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Steve Docherty: Started At The Bottom

Started on 28 September 2013 by Jack
Latest Reply on 19 October 2013 by Jack
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13 July 2012

Steve Docherty sat in his Dublin home watching TV. 3 months ago he was sacked as a solicitor as there was a mass redundancy at his old workplace. He'd been watching the Jeremy Kyle show for months now, it was starting to get boring. A few weeks back he'd applied for a job at Irish football side University College Dublin, it was close and in need of a good manager. Docherty thought he was that man. He'd managed his Sunday League side, Here For Beer although that wasn't going on his CV. He played a game called Football Manager which certainly improved his knowledge of the football world. For some reason Steve wasn't positive that he was going to get the job, he had managed some great achievements on Football Manager but he wasn't confident that they were-

Who was that on a Monday morning? Might be Darren, he would probably be asking if he's coming out drinking tonight.

Darren, I can't c-



This isn't Darren, Steve, this is University College Dublin. We'd like to offer you the managers job here.

Come on Darren, stop it.

This isn't Darren.

How do you know my name then?

You applied for the job on 21st of June, I am their chairman Keith Dignam.

Darren checked his EMail outbox, 21st of June
Subject: Managerial Vacancy
To: [email protected]

He then checked UCD's wikipedia page, the chairman was Keith Dignam


Hello, so do we need to discuss it?

Yes, meet me at the UCD Bowl at Ten o'clock in the morning tomorrow, check the directions on the official website, thank you, I'll see you tomorrow.

Ok, bye.

14 July 2012 - 13:00

UCD Hire Docherty

UCD are proud to announce that they have hired Steve Docherty today. He takes over from Martin Russell who took UCD to 9th place last season. UCD wish Russell the best in the future and look to a bright future under Docherty.
Nice start mate! Good luck to mister Docherty!
Good luck. Will follow.
Nice touch with the cell phone sound effect. Looks good, will follow.
@AAN: Thanks mate!

@BA: Thank you

@Pixel: Thanks, means a lot
Good luck :P

The First Game

Docherty wandered down the touchline. It was 30 minutes until kick-off and his team were already changed and ready for the game but they had to be occupied by the assistant manager Diarmuid McNally in the changing rooms. John Brennan, the head physio at U.C.D came out and said "Are you going to talk to the team then?"
"Yeah, just a second" He replied, he could spot one or two fans already in the ground. He had a picture in his head wiht him and the team lifting the league title. An autograph hunter asked for his autograph, he hadn't practised it and its the first time anyone's asked him for an autograph. "Yeah ok" Once he signed it, he was proud.

Docherty walked into the changing rooms. "Ok lads, we're playing 4-4-2 today. I've been looking at the table and we have conceded the most goals out of the whole league, we'll be working on our defence in training soon. Just go into this game with confidence, I know what you can achieve. You can be heroes if you want, but you need to want it more than anything. Today is just the start. Come on lads!"

The team responded with the same thing "Come on lads!"

Diarmuid McNally came up to me and said "Seem to have got 'em pumped eh?"

"Lets just hope they perform on the pitch" I replied.

The PA announcer shouted out over the pitch "Welcome to University College Dublin versus Cork City at the Belfield Bowl, Cork City's squad today is: Number 1: Mark McNulty! Number 22: Neal Horgan! Number 12: Dan Murray! Number 5: Darren Dennehy! Number 3: Danny Murphy! Number 2: Ian Turner! Number 8: Shane Duggan Number 16: Johnny Dunleavy! Number 23: Daryl Horgan! Number 10: Denis Behan! and Number 14: Danny Furlong!

Now the home teams squad"

The fans replied with a ole! With every players name

"Number 1: Ger Barron! Number 17: Gareth Matthews! Number 13: Hugh Douglas! Number 4: David O'Connor! Number 2: Mark Langtry! Number 6: Chris Mulhall! Number 14: James Kavanagh! Number 8: Craig Walsh! Number 19: Robbie Benson! Number 9: David McMillan! And new signing making his debut today, Number 36: PAUL DUNPHY!" The fans responded to Paul Dunphy's name with the biggest ole.

The whistle went with the crowd responding with "Cooome ooooon!"

It was getting close to half-time "The fourth-official has indicated a minimum of 1 minute injury time" said the Public Announcer. I'd been standing up all the first-half, I wanted to sit down but I wanted to get every bit of energy out of the players. Kavanagh played a ball over the top "Go on, go on son" McMillan headed it on, their center-back stopped it but bumped into his center-back partnership, Dunphy was first to latch onto the ball "GO ON!" I said with the crowd joining me, GOAL! "Get in!" I shouted as the crowd screamed "Yeeeeeess!!" in perfect unison. Dunphy received praise from his new team-mates before running over to me. "That ones for you, boss" He said.
I replied with "Eh, first of many I hope" I said, smiling. He then went over to the West stand with a fist pump as the crowd sang "There's only one James Dunphy!" I could tell he's already loved here.

Half-time. The loud echos of voices of pride and disappointment carried on while going down the tunnel. As we got into the changing rooms all the players were smiling. "That was absolutely superb! We've been solid at the back all game and we've sneaked one in at their end! Great goal there James as well and well done McMillan" I said looking at the two strikers.

"Some great defending there as well, including you Barron" I said looking at the keeper Ger Barron, he replied with a smile.

"More of this lads, come on, get another, then after that, another!"

"Come on boys!" The team replied as they ran out again.

"They're buzzing gaffer!" Said the assistant manager

"Aye, need to consolidate now!"

"Oooh! Unlucky! Excellent play you two!" I shouted at Dunphy and McMillan as McMillan wins a corner from a great effort.

Full-time. I clapped the players off as I didn't want to seem too cocky but I was delighted inside. I was calm until the team got into the changing rooms. "90 minutes is usually so boring to watch if it's a normal 1-0 win but the passing today was like watching Barcelona! You played like champions. Before the game started, I said you could be heroes. You were heroes today. Let this continue!"

As the players went out of the dressing room they all said "Cheers boss". One player stayed behind, James Dunphy. "Boss, I haven't played football for a club for 4 years. Today was one of the best days of my life. I want to thank you for believing in me, the goal has made me feel on top of the world. I love football, the banter in the changing rooms, you're my idol boss"

"I want to thank you son, you were the biggest inspiration out their today, more games like that you'll be our Lionel Messi!" After that we shared a big man hug.

Today is just the start I thought to myself, smiling.
Good luck :)
Ah so UCD is now the the Barcelona of Ireland!
@Rabby: Cheers :)

BA: That's what I'm hoping we become! Thanks for reading
19 July 2012


Err, hello?

Hi, this is Steve Docherty, manager of U.C.D, University College Dublin


I would like to sign you for the club.

Well I do have a lot of clubs interested in me, would you like to discuss further?

In the future?

Preferably tomorrow if you are that desperate to sign me.

You're on, Paddy's Bar in Dublin tomorrow at 3 o'clock in the afternoon?

I'll be there

20 July 2012

I smiled at the player as he walked in

Hi, Steve Docherty as I shook his hand.

I had a briefcase next to my seat with all the documents needed to complete the first stage of the deal. I put the bag on the table.

So how are you feeling?

Good, good. Now, about U.C.D, how long have you been there?

I'm really new to the club I only joined 6 games ago and won my first game against Cork City.

So this is the contract?

Yeah, we can adjust it if you like?

I was shuffling nervously now, I wasn't sure if he was happy with the offer. I felt as if I was on the back-foot

This really impresses me! I used to watch the Irish league until I moved to Aston Villa and it wasn't really that impressive. I would love to join your club.

With that he signed a deal of €210 per week until December this year.

Thank you, it will be great to have you on board, defence is the only position we struggle in and you will be the star of our defence, I can see a great personality like you making friends with the players very quickly.

It's a pleasure.

22 July 2012

Center-back joins The Students

Former Aston Villa center-back Daniel Devine has joined us on a 5-month contract. New manager Steve Docherty has said "The deal was done quickly and he will be our star man in our defence. The fans will adore him" he didn't manage to make a first-team appearance for Aston Villa.
31 December 2012

So, this was it. I was packing my bags. I'd rejected 9 offers from U.C.D for contract renewals as I felt the club was going nowhere. It had no hope, Irish football was dead, there were no clubs that had a chance in Europe, certainly not U.C.D.

I said my goodbyes to all the players. Paul Dunphy had a chat with me for 5 or 10 minutes saying how much I've helped him at U.C.D and how I brought him back. He was our top scorer in the whole season and he only signed in late July. He told me wherever I go next he wants to sign for them. We shared a hug on the way out. I then said goodbye to the chairman, Keith Dignam. It was only a brief goodbye as he wasn't extremely pleased that I had rejected 9 offers, he had a real challenge to find someone who would join U.C.D and be successful. I felt sorry for him in many ways but I saved the club from relegation. They were rock bottom when I joined, 19 games into the season and only gained 10 points whilst Dundalk had 19. We fought back all the way to become 14 points ahead of Dundalk. That in my opinion is the work of two heroes. Me and Paul Dunphy. I also took them to the semi-final of the Senior Challenge Cup only to be beaten by league champions Derry City 3-1.

21 July 2013

One year on, I've applied at all sorts of teams, Portuguese sides, English sides, Italian sides, French sides, the lot. Only two offered me a job. Gillingham offered me a job in March/April time but I rejected the offer as the direction and offer from the club were just wrong. The other I took a lot of time to think about as they had been in the low leagues for too long and needed a hand to reach success, after hours of thinking, I came to a conclusion. I will take the contract, it's not the best deal but it will get better when time goes on. That club is Harrogate Town in Blue Square North. Time for me to prove myself in England, time for Docherty to shine.
Great writing m8 :) Good luck with Harrogate!

August-September Overview

A solid start to the season with only two losses but we have drawn too many games. Patrick Agyemang has been our star player with our star wonderkid Patrick Smith being injured for a few weeks. Agyemang has scored 7 in 9 games for and Smith has scored 3 goals in 4 matches. Lets see our signings now:

Patrick Agyemang

As I have said, Agyemang has been the cover for injured Patrick Smith and he has played superbly, it is an honour to manage him, he works hard in training and he has never been lower than League 2 which is important for us because he can bring in that higher level experience with him.

Ahmed Ammi

Although he isn't a standout player, Ammi covers and leads the defence excellently. He has been playing at a good level of football all his career until now, he played for VV-Venlo in the Jupiler League in Holland from 1999 to 2007, moved to top-flight Dutch side NAC Breda for £350K and spent one season there before moving to ADO Den Haag from 2008 until 2012 then moved to Go Ahead and spent one season there before signing for us so he is a very experienced player and he is already showing quality of a top-flight player.

Steve Simonsen

Simonsen has never played lower than League 1. He signed for £3.3M from Tranmere to move to Everton in 1998 and has never been on top form ever since he left there in 2004 where Stoke snapped him up on a free and was their number 1 keeper until they were promoted to the Premier League where Thomas Sorensen took Simonsen's place. Simonsen is a risky keeper. He's too good for this level but he is prone to fumbling an easy ball or a similar mistake like that. He's better than any keeper at the club right now, its just that age has got the better of him.

David Wright

Wright can play center-back, defensive midfield or center midfield which is rare in lower leagues as not many players are really versatile. We can rely on Wright to do a good job wherever he plays. Like Ammi, he is a great player to have, just not a standout player. Wright has played for many clubs during his career such as starting off at Crewe Alexandra back in 1997 before moving onto Wigan in 2004. He then went on loan to Norwich before becoming unwanted at Wigan the season after and moved onto Ipswich in 2007, he spent 3 years at Ipswich and was a first teamer there until Crystal Palace snapped him up on a free in 2010. He made 53 league apps for Palace until his contract ran out last season and he joined Colchester who didn't want to renew his contract after playing 25 games for them before joining us at Harrogate Town.

Damian Scannell (Loan)

Damian Scannell's brother, Sean plays as a striker for Huddersfield Town. He is nowhere near as good as his brother but he is a great winger for this level of football. He joins on loan from Eastleigh. He has never played above League 1 for a club but has played lower than Blue Square Premier after playing for Fisher Athletic in 2004 in the Southern Division 1 East. After Fisher Athletic, he joined Millwall but failed to make a single appearance before moving to Eastleigh for his first spell there. He then joined League 1 side Southend United for £5,000 and was successful there before signing for Dagenham & Redbridge then Eastleigh for a second spell and now joins Harrogate on loan.

Obi Anoruo

I think FM Scout knows that Obi Anoruo is a Vauxhall Motors legend. He made 255 appearances for Vauxhall under former Vauxhall manager Paul Hewson (otherwise known as Bono). He needs no explanation for his quality and I know that he won't be as much as a legend here but he will certainly give us much, much more quality.

Juan Huerta

Juan Huerta is our most influential and creative players. In center-midfield Huerta dictates the passing and he will play for Harrogate for years to come. Huerta has never played in Europe before after spending all his career in Argentina apart from a short loan spell to San Luis in Chile. In his debut season, he played for Nueva Chicago 23 times, that was back in 2001. He left Nueva Chicago in 2004 to join Estudiantes and spent most of his career there after signing in 2004, he left in 2010 to join Argentine Second Division side Alte. Brown. He then joined Sp. Italiano after one season at Alte. Brown and has now joined Harrogate for free.

Results & League Table

A decent start to the 2013-14 campaign with Harrogate, only losing two games, drawing three and winning 6 but we still find ourselves 6th placed.

You seem to have some decent players under your wing, hopefully you can use them efficiently! A nice tidy update :)

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