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"My defending isn't working!"

A tactics test of the new ME
Started on 14 November 2013 by CauseAndEffectIsReal
Latest Reply on 14 November 2013 by CauseAndEffectIsReal
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To really do this post right, I'd have tons of screenshots. But I'm not able to get all that together now, so if you're interested in actually SEEING this, I do have 4 games saved (and may save more).


One of the most frequent complaints I've seen since release is that "defending isn't working!" Much has been said about this, and as usual, there's a mixture of misunderstandings of how FM works (for example, there is the silly claim that the game is "cheating") and more legitimate confusion, such as how to interpret SI's often vague tactical description and what we actually see happening.

What I see:

1. My wingbacks/fullbacks often have quite low ratings.

2. I often see players dribbling past several of my defenders--who are, according to their stats, quite good at their jobs--and creating scoring opportunities for the other team.

I'm not so much worried about the technical reason this is happening--I gather SI's working on that. I am, however, interested in how these issues play out in the match engine & being able to play my game before Christmas without wanting to ragequit every time. So I ran an experiment, and the results were eye-opening.

The situation:
I'm playing with Lincoln City, a Skrill Premier Division Side slated for a mid-table finish. I am 19th, having lost 3 of my first 4. My team's morale is okay to poor.

...and I am up against Wrexham, currently in 1st place.

The first time I began the game, I gave up 2 inside of 10 minutes (on par for my season thus far) and rage quit , which I almost never do. (It's been a long first few games...)

Then, I decided to try something. I had been playing with a setup designed to disrupt the game by winning the ball and countering--a 4-1-3-2 with a lot of aggression and pressing. For this game, though, I made the following changes:

1. Have my team stand off my opponents
2. Have everybody except my CDs and GK "dribble more"; set "run at defense" for my team.

So far, I have replayed this game 6 times. I have gone 4 wins, 2 draw, 0 losses.

I have begun saving these if uploading them would help anybody. It's hard to tell much from the stats, partially because my team is so much worse talent-wise; however, it has made a massive difference in the results, and I am giving up FAR fewer CCC's. I am even getting more possession, though still not over 50% (probably because my keeper has, like 5/28 passes completed [this is also a bug I know they're working on]). This is without me making ANY adjustments other than subs, by the way.

I'm wondering if anybody else would be willing to try this to see what the results are?

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