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AlexTHFC's Graphics Thread

Started on 16 November 2013 by AlexTHFC / First Post
Latest Reply on 25 December 2013 by kingmerengue / Last Post
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Before you start, I know I already have a FM14 thread for kit making, but I really didn't like what I'd done there so I've decided to move on from just kit making and start making things like banners, logos and more.

I won't be much use for cut-outs or any other types of graphics, but I can have a go if you want :)
Team - BFC Dynamo ( )
Brand - Nike
Sponsor - Siemens
Home - Maroon (similar to the colour of the badge) with a classy silver/white
Away - White with smalls hints of the maroon from the home kit
Third (optional)- Anything classy that perhaps uses black as a base with silver or maroon or white

Banner please :D
- Text: The Tetradecagon - Hamoudi Fayad
- Colours: Orange Background, White Text
- Logo: Earth, and FIFA
@HamoudiLFC: Here you go

Hope you like it :)

@xXSealeyanoXx: I'm not sure if you need these made anymore after Lucas gave you your request on his thread. If you want it, let me know ASAP :)
@AlexTHFC I'm okay for now thanks haha, thanks for the offer though. I may have another request at a later date, keep up the good work! :)
@xXSealeyanoXx: Ok, thanks :)
May I request a few?

- Team: VfB Stuttgart
- Brand: Puma
- Sponsor: BDF Beiersdorf
- Home Kit: White with red chest band
- Away Kit: Red and black trim
- Third Kit: Black with red chest band
- Style (SS, FB, TSS): SS if you want, though feel free to try any others.

- Team: TSG Hoffenheim (FMSGT ;))
- Brand: Puma
- Sponsor: AL-KO
- Home Kit: Blue and a bit of white
- Away Kit: black and a bit of blue
- Third Kit: yellow and a big blue collar
- Style (SS, FB, TSS): SS if you want, though feel free to try any others.
AlexTHFC's avatar Group AlexTHFC
6 yearsEdited
@Louis O.: They're coming, I just need this up so I can remember the templates I'm going to use :P

Puma 87 - Puma 47 - Puma 121

Puma 15 - Puma 137 - Puma 42
- Text: Middlesbrough It's the perfect plan
- Colours: Red, Black and White
- Logo: Boro logo and Adidas Logo can you also have the sky bet championship and EPL logos. So make two.
- Other: Adidas three stripe
I'd like a banner please Alex:

Team: Rochdale AFC
- Text: Rochdale: Rising Revolution
- Colours: Blue (mainly) and white (secondary)
- Logo: Rochdale AFC logo
- Other: If possible, a Sky Bet Championship logo (not necessary)

Thanks in advance! :)
Will hopefully get these done by 6pm, may be a bit later :)
Can I have a Sky Bet League 1 banner please, Alex
I'll try to do them tonight, but as Photoshop is being a b*tch you might have to wait until tomorrow. Sorry :(
Hi all, Had a go at this kit myself but cannot for the life of me obtain the almost cross design on the shirt (its made from the letters HUFC), heres a couple of pics, anyone who manages it will be king of the kit makers as far as i'm concerned.



deficon: I had a go but couldn't find the template or anything close to it either. What does the H stand for as I may be able to work it out from that? :)

Guys with the banners, you requested them on the Custom Banners thread so I guess you don't need them.

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