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The Road To World Domination : Corrupted Save Again :/

Started on 11 December 2013 by Team Lift
Latest Reply on 17 December 2013 by Team Lift
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Who will i be?

Instead of being a top team with the likes of winning the top league within the season i have decided i will be a lower league team, i will not announce who i will be in this update infact it will be in the next update

What is the structure of this league?

A brand new league based in England and made up of 599 of the best teams in the world from Real Madrid and Barcelona to Ceske Budejovice and St. Johnstone plus a Development League made up of 152 teams from each country that doesn't have any team in the full World League. This includes every country in the world from Jamaica to Bhutan. Over 2000 players have downloaded previous versions of this league from the Steam Workshop.

There are 21 main leagues. A premier league made up of 20 teams and 20 more divisions with 24 teams each. Teams are sorted purely be reputation. There is also a 'qualification pool' with 99 teams which you can choose to load or leave 'invisible' so you don't know which new teams will enter the World League at the end of each season. Finally, there are 5 Development Leagues made up of teams representing all the countries in the world that didn't make it into the main leagues or qualification pool.

Owner of the file

As i haven't made this file and neither have i claimed it was mine or claimed i have made it, just incase anyone says anything i will put the maker of the files steam below
Wut? haha, good luck with whatever this...complicated league is:P
2013-12-11 19:57#148825 AaronHJFT96 : Wut? haha, good luck with whatever this...complicated league is:P

It is very confusing at first hopefully you'll understand the story soon enough, thankyou for your comment :)
Good Luck TL!
2013-12-11 20:58#148834 TK69 : Good Luck TL!

Thankyou very much for your support
Who am i?

Yes Im Watford a team who are in the World Division Thirteen Im in a league with teams such as A.E.K. Athens and Real Madrid Castilla. Im currently predicted to finish 1st but other teams and managers think otherwise its up to us to prove to them we mean business.

World Division Thirteen

For a team such as Watford we should be pushing to win the title quite easily but we still have to put the commitment and performances in to guarantee promotion


1st. Watford
2nd. Braunschweig
3rd. Sport Recife
4th. Brøndby IF
5th. Nottingham Forest

World Premier League

This is probably the best league that could be created around the world, huge giants and rivals are also participating making this a fiery affair.


1st. Barcelona
2nd. Real Madrid
3rd. Manchester United
4th. Bayern Munich
5th Chelsea

World League Division One

Also a great league to be in and great teams who deserve to be there. The biggest being Zenit, Roma and Fiorentina, Hugh Italian Giants participating in this prestigious league.


1st. Fiorentina
2nd. Roma
3rd. Atlético Mineiro
4th. Valencia
5th. Zenit

World League Division League Two

This looks like it could be more entertaining than World League Division One with the likes of Everton, Ajax, Boca Juniors, Hannover and Galatasaray and so many other well established teams.


1st. Everton
2nd. Wolfsburg
3rd. CSKA Moscow
4th. Galatasaray
5th. Athletic Bilbao

World League Division Three

Looks like it could be a fun interesting league and ill let the teams do the talking for this one..


1st. Newcastle
2nd. Real Sociedad
3rd. Fenerbahçe
4th. Villarrea
5th. Atlético Vélez

World League Division Four

Teams start to deteriorate from here on with some okay teams but no offence against them i still find it interesting to watch them


1st. Dinamo Moscow
2nd. Rubin
3rd. Cataina
4th. Mallorca
5th. Granada
Like the idea of this, something different, will be following
2013-12-12 08:21#148901 TCO : Like the idea of this, something different, will be following

Thanks dude, really enjoying your manchester united story at the moment aswell :)

Watford Manager Set To Make Managerial Debut

Inform Watford manager Shane Charman is set to undertake his first game in charge of the Hornets
After winning 4 Pre-Season games and only drawing one, fans have already fallen inlove with the new manager and are hoping for better things after the legend Gianfranco Zola resigned following his failure to gain promotion to the premier league.

Current Watford Manager Shane Charman and his lads will be taking on ACS Poli in the World Division Nineteen, fans and many others around the world are hoping for a crushing victory over the small club but many of us know that ACS Poli have nothing to lose and will come out fighting until the very last whistle.

Shane Charman has taken his time out of his day to have a chat with us and he has said and i quote 'Its a very happy moment for me in my life, everything is so perfect and Im loving life at the club, I've brought in some players who i believe will boost the teams current ability and I will reveal all soon'.

Very interesting words from someone who has only been in charge of the Hornets for 32 days but we will see if he stays loyal to his word and really does love this wonderful club.

Moving on to some interesting facts about ASC Poli...,

ACS Poli Timișoara is a professional Romanian football club from Timişoara, Timiş County, Romania. Founded in 2012, the club regard themselves as the successor of the original club founded in 1921, FC Politehnica Timișoara, who went bankrupt and was dissolved, following the 2011-12 season.
They currently play in the Liga I.
The file has been corrupted this is the second time its done this it also happened in my viktoria plzen save and im not to fussed about it as i wasn't really feeling this one

Not sure if ill do another story for a very long time or until i find a team who i find very fun

Thanks to those who commented and followed :)

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