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The Heracles Challenge

Some say, Hercules was born in the Heracles ground, others say..that's a load of crap and they're really just a rubbish dutch team. But one man! Believes they, will rule the world of football soon
Started on 30 November 2013 by Atoobie
Latest Reply on 11 May 2014 by NenadSerbia
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Welcome, the crucible we call Heracles, this will be your introduction. Turn back now, to avoid a lifetime of procrastination, still here? Wow, shocker to be honest!

The Intro

Just a small town guy, living in a lonely world, he took the midnight train to HER-AC-LES..

My Name: Wolfy
My Job: Turn Heracles into a global dominator "Of Pussy ;)"

2013/14 Season Kits Announced!


The History of Heracles

Almelo were founded on May 3, 1903 as Heracles, after the demigod son of Zeus. They changed their name on July 1, 1974 to SC Heracles '74 and finally settled on the current name in 1998. The club has won the Dutch national title twice, in 1927 and 1941. One of the club's most famous players was South African Steve Mokone, nicknamed The Black Meteor, the first black football player in the Netherlands ever.
In the 2004/05 season, Heracles won the title in the Eerste Divisie, so that during the 2005/06 season, Heracles played in the Eredivisie, where they finished 13th. The average attendance in 2004/05 was 5,700 people. In the recent top flight seasons this has risen to just over 8,300 (close to the maximum capacity of 8,500).
In 2012 Heracles competed in its first Dutch cup final, which it has lost to PSV in De Kuip.

Seeya next time folks, when the real fireworks begin!
Good luck redwolf :)
Good start Mate! :)
Turn Heracles into a global dominator "Of Pussy ;)"

Best opening ever. :P
Good luck
Good luck! And the banner actually looks pretty good :o
Thanks guys, I'll update as often as possible
Good luck!! :) Those kits are really nice, btw!
Different choice of team, will be interesting to read! btw, did you make those kits? they look awesome!
Lucas made em ;) Ask the man himself
This Looks an interesting save + Those kits are very smart!

Building a wall


Unheard of manager Wolfy is elected as the new manager of Heracles, fan's take to the street to show their outrage!

Fan Spokesperson Johan Fanny "We're not United, or Inter Milan, we don't have a chance in hell of finding a unknown tactician, and the odds of us accidentally finding one are catastrophic, we're in for a depressing season"

In a follow up statement Wolfy simply stated "Give me 3 months, that is all"

A Day Later In The Boardroom

Jan: "Welcome to our club Wolfy, we're honored to have you"

Wolfy: "Like wise Jan, this is definitely the team I will win the CL with"

Jan: "Hold your horses fella, we're a small team, you can't possibly perform that miracle"

Wolfy: "I've seen it done before, and this team's next on the list anyway, my philosophies"

Jan: "No no no, we don't have philosophies here, give it time and we'll observe the way thinghs are"

Wolfy: "Well I'd really like the cash to fix this back line, never mind the youth training system we badly need upgrading"

Jan: "What are you on about, the defence is fine?"

Wolfy: "Whatever Mr Smit, see you later"

Jan: "I expect a win against Cluj so work hard"

Wolfy: "The best start slowly Sir"

Jan: "What do you me.."

*door slams

At Home Some Time Later

See here's the problem

422k isn't a lot of money in the world of football, is it?


Yet I have to fix this mess

The Back Line:


Find out next time folks, hope you've enjoyed
Shaping up to be a nice story man, keep it up
I thought they were a decent team, evidently not O.o Will be some good free defenders about, keep your eyes out
Mr Wolfy looks like he's a cocky little man, let's see if his managerial skills are where his mouth is ;) good luck!
Great, you gave me the urge to listen to Don't Stop Believin'.

Your furnishings seem modest but any team can turn into a giant provided enough investment in youth and skillful playing of the transfer market. Good luck!

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