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Most disappointing FM ever for me!

Started on 17 November 2013 by alcof89
Latest Reply on 24 November 2013 by menawati
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alcof89's avatar Group alcof89
10 yearsEdited
This is the 5th consecutive year I have bought Football Manager, and I am unbelievably disappointed, and for a reason most FM players would probably disagree with!

Firstly, watching the matches is still stupid! I was under the illusion that the creators were focusing heavily on this aspect, and I have seen no improvement whatsoever to FM13. The forwards still run by defenders, and between two with more ease than Jordan marries somebody.

Secondly, I think the new tactics system is a step in the other direction, and it's never reflected when you watch the match.

Realistic transfers? When a player is unsigned, and has been for 8 months, surely he may accept less, or just retire. This would make it much more interesting when bidding for players who are out of contract as it would be about time etc.

And lastly, I leave contract renewals to assistant (who wants to be handling that boring meticulous shit) and he would easily let most of my best players go. Really???

I am not saying it is the worst, just the most DISAPPOINTING with regards to the expected improvements that were not made, it isn't as good as it should be!
The only thing that held me for years of buing Fifa Manager was great tactics system of FM, with this years 'improvements' thus i bought it i will check Fifa and most probably then buy it and even more probably this was the last time i gave my money to SI, cause with this tactics even EA can do better. I have to admit that the match engine has some improvments, but still i there are some flaws. Disappointed.
Yup! And the goalkeeper... like mine hits goal kicks to the opposition whilst outside his goal once every 5 games - leaving an open goal... not realistic! The goalkeeper handles the ball outside his box every 20 games or so (not realistic either)... the person taking the penalty kick never stops a rebounding ball... how were these not spotted in the beta?!
its a game get over it. if u want realistic get up go outside and actaually play soccer
2013-11-19 22:36#145002 alcof89 : Yup! And the goalkeeper... s - leaving an open goal...

Sadly I gotta agree with you, I was buying the game since 2007 and there isn't enough progress over all these years.

Match engine omg my striker makes a header back to DM who's just watching let the ball flow between both CD standing just behind the midfield line and those two idiots also let enemy striker take a ball without a fight and score.

And keepers kicking out straight to enemy striker is almost classic here. Happened to me even when playing completely different quality teams/keepers.

I wanted to try FIFA manager which i played 2003 last time, but somehowly since 2012 FIFA and FIFA manager keep crashing on my pc(it's not cos of shitty slow pc).
menawati's avatar Group menawati
10 yearsEdited
I agree with you. Last time I bought FM was the 2012 version and I enjoyed it far more than this. SI desperately needs some decent competition in the marketplace because it feels like they are totally complacent.
Worst thing for me is by far the match engine. It's a ****** shambles. Extremely frustrating to watch even when you are winning.

- ridiculous last minute goals game after game even when you use ultra defensive tacs for last 10 mins
- players standing doing nothing when ball is nearby
- players do a dive nearly every tackle
- players running right past the ball just to get back into position
- top strikers have the finishing prowess of a one legged blind donkey
- all wingers are Ronaldo even if they play for a non-league team
- highlights feel like they've been edited by someone who has just drank 2 bottles of scotch
- even average goalkeepers are ****** spiderman
- 90% chance that when one of your players tackles the ball opposing player picks it up again
- loopy headers again (game needs a PPM called 'for once in your ****** life head the ball DOWN')
- players step backwards after first touch as if the momentum of the ball is huge
- cack running animations
- crowd noises still s**t
I could go on.

I have no idea how the scores are calculated. But whether it's some simple algorithm before the match or some complex on-the-fly calculations I don't really care. I'd just like to watch a game now and again where I'm not saying 'wtf is he doing' or 'thats crazy it wouldnt happen' or maybe just see a full back actually tackle a winger more than once a season.
Will never buy this s**t again unless they miss a season or two and do a big overhaul.

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