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The "Best Regens Ever" Thread

Post the best regens you've ever encountered in FM here.
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Tallery's avatar Group Tallery 2014-06-25 15:27
gb 1616 posts 241 likes joined Jan 27, 2014
How do you guys get so amazing regens?
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sko89h's avatar Group sko89h 2015-04-20 09:58
au 1 posts joined Apr 20, 2015
Bought this guy for 23millions pounds.

Easily the greatest player I have ever used or seen in terms of goals and domination. Took me from a relegation fighting team to winning the league on the final day of his first season. (note latest season is not complete for sake to goals etc)

Prior to purchase

Kito Profile

Kito in 2022. Has won player of the year first 2 calendar years at the club and expect he will again this year.

Let me know your thoughts!
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