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Lowie de Jong - Conquering the world!

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Started on 23 November 2013 by Slid3Tackle
Latest Reply on 26 November 2013 by Slid3Tackle
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Who am I?

Name: Lowie de Jong

Age: 25 years

Nation: Holland

City: Alkmaar

My name is Lowie de Jong but you can call me Low, that's how my friends are calling me. I am from Holland and a couple of years I moved to China with my sister. She got married with a rich Chineese guy, and they decided to take me with them.
I love football, football is my life! Since I was a little kid I enjoyed playing and watching football and my childhood's dream was to become a big footballer and play for Chelsea, my favourite team. When I was about 11 years old, I've got seriously injuried and my parents forced me to quit football...since then I was just thinking about how great it would have been if I continued my career...but now, now I am back in business!!
I've becomed naturalized and now I can say I am a Chineese! Thanks to my rich and very known brother in law, I managed to get the Manager Fifa Pro License and now I am looking for a club in the second league of Chineese football.
Wish me luck!!
Good luck :)
thank you mate!

Mister Lowie de Jong - new manager of Yongchang

Chineese second league formation, Yongchang, a club with secure finances and a chairman who wants big performances, has apointed the young inexperienced Dutch manager, Lowie de Jong.
There are roumours that mister de Jong will earn arounn 40,000 $ per season and his objective will be to secure promotion to the first league.
Mister Lowie declared: "I am very glad that I have found a place where I can make performances. It was a very long road to get here, but with a lot of work I realized my dream: to be a manager. I am aiming to make Yongchang the best team in China!"
He also has the support of mister Yuan Wangyong, the owner of Yongchang, who released this statement: " I want to transform Yongchang in teh best club of this country, maybe even the best of Asia. We have a very good budget, we have good training facillities and the support of our great fans! I have decided to go with the inexperienced Low because I know what he can do, he was a great student at the Fifa License Pro course and he has a lot of ambition!"


Shijiazhuang Yongchang Junhao Football Club (full name) is a Chinese football club based in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China.
The club was established as an amateur club named Xiamen Dongyuhang on 4 January 2001. It played in the amateur league for ten years and claimed runners-up in the 2010 China Amateur Football League.
On 25 February 2011, the club was reorganized as a professional football club. The name of the club was changed into Fujian Smart Hero.It played in the China League Two from 2011 league season. Fujian promoted to 2012 China League One via League One relegation play-off which Fujian beat Guizhou Zhicheng 6-5 in the Penalty shootout.
Hebei Yongchang Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd. bought 70% shares of the club in December 2012. The club moved to Hebei Province's capital city Shijiazhuang and changed name into Shijiazhuang Yongchang Junhao F.C.
Their home colors are yellow and black and the away colors are full white, but there are rumours that mister "Low" has been appointed a duty, to realize the design for teh kits for th new season.

Few words...

Finally!! I am the manager of a team with high expectations! In my first day at the club, I had a meeting with mister Yuan Wangyong, the owner of the club. There we discussed about finances, transfer and wage budgets, the players and the staff. After a couple of hours we decided this: amost all the players will be released, I convinced him that we have a weak squad and the players aren't suitable for teh strategy I want to use and also all the staff will be fired. Yes, I know, it's a big risk, now I have an even bigger responsability because if the team will not play good, it would be my fault for not choosing the right players and staff, anyway, I am very glad that mister Yuan has so much confidance in me. At the end of the meeting he came with a very interesting proposal: if I want to make the design for the kits of the new season, I'll just have to use this colours: yellow and black for home, white with maybe a little black for away and the third kit will be my choice.


I decided that we will approch a very attacking style, with the wing backs attacking very much, using a lot of crosses, with the central midfielder being the playmaker and the wings will cut inside trying a lot of shoots. But also, using 3 central defenders and a defensive midfielder we will have a solid defensive compartment. A direct style of play to quickly get in fron of the goal, and fluid style of play and a control mentallity.
Now the hardest part will be to find suitable players!
Will be interesting to see if you can get from this club to a big, wealthy European club, good luck bud, will be following.
Thank you mate! getting to Europe will be a very long jurney...

New kits unveield - Yongchang

Yongchang has unveiled the new kits for the next season, kits entirely designed by mister "Low", their manager. He declared for our site: "It was a long search, we contacted a lot oof sponsors and kits manufacturers until we found someone to belivie in us. I am very thankfull that Walon has ofefred to product our kits and I also wanna thank the great LG for believing in us and deciding to sponsor us."

Home Kit

Away Kit

Third Kit

Some lovely kits there mate and that looks like a solid defensive tactic! Good luck through the coming season, let's also hope for some good signings:P
Thank you Aaron. There are some very odd rules in the Chinese football, so don't expect any great foreign player :P
Haha, yes there are many of these silly rules in Asia, as well as Europe and The America's, but I suppose that's all to do with wanting home grown players:P

Staff presentation

So I began my work by searching for staff members, money weren't really a problem, the biggest problem was to convice someone to come in the second league of China, to convince someone that you have a great plan and huge ambitions to become the greatest team. At the end, I can say that I am pelased with the staff I have and I am sure that we will do together a great job!

Preseason - results & performances

After I finished creating my staff team, we had to find players to suit our style of play, we had to find valuable players and to respect the transfer rules. Here, in the second league of China are some very odd rules: you cannot have more than 3 foreign players in the squad and in the first transwer window you cannot buy more then 5 over 21 players. In the second transfer window you can buy only 2 over 21 players.Also, in China, the season starts in March and ends in
We worked night and day and we maanegd to create a very good team, finding very good young players that you will meet at the team presentation that would be hold before the start of the league.

Friendly games

In the frist friendly we met Beijing, on of the best teams from China. they have players like Kanoute (ex Sevilla), Joffre Guerron or Andre lima... so I didn't expect a thing from this game. But the boys surprised me, they played great, a very solid performance, ensuring us a draw, a great way to boost our morale!

In the second friendly we faced our Reserve team. Ok, I was expecting a win, but not at this margin. The 8-1 score reflects the great performance, 49 shots in a game is very hard to achieve, even agains a very weak team. I didn't expect the players to adapt so quickly with the tactics and to merge together.

In the third match we faced Zhongji and again, the players playd perfectly.Johnny Woodly is clearly our heart, our engine, our brain, our most important player!

Hebei Youth - the team we faced in our last friendly of the preseason. The boys did what they know best, they won with a solid game, again having a lot of shots!

So, as the preseason looks, we are ready for the new season! Soon will be the team presentation so stay tuned!

Team presentation
I gathered all of you here to present you our new formed team. We spent around 2 million $ on the players, but they worth every cent! Together with my staff we managet to find some very good young chinese players, I am pleased with my team. Now, I will present you the players, telling you the player name than the club we brought him and then the transfer fee. If nothing it's nothing wrote enar the name, then the player was at the club when I arrived.


Central defenders

Wing backs

Central midfielders



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