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Poll: Von Buttmünches Claret and Blue Army

- To march on Europe?
Started on 15 November 2013 by Gazbuscus
Latest Reply on 15 November 2013 by Aaron
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Will Gazbuscus make it big or languish in obscurity? (4 votes)
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The back story…

Sat in his armchair with his feet up, Gazbuscus couldn’t help noticing how quiet his life had become. It had been 5 years since he hung up his boots and at 42 years old he couldn’t help but wonder just what he was to do with his life.
Football had been in his blood since he was a child. Born in Vienna, the son of a coach in the Austrian Lower Leagues he had exposure from an early age. He had started playing football at five years old and by the time he was twelve he had attracted the attention of many club scouts.
At the age of sixteen he signed a contract with FK Austria Wien. He was elated, he had signed for a huge club but better still he was going to play football for a living. It was a proud day for him and his father, Gazbuscus was on top of the world.

The dream didn’t last long.
Gazbuscus struggled to make an impact and was released at the end of his contract. After that he had a year long dry spell where he coached an amateur club and struggled to find his feet again. As depression started to take hold he had an unexpected offer and signed for Wiener S.C. A struggling little known team outside of Austria but Gazbuscus didn’t care about that, he was playing again and that was all that mattered.
He played the rest of his playing career at Wiener making 475 appearances scoring 93. For a full back this was a pretty good tally.
He retired through injury but decided he would stay in the game and try his hand at management. He coached at Weiner before the team fell out of the professional league and had no choice but to let him go. This spurred Gazbuscus on to obtain all the relevant coaching qualifications for management and applied to as many clubs as possible.

He decided that for the best opportunity he would apply to clubs in France, Germany and England… surely a smaller club is in need of a manager and he would be ready and waiting he thought.
His last application went out 8 months ago.

Thinking back he could still remember the smell of the dressing room and hear the chants of the glory days but sat in his armchair, alone and slowly losing heart, Gazbuscus couldn’t help but wonder if his days in professional football had come to an end.
Great start! love the creative writing!
Thanks! I'll try and keep it interesting.
Good start and enjoying the writing :)
Schiss gerade real...

Fast asleep Gazbuscus was awoken to the shrill sound of the telephone. “It’s 7.30am damn it! Vat could be so important!” He stumbled out of bed and down the stairs, “Guten Tag?”

Mysterious Voice: “Ah yes, Hello err Guten Tag. Please may I Speak with Herr Buttmünch”

Gazbuscus: “Ja, this is Herr VON Buttmünch, vat can I do for you?”

Mysterious Voice: “Herr Von Buttmünch this is Barry Kilby, I represent the board at Burnley Football based in England. I am calling in response to your application.

Gazbuscus nearly dropped the phone in amazement; can it be? The break he had been waiting for all this time?

Gazbuscus: “Err.. Ja, Ja zat vas me but I have to say I am a little surprised zat you call, I um, vell, vat can I do for you Mr Kilby?”

Barry: “ We are in a bit of a pinch, our last manager has walked out on us and we are struggling to fill the vacancy. Quite frankly we are getting desperate and wondered if you would at all be interested in coming over for an interview… all expenses paid of course”

He couldn’t believe what he had just heard “Schiss“ he muttered under his breath “I vill be there mr Kilby“. And with that they exchanged details. Shit just got real he thought, now where did I put my pants?
Looking great so far! Like how you're making him sound so German :P
Ya spelt scheisse wrong :P
One word of advice gaz...

Always take louis criticism as constructive criticism, his grumpiness always helps :P

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