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Liverpool F.C. - Back on the Perch

Started on 11 October 2013 by Glenn T
Latest Reply on 15 October 2013 by Lucas
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Be sure to remind Mr Henry to get a translator for press conferences! xD
This is sure to be good.
2013-10-11 15:10#137481 Rablador : I noticed you were using a boring old banner, so I took to the liberty of making you my own one. I know, I know, it's perfect. *blushes*

Thank me later.
I lold.

The Press

Jamie Carragher walks into the room, accompanied by club captain Steven Gerrard and managing director Ian Ayre.

Jamie Carragher: Hello, everyone.

Journalist 1: Welcome back to Liverpool, Jamie. Allow me to pop your manager-press-conference cherry by asking you how does it feel like to be back working with Liverpool after your retirement?

Steven Gerrard: Heh, cherry.

Jamie Carragher: Ha... Well, it feels great, of course. Managing one of the biggest clubs in the world, and especially a club I love, is one of the best feelings in the world, obviously.

Journalist 1: I didn't catch that, could you repeat...

Ian Ayre: Next question, please!

Journalist 2: Hi, Jamie, this is Ayema Fackket from the Daily Mail. As this is your first job in management, do you think you need more than the one year on your contract to prove yourself?

Jamie Carragher: I'm not sure how to answer that, but I can only say I am brimming with confidence. I don't know what is going to happen but I have a good feeling about myself and the club and I think I have what it takes to lead us to glory this year.

Journalist 3: I'm Suq Madiq from BBC Merseyside. Can you please tell me what kind of play style can we expect from you and what kind of tactics are you going to implement on the Liverpool team?

Jamie Carragher: I really liked what Brendan was trying to do last season and I will look to adopt his tactical style of possession and total control over the game. I want to win while at the same time entertaining the fans who are watching the match.

Journalist 4: Hi, I'm Chuck Norris from Sky Sports News. Is it true that you were ready to join Sky Sports as a pundit before you were offered this job?

Jamie Carragher: Yes, that's correct.

Journalist 4: How did you decide on which career path to pick?

Jamie Carragher: I just weighed the pros and cons of each side. It was a really hard decision, because punditry is something I really like.

Journalist 2: Hi, it's Ayema Fackket from the Daily Mail again. There are a lot of rumors and reports going around that Luis Suarez wants to quit Liverpool this summer. What do you think about letting your star player go?

Jamie Carragher: I think nothing about letting Luis go because he is going nowhere. I have always believed in not restricting players from moving if they are unhappy at a certain club. Luis has not said anything about being unhappy at Liverpool and there is always a place in the squad for him. He is such a talented player. Torres cost 50 million and I value Luis at a price a lot higher than that.

Journalist 5: I am Arvind da Kunt from the Observer. According to reports, transfer dealings have already been made by the club before you were appointed. Are you going to push through with these or do you have your own specific transfer targets?

Jamie Carragher: I will leave everything up to the club. Personally I feel we already have a very strong squad. We don't need many changes. All we need is a few tweaks.

Journalist 5: But don't you think it is absurd that the club is deciding on it's transfer targets, and not the manager?

Jamie Carragher: Actually, they are the transfer targets of the previous manager. Brendan wanted these players and the club simply continued negotiations when Brendan left the club. Nothing absurd about that.

Journalist 5: What do you think about having another manager's desired player in your squad?

Jamie Carragher: It is perfectly fine as I said earlier that I am going to adopt Brendan's philosophy of football. Any player that he wants should be someone that can fit into my plan for the team.

Journalist 6: I'm Mike Hunt from the Guardian. Are there going to be any departures from the squad, say, you think there's a player in the team who shouldn't be here?

Jamie Carragher: I don't like to put it that way. Everyone who is here has worked hard and deserves to be here. But yes, I do think the club can benefit from selling a few players. We will see.

Ian Ayre: That's all the questions for Jamie, I'm afraid.

Journalist 1: Thank you for answering all our questions today, Jamie, but I still couldn't catch most of it, could you repeat...

Jamie Carragher: Thank you all for coming.

The Liverpool trio departs, leaving a poor, unanswered journalist.
Great start Glenn keep it up :D
Great start Glenn. I haven't read the whole update, just ask Rab.. kthxbye.
Arvind da Kunt asks too many questions;) But nice update pal :)

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