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Edu's DB Shop

Started on 14 December 2013 by edu1878
Latest Reply on 14 December 2013 by shylax
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Ever wanted to manage in a league, only to find out that it is unplayable? Have you ever wanted to take part in a fantasy league of your creation yet didn't know how to create it? Have you ever wanted to include a custom DB as part of your game, only to find out that you know nothing about the editor? Well look no further, for I am here, and so is my brand new DB shop. Offering any type of DB you can think of, this Db shop is the place for you. All I need is a thorough description of what is wanted in the database, as well as how you want it done, and any research notes you can find, in order to speed up the process. Get Requesting!

Disclaimer: All Databases will take a minimum of 7 working days to create, which may stretch to a higher amount of time depending on the size/difficulty/intricacy of the requested database. All databases will be tested, and all bugs found will not be the fault of the creator, it will be SI's fault. All bugs will be investigated when reported to myself.
I would like a new FIFA Club World Cup Database, to be as similar to the FIFA World Cup as possible:

- Still once per year, and preferably still in the same time frame as the actual FIFA Club World Cup.
- Random host country (or random amongst a list of developed countries, if there's a way to rotate it amongst continents that would be even better)
- 32 teams, drawn into 8 groups of 4, playing a single round robin at the host site, with no more than one team being from the same confederation (or 2 from UEFA), with the top 2 from each group to the knockout stage.
- Knockout Stage: Same as World Cup
- Discipline Rules: Same as World Cup

Last year's host nation domestic champion
Top 2 Oceania Champions League
Top 8 UEFA Champions League
Top 4 Asia, South America, North America, Africa Champions League (16 teams total)
Top American, English, Chinese, Japanese, and German teams not already qualified (or some other format to determine the last 5 teams)
(You have discretion to change the format to something the editor accepts more readily, just tell me about it first.)

5 star reputation

Prize money:
Give some swank prize money for this. Each qualifier gets 4 million Euros. Each victory in the group stage is worth 2 million Euros, and the teams split for a draw. The top sixteen teams get additional prize money, starting from 40 million Euros for the winner, and then down to say, 6 million Euros for teams that lose in the Round of 16.

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