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Is FM 14 too easy?

Started on 7 November 2013 by Donat Kapesa
Latest Reply on 6 December 2013 by lacey777
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I heard from many people that FM 14 is too easy. Is that true, so can you please post the clubs you've managed and all your achievements and season finish positions

I heard something along those lines too. I myself am finding one or two players very owerpowered, but on a whole I think it's more good management than being too easy.
:P Donat, in all honesty, the beta was quite glitchy, the game has been improved a lot. I don't think its too easy, but it can feel so if you are playing as a larger team, as some stronger players are quite overpowered. In Lower League Management, it is harder I find, but due to my lack of playing too much of the new game, I cannot give a definite answer. As soon as I get through a season or more of this, I shall edit this post with my results.
Its way too easy, and it is really disappointing. for example i started a career with Brighton & Hove Albion. In my first season in the championship we won the championship, which was fair enough. The complaint was that we scored over 100 goals, and also conceded over 60. Now in the Premier League, without signing any big name powers we're in the top 6 after 17 games, and are the leagues top goalscorers. Was expecting a challenge when we got into the Premier League, but so far we've beaten Liverpool 5-0 and Chelsea 4-0. Whatsmore we're conceding so many goals, but we just simply score more.
2013-11-07 19:10#142374 TVDLC123 : It can feel so if you are playing as a larger team, as some stronger players are quite overpowered. In Lower League Management, it is harder.

Bit like real life then I suppose. :)
ive played about 8 attempts as pompey manager, always get sacked.

if it's easy, it's only easy for the 3 people in the world who have any idea how to play this show of asdjsalkdjak :)
Well, it feels more difficult than FM12 when not playing top teams which was the last version I played. Tactics seem to make less of a difference but the actual quality of players you have helps more.
I tried West Ham who don't really have a very good squad and it was a real struggle at first then after 2 or 3 seasons with better players in the team it got much easier. Also tried Chelsea just to see the difference and it was pretty much a faceroll, I felt like I could win the league without even trying.
I find it much harder than FM12 and 13. Can't just use the best tactics anymore, you have to improvise, or at least that's what I've done.
To be honest it does feel more realistic that tactics and formations don't affect the outcome as much as they used to (at least in my experience that is the case). It always seems a bit cheesy to me when you have 'wonder tactics' that suddenly turn a mid-table team into title contenders by taking advantage of the match engine AI.
Basically if you are up against an in-form team full of players that are superior to yours it should be very rare that you beat them even if you are playing a tactic which is an anti-tactic to theirs and from what I have experienced in FM14 this is the case.
Im FM12 I remember taking a non-league side to the premier league in 5 seasons but I can't see that happening in FM14, which is a good thing.
I'm in my third season with Wolves.
- won L1 comfortably despite a squad full of apathetic players who wanted to leave for bigger clubs
- struggled for the first half of the season in the Championship and then pulled out of the relegation zone in the second half
- cruising at the top of the Championship just after Xmas and into Carling Cup semis.

So... I'd say about right. If it had been too easy I'd have done back-to-back promotions (I'm not that good!) but it took me a season to acclimatize before pushing on, which is what I'd planned for. It'll be a big test when we do go up to the Prem - I'm generally pretty good with relegation battles, but if I'm blitzing big teams like Griffin above did with Brighton, I'd have to think twice.
I think as time goes on it becomes alot easier. FC Lorient 1st Season 4th, 2nd Seaon 1st. Trouble is after the 1st season with alomst any top division club you can have a title wining side because of the players that become available.

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