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Started on 5 December 2007 by Thorpy
Latest Reply on 6 September 2012 by stevejackson900
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Wouldn't it be good if the little dots running around had more detail? maybe legs?

Plus, When your asked whether it was a sending Off Offence and you look at the incident, you might actually be able to see what happened, rather than a couple of dots colliding?

IF so please post your thoughts here for any additions and new features you would like to see in the next game!

Big or small they all count :p
Little dots running around hahahha :yes

You have a reasonable point here mate, it's almost useless to have a say on offensive behavior since you cannot really see anything. The only valid case for viewing a controversial incident is for offsides.

About FM09, I'm not sure whether it will ever hit the stores, since FM Live might just be the next generation of the FM series, and thus the traditional part could be easily abandoned. But of course that's just me being pessimistic lol.

New features for FM09:
- improve transfer engine
- more advanced financial management and control of your team
- more freedom with tactics
- more reasonable popularity changes (especially with player values) if a non-popular team wins champions league (or other european trophy)
- improve manager statistics changing with more realism
- more advanced game engine (maybe ability to see at least highlights in a 3d-alike environment)

I really can't think of something else right now :p
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build your own stadium including hot dog stand and bars like usm :D

more team talk options? with more reaction by players good and bad
reputation goes up more than 1 or 2 points if you beat say man u in a cup with redditch
please no more graphics my laptops not good enough and i like the dots but do agree you can't really see any incidents other than offside
affiliates trust your judgement if you send a player on load there and don't just let him rot in the reserves

got to go in the shower now just played football
I second the hot dog stand lol :yes
Maybe they should integrate a betting online system to make some extra profit :p
hey you have USM98 ??????
I love that game.
i found it but it did not work on XP:(
i would like to play it again.
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haha no unfortunatly not, nothing works with vista
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Thats the big "thing" missing from FM09... a hot dog stand! :wink

But in truth, it would be great to view your own stadium and design it!! Seat colours, shape of stadium etc.

Plus the ability to manage the financial terms of the club e.g a hot dog stand and ticket prices would be Grrrreaaaat and you could make more money! :blush
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it'd be nice but the game is called football manager and not football chairman and manager, maybe an option to buy the club you manage when you acquire enough personal wealth cause at the minute there's not a lot you can do with personal wealth
this about buying clubs is good.then earning money will make sense.
also about stadium,it would be good to see it,but not to build it as you like,that is for civil engineers.
and about finances,well it is real now so it is good.

then IF you buy a club then you can choose architectual proposals and do with clubs money what you want.
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yeah that's what i was trying to say, your english is better than mine, but then again i am northern
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I Wonder if someone from SI games in reading this and might put it into the game next time =D
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how about tactical sliders for "unprofessional behavior" - like diving, shirt pulling etc. its a part of real life football, with managers getting their players to target certain players (like rooney) to get them yellow carded or even sent off.

even pro evo soccer 08 has latched onto this and u can now dive on that too...
in my opinion....its either staying like this or making a 3d match engine..nothing in between just like the match engine from fifa manager for example.anyway, we will see next year.i, personaly like it more this way(its unique)
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How about players getting Drunk and turning up to training with hangovers?

Players missing matches as they have to appear in court for Speeding?

Selecting a company car? driving home "doing" the wife lol like a real manager :yes :yes
for a couple of years now i have been thinking that it would be useful if you would have an option of siting down with a player an talk to him, rather than going to media about his performance (but media option would still stay in case you want to make it public)

this way you could explain to a player that he is in your future plans but at the moment it would be better for him to go on a loan to gain experience, or you could pressure a player to accept transfer offer

it would be more realistic because players are often made to go to clubs that they don't want to go because club will recive enormous amount of money, example: if you play with south-east European club an you offer 5 mil € for Brazilian player who is worth 2-3 mil€ but he isn't to keen about joining up with your team

you could also warn players about their behavior or even help them to settle down in area

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