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Getafe CF- Los Azulones

Started on 9 November 2013 by OwenFWTFC
Latest Reply on 11 November 2013 by TylerK
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OwenFWTFC's avatar Group OwenFWTFC
9 yearsEdited

Hello, this is my first story on this site and I wanted to try a country I've never managed in before. I wanted to go a team that is mid table so it was between, Granada, Levante and Getafe but when I looked through the teams, Getafe had Pedro Leon, who played for Real Madrid, that was enough to attract me and hopefully he can do well at the club. So anyway I read 2 stories, I think they were made by LFC and Michael and I think I have got the jist of things, I also read some of the "BB Codes" which can make my story look "Classy" I'd really appreciate comments on how to improve my story too. Thanks!

Good Luck, nice start, maybe try centering images?
May the force be with you!
OwenFWTFC's avatar Group OwenFWTFC
9 yearsEdited

Getafe sack Garcia

After 2 years at Getafe, Luis Garcia has been sacked by the Getafe board of directors. Garcia guided Getafe to a 10th place finish in the Liga BBVA table last season, meaning they only missed a Europa League spot by just 3 points, due to the fact Rayo were excluded from the competition. It is currently unknown why Garcia has been sacked but we are to give information when we do find out. Garcia told us, "I sat down today with the board for just over 2 hours and discussed my contract, I can't tell you much right now because of the board, but I'm sure they will release something in the next 48 hours. I hope I can find a job soon, weather I have to move abroad to get that, I don't know.
Getafe are rumoured to be chasing the Steve Mcclaren, Paulo Di Canio and Guus Hiddink, with Gus believed to be the bookies favourite.

2013-11-09 18:32#142725 LFC : Good Luck, nice start, maybe try centering images?
Thank you, I will look into doing that in my next update mate :)
2013-11-09 18:33#142726 TK69 : May the force be with you!
The legendry star wars haha, thank you.
OwenFWTFC's avatar Group OwenFWTFC
9 yearsEdited

Just why was Garcia Sacked?

Yesterday loyal coach Luis Garcia was sacked as manager of Getafe CF, after 2 years in charge and speculation has been circling the situation for the past 24 hours of why he was sacked. It has come to our attention he was subject to demanding too much money to spend in the transfer market and the board had rejected the request saying "It is not possible at this period of time to put in the money." Luis then barked at the directors, "We need the money, we need it to get top 10, you selfish piece of S**** just want to keep most of your money you greedy bas*****." Subject to our decision to sack Garcia. This is not why we didn't put much money into the club, we hope you understand our decision to sack Luis.

Getafe Board.
OwenFWTFC's avatar Group OwenFWTFC
9 yearsEdited

Great Guus!

Guus Hiddink has today joined Getafe CF as manager, taking over recently sacked manager, Luis Garcia. Garcia was sacked last week, due to a huge fallout over money. Hiddink is well known for his time at Chelsea and he hopes he has what it takes to lead at Getafe. "I.. errm, hope that we can get.. get top 10 again this season. We errm have enough quality in the team and hopefully we can do well." Hiddink told us. The board of directors also released a statement on the website stating, "We are glad to appoint Guus Hiddink and we wish him well at the club, we believe he has the coaching quality to take the club forward and hopefully we can use last season as a bench mark and build on that."

OwenFWTFC's avatar Group OwenFWTFC
9 yearsEdited

Real Sociedad 2-1 Getafe CF

Real Sociedad Lineup: Bravo, De La Bella, I. Martinez, Ansotegi, C.Martinez, G.Castro, Sangalli, Zurutuza, Prieto, Grenero, Agirretxu.
Getafe CF Lineup: Moya, Lago, Lopez, Rodriguez, Valera, Michel, Lacen, Gavilan, D.Castro, Colunga, Miku.


(Sociedad) Zurutuza (37) Vela (42)
(Getafe CF) Miku (43)

(Sociedad) Cadamuro, Vela.
(Sociedad) G.Castro, Sangalli

(Getafe CF) Rafa, Alexis, Pedro Leon.
(Getafe CF) Rodriguez, Lopez, Castro.

Match Review

Good start to the season from the boys, despite the loss. We played well throughout and struck the post once and Bravo pulled off a amazing double save, that should've made 2-2. But Sociedad are pushing for Europe again this season and we matched them throughout, if we can preform like that all season, we have a chance of Europe for next season.

Other Liga BBVA scores

Rayo 2-1 Elche
Sevilla 0-1 Athletico Madrid
Real Madrid 0-1 Betis
Almeria 2-1 Villarreal
Celta 2-0 Espanyol
Osasuna 3-0 Granada
Barcelona 5-1 Levante
Valencia 0-1 Malaga
Valladolid 1-3 Athletic Bilbao
OwenFWTFC's avatar Group OwenFWTFC
9 yearsEdited

Getafe CF 1-0 Almeria

Getafe CF Lineup: Moya, Lago, Lopez, Lopo, Valera, Michel, Lacen, Gavilan, Pedro Leon, Colunga, Miku.
Almeria Lineup: Ustari, Christian, Torsiglieri, Pellerano, Rafita, Corona, Soriano, Diaz, Vidal, Rodri, Zongo. 0-1

(Getafe CD) Miku (14)
(Almeria) None

(Getafe CD) Escudero
(Getafe CD) Lago

(Almeria) None
(Almeria) None

Match Review

We dominated hugely and deserved the 3 points on the day, Almeria never threatened us at all and we should've really won by at least three, but I will happily take the 1-0 win over the newly promoted side.

Other Liga BBVA scores

Elche 1-1 Real Sociedad
Athletic Bilbao 1-0 Osasuna
Athletico Madrid 1-1 Rayo
Espanyol 2-1 Valencia
Granada 1-1 Real Madrid
Levante 1-2 Sevilla
Malaga 3-5 Barcelona
Betis 2-2 Celta
Villarreal 0-1 Valladolid
OwenFWTFC's avatar Group OwenFWTFC
9 yearsEdited

Valladolid 2-3 Getafe CF

Valladolid Lineup: Marino, Pena, Valiente, No, Rukavina, Llie, Rubio, Omar, Perez, Rama, Guerra.
Getafe CF Lineup: Moya, Lago, Lopez, Rafa, Valera, Michel, Lacen, Sarabia, Pedro Leon, Colungs, Miku. 2-3

(Valladolid) Guerra (34), Rama (45+4.)
(Getafe CF) Sarabia (12), Lopez (74), Castro (90+1.)

(Valladolid) Manucho, Garcia.
(Valladolid) Rakavina, Llie.

(Getafe CF) Castro.
(Getafe CF) Pedro Leon.

Match Review

To be honest, we were lucky to come away with the 3 points. Valladolid had many chances to cement a victory, but they failed to score. I have to owe Castro for his very late goal, that made me jump out of my seat and shout "Get in" I do think he is someone to look out for.

Other Liga BBVA Results

Celta 0-2 Granada
Sociedad 2-0 Athletico Madrid
Real Madrid 3-1 Athletic Bilbao
Almeria 2-1 Elche
Rayo 2-5 Levante
Sevilla 0-3 Malaga
Valencia 1-3 Barcelona
Espanyol 2-1 Betis
Osasuna 1-1 Villarreal
Good result but you could use a better layout !
OwenFWTFC's avatar Group OwenFWTFC
9 yearsEdited

August Update "Fantastic Start" - Guus Hiddink.

A really nice mix of teams in August, meant we could judge our ability. Real Sociedad are pushing for Europe this season and we only lost due to a fantastic display of saves from Sociedad 'keeper Bravo. Almeria were only just promoted and we expected three points, which we got. Almeria proved not much of a challenge, but we didn't punish them enough and only won 1-0. Finally a victory against Valladolid, where we scored in added time to earn ourselves the 3 points yet again, again, we were solid throughout but couldn't score from our mass of attacks. The opposition was very clinical and were unlucky to not get 3 points, let alone 1.

League Table

Lets just let the image speak for itself... I didn't expect to be 3rd at all! We're above the likes of Real Madrid, Athletico Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia, who are not playing well at all this season. Almeria are preforming above expectations and find themselves in 7th position.

Shock results of August!

There has been many shock results in August but the key ones in my opinion are from Real Madrid and Valencia, here are the top 3.

3- Real Madrid 0-1 Betis
2- Espanyol 2-1 Valencia
1- Real Madrid 1-1 Granada


Sadly we were unable to buy or loan anybody, due to having no budget. But here are the top 5 deals incoming and outcoming the Liga BBVA.
1. From Athletico Madrid.
2. From Benfica.
3. From Man Utd.
4. From Internacional.
5. From Chelsea.

1. From Bilbao.
2. From Barcelona.
3. From Sociedad.
4. From Athletico Madrid.
5. From Barcelona.
Good start but it is still early days, hopefully you keep it up for the rest of the rest of the season! :)

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