost 0-1 but it made me proud because at the time i was first in CFA (fourth French league) and PSG was 3rd in Ligue 1 so that much diffrences between two teams and it was 7th or 8th round so i take them really high for 4th league team. I think playing such teams is more fun than playing famous teams because there you have to have knwoledge about the players and you dont get sucked if you lose some games in the row like in my first season CS Louhans Cuiseaux when i have been 15th out of 18 i think and it was probobly the best feeling because i ended my first season with a team which was in that low league.

The FM 2010 data editor...
In this game i liked that in editor you could create league. I really liked it because i could play team which (exepct Chelsea) is close to my heart and a place where i was born OKS 1945 Olsztyn which currently play in Polish II east (equvlent to 3rd league). Strangely its not the best team in the Poland because the highest position which the had was 6th in Polish Ekstraklasa in 95/96 season but i still love that team. Maybe i wasnt at there game(like with Chelsea) but it dosnt depend on if you going there game but on what you like.

...and this site
And when FM 2010 was out in stores i also found FMScout so if i had any problems i could write it on website and always someone helped me so thats another reason that i like FM 2010 more than any of other FM games.

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Discussion: FM 2010 my favorite from the FM series

4 comments have been posted so far.

  • FootballFarrago's avatar
    lower league management is what the game's all about for me (single player anyway). there's nothing more satisfying that getting your home town club all the way to the premiership and beyone.

    If you're interested in writing anything for then get in touch! starting a piece on FM players in the real world, would love to get someone like you to write it.

    Jude Ellery
  • macdab55's avatar
    That's fine
  • Stam's avatar
    Modified the title and formatting, added description and and headings. Hope it's OK mate.
  • Stam's avatar
    I'm playing since the game was still called Championship Manager, epic times back then really.

    I never managed a big team, always loved LLM (lower league management) and especially the English ones.

    Custom league feature is nice, but not a fan myself.

    When FM 2010 was out... until then it was a bad year that just got much better for me.
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