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The Kit Thread

Where anyone can make anything for anyone else. Woah, that's a mouthful.
Started on 24 November 2013 by Louis O.
Latest Reply on 15 June 2017 by CJN94
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Louis O.'s avatar Group Louis O.
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The Kit Thread

Hi guys! Basically, there's quite a few kit threads around right now, but a lot more kit makers. NVD recently got a few kits from Neal, who doesn't exactly make kits often, and that got me thinking. Why shouldn't he get kits from Neal? We have a lot of great kit makers and although most of them aren't exacty going to have a thread to themselves, now they can have this.

This thread is simple. It's just a normal kit request thread. However, it's more like the custom banner thread than any other kit thread we have atm. This is because, like the banner thread, anyone can come and make the kits, and you are not requesting to just a single person but the whole site. If there is a request you really want to do, but someone gets there first, worry not, you can post yours too, and see who's kits the requester goes with.

To request a kit, just fill in these forms. You can request as many kits as you want in one post, so request at will! :P

Third (optional):
(please stick to SS style)

So if TCO was to request:

Team: Beskitas
Home: Black and white stripes
Away: Black, white trim
Third (optional): Red, black trim
Brand: adidas
Sponsor: Supervalu

You might get kits from AlexTHFC, like this:

Alex would use this coding in his post:

[center][h3] Besiktas - TCO [/h3]
(Also, requesters, you can ask for specific designs, though it is preferable that you just leave the kits up to the designer's imaginations with just a simple colour and style request like 'blue and white stripes'.)
Looking forward to this :D
Extremely interested to see what kits can be made. Alex I'll put my request from yesterday on here, gives this thread a bit of a start :)

Team - Linfield FC
Brand - Nike
Sponsor - Calor

Home - Blue( that template with that

Away - Red ( that template

Third - Orange ( That template for the third. But one minor detail change, the dark blue band on the arm in between the orange and white bands, could you change that so it matches the home kits lighter blue

Thanks :)
Good idea, maybe I'll chip in every now and then :P
Great idea; even I may make kits for those who ask nicely! :P
Home:Normal Chelsea blue, you can add a design :P
Away: Black stripes on Green
Third (optional): Do what you want
Brand: Addidas
Sponsor: FM Scout ;)
Nick's avatar Group Nick
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Linfield FC

*The third may be a bit different because I couldn't find the Malaga third template, but tried to make it look as similar as possible*

Chelsea - joethequin

Hope you like them :)
2013-11-24 18:23#145845 Nick :

Linfield FC

*The third may be a bit different because I couldn't find the Malaga third template, but tried to make it look as similar as possible*

Thanks the designs are perfect, the third is exactly how I wanted it :)
One little change if you could though please, could you use this badge please? :)
Team: Walton Casuals
Only In Need of an Away Kit
Brand: Macron
Sponsor: Lily

This is the home kit previously made by Louis to show the positioning:

And the kit design I need:

If more are needed they can be found here.

The sponsor:

The sponsor does have stuff there, but is mainly white. Background is transparent so will show up! :P
2013-11-24 18:50#145849 Neal :

Chelsea - joethequin

Hope you like them :)

Cheers Neal :)
RIGHT, Hey guys for ma new season on 2014 I need two kits for Sociedad for my series, whoever makes it I will gladly give you some form of shoutout if you want so...

Voi jeans, just use the logo, no words ;)

Home Kit:

Nice clean white main colour with one stripe down the front roughly the width of the badge and in line with it, this line will be dark blue mainly but with a thin lighter blue outline ;) You welcome for the challenge.

Away Kit:

Something original, thinking nice and shiny orange, yes orange with a curved white line from the left armpit to the color (if we are looking front on at the kit) Same sponsor as the first! Thanks

Many Thanks, Alex

Linfield FC - xXSealeyanoXx

Here's my attempts. They're a little different to Nick's though.

Walton Casuals - Kane

Real Sociedad - redwolf0008

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