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Tottenham Hotspur - An Extra Mile

Started on 18 October 2013 by AlexTHFC
Latest Reply on 22 October 2013 by Jer
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Villas Boas heads off to Barcelona
Despair at Tottenham Hotspur but joy for Barcelona as it has today been confirmed that Andre Villas Boas has made the switch from Spurs manager to Barcelona manager. This has come as a surprise to all, as it seemed that AVB would be staying at Spurs this season, especially after rejecting an offer from Paris Saint-Germain.

Michael Laudrup and Frank de Boer were the favourites for the job after Tito Vilanova left to recieve further cancer treatment, but Villas Boas was eventually given an offer he "couldn't refuse", according to the Daily Mail. Barcelona have been on a tough ride with managers since Pep Guardiola left them to take a break from management, but Andre Villas Boas is believed to be the one to make Barcelona as great as they've ever been.

Chairman and president of the Spanish giants Sandro Rosell spoke about the new manager...
"I'd like to welcome Andre Villas Boas to this amazing club with open arms. It's not easy being the manager of Barcelona by any stretch of the imagination, but with the correct guidance from myself, the players and of course the staff, I believe he'll be the one to push the club just that extra mile. Barcelona have a very treasured history, and any manager who wins a trophy with us is part of that history. Andre could and should bring many trophies to Camp Nou."

"Also, I want to wish Tito Vilanova a speedy recovery, as we all know why he chose to leave Barcelona. Everyone at the club wishes him a healthy, quick recovery, and he'll be forever in our hearts as the great manager he is. Onwards and upwards for Barcelona!"

Also, chairman of Tottenham Hotspur, Daniel Levy talked to Sky Sports News about AVB leaving...
"It is with great regret and sadness that I confirm that Andre Villas Boas is leaving the club to go to Barcelona. Villas Boas is a great manager who made a massive impact on Tottenham Hotspur, almost bringing the club into the top four, where we belong. Tottenham are a great club with a very bright future, and whoever the new manager will be has a big task ahead of them."

"As for the new manager, I'm not too sure on who it'll be myself, but I do have a few candidates surrounding who they may be already. They should have experience in football, but be quite young, around AVB's age. I will put all my trust in whoever I should decide to hire, and wish them a long, happy career with us in advance."

In addition, new signing Paulinho spoke to BT Sport where he said...
"I was really looking forward to working with Andre Villas Boas, it was the main reason I came to Tottenham Hotspur, so anyone would be able to understand my disappointment and sadness as he departs White Hart Lane. However, I'll stick with the new manager no matter what, I'm looking forward to playing in Spurs colours."

"Tottenham have a very bright future ahead of them, and it's an honour to be a part of it, especially with a new manager coming forward now. AVB is a great manager, but I'm sure success will come with whoever will take over next."

Fans and players alike have spoken out about Villas Boas leaving the club, here are some of the best quotes from Facebook...

Some of the favourites for the Tottenham job are Michael Laudrup, Ledley King, Roberto Di Matteo and Laurent Blanc, although Jurgen Klinsmann is most of the bookies favourite.

Author's Notes

I know this is late, but I'm hoping to get FM14 for Christmas and I've been told to put FM13 stories in the FM13 section (absolute madness), and I wanted to do a story so here it is! :D
Nice start, how could he?! Nice use of Facebook comments and I will follow this :)
Great start! Is AVB really that good? People are acting as if Jesus has left Spurs xD.
Interesting start, I have some ideas of who you might be.
Oh dear. Not this again.

(Good luck :P)
Nice start, good luck m8 :)

Stankovic unveiled as Tottenham manager

Tottenham Hotspur fans have been left confused and shocked by the strange decision by Daniel Levy to appoint recently retired Serbian Inter Milan midfielder Dejan Stankovic as their new manager, after Andre Villas Boas left Spurs for Spanish giants Barcelona just a few days ago.

This is a very surprising move, as Jurgen Klinsmann, currently manager of the USA National Team and Tottenham legend, was the favourite to take the job, with a few others in with a good shout, such as Laurent Blanc, Michael Laudrup and Roberto Di Matteo, and the Serbian was nowhere near the odds at all.

However, the reaction wasn't all bad, as some (mainly Serbian) Spurs fans have praised and supported the decision, branding it a "new era" for the North London side.

In a statement online, Daniel Levy said this...
"In a controversial decision, Dejan Stankovic, the Inter Milan legend, has been hired as Tottenham Hotspur's new manager. I'd like to welcome him with open arms, and I'm sure many others would too. Stankovic has a lot of Champions League experience, something we need to push forward and be a better club, so that should help us in the long run."

"To all fans who are not fond of this arrival, just wait a few months before making any vast decisions. Stankovic could be the best manager we've ever had for all you know. He certainly has the leadership ability and management potential to go very, very far."

It is unknown what Stankovic's plans for Spurs are, but Levy's statement makes the situation look very promising for the London club. This will without a doubt be an interesting journey for Tottenham Hotspur.
And that was it. It was final, no going back. I am a football manager, the manager of Tottenham Hotspur, and it'll be one hell of a ride...
I don't know what to say...

Stankovic's First Interview

"Hello Mr. Stankovic, I'm Neil Johnson from the Sunday Mirror here to ask you some questions about being the new manager of North London club Tottenham Hotspur."

"Ask away..."

"Ok, how do you intend to be in the day-to-day running of the club?"

"Well, I would like to be as involved as possible, but I know that with other priorites that may not be very much at all, which is a shame, but I'm sure my staff will be able to run the club just fine when I'm not around."

"That's good to hear. While some managers are famous for their hands-on approach, others maintain a more reserved manner with their players. How do you see your management style?"

"I strongly believe that clubs work at their best when they feel valued as the human beings they are, as well as footballers. Therefore, I'll treat them how they deserve to get the best possible results and form a healthy relationship with the team."

"Good, good. You sit here as manager of Tottenham Hotspur. Is this a dream come true?"

"It would've been a dream come true to have come to a club a quarter of the stature of Spurs, so to be at Tottenham Hotspur, a great club with a bright future ahead of them, has put me on cloud nine. This is just the start of my management career, I cannot wait to go through the entire of it."

"It is often said that different managers favour different competitions. Will you only be concentrating on getting good results in the Premier League?"

"It would be foolish to say that I'd only work hard for the Premier League, I hope to win whatever trophy the club can get, because a trophy is a trophy. However, I'll be working very hard on the Premier League, so it'll be hard to focus on the FA Cup, the Capital One Cup and the Europa League just as much."

"What would you say is your tactical approach to the game?"

"I like attacking football, that seems more effective in a match. I'll be playing a formation very similar to Inter Milan, so changes to the squad will have to be made sooner or later - preferrably sooner."

"Speaking of transfers... what approach will you take to the transfer market?"

"I like to be extravagant with my deals, but I'll always look for bargains, as those are the best signings. An example at Tottenham is Christian Eriksen, who was an absolute coup for such a player. I really look forward to diving into the transfer market to make this team even better than it already is."

"Thank you for your time Mr. Stankovic, good luck at Tottenham Hotspur."

"Thank you, goodbye."
2013-10-19 14:21#138618 TK69 : I don't know what to say...

Is that good or bad? :P
Who is that girl in Daniel Smith's photo? I want to know now!

Good start, didn't expect Stankovic to be manager, but I can see how having a world class player as manager would benefit the side.
Great start mate :), Stankovic is a really weird appointment :P
Great start, I always love Spurs stories!

An Overview of the Squad (Part 1)

I've been in charge of Tottenham Hotspur for a few days now, and I've realised that I haven't yet taken a proper look at the squad. Have a look at the players who won't get a game, and see who are my star players. So, I've spent a few long, hard hours on a squad overview, to take a look at who will get some money in, and who to keep for a long time.

At Spurs, there are currently 3 goalkeepers who could contend for the first team, one of the three likely to leave White Hart Lane this summer, meaning I may need to replace them with a younger goalkeeper, but then again, the other two keepers I have are both battling each other for that one place, and presuming they both stay fit, they could be enough.

Hugo Lloris is a new signing, aged 25, he cost £8.75m from Olympique Lyonnais, so it'll be very unlikely for him to leave after a few weeks at the club. In training so far, he's showed great consistency and skill. He will be our first choice keeper in the Premier League.

Brad Friedel is a 41 year old American, a legend in football. He was a remarkable signing back in 2011, on a free transfer, but there is a small chance he may leave this summer if there's enough interest and he wants constant first team football. I find that unlikely, but there is a small possibility.

Gomes was Tottenham's star goalkeeper until the end of the 2010-11 season, where he made many mistakes. Since then, he hasn't made an appearance for Spurs. Chances are that he'll move this summer, with some teams interested in his services. He probably won't play a match this season if not.

Next up will be defenders, where there is a lot of class, it'll be hard to pick a back four!
Alavanja Pervection :P Actually the best skin ever.

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