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Is this tactic actually decent ot did I stumble on players?

Started on 17 December 2013 by GloriousRuse
Latest Reply on 17 December 2013 by GloriousRuse
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Ok, so, I've never been a tactical genius, but I've done well enough in previous FMs. Come FM 14 I was being shredded relentlessly in my lower league play (I never start in the premiership or whatnot, usually in the sky 2 range).

Until I decided to kick off a game with York City, much maligned. In three seasons I've rocketed from the Skybet 2 to the Championship. And i want to know if I just happened to stumble on the mix of powerful players hidden in a supposed mid table/relegation team, or if the 4-5-1 I built them actually works.

It looks like this:

Philosophy: Balanced
Strategy: Standard
Shorter Passing
Play Out of Defense

The backside:
2 CDs, one on defend, one on cover, the pacier man covers, the bigger man defends.

One FB on support, one FB on attack. The Attack FB gets stacked behind an Inside Forward to create overlap when he cuts in.

One Anchorman sitting in the hole on defend duty to clean up hose free balls in the center.

The front side:
One BBM paired with an attacking Advanced Playmaker.

One wing, one inside forward.

One False 9 told to run more and shoot less.

The idea is that between the strong midfield, a false 9, and a IF, there will always be a center of the park option coming out of the transition - but the balanced philosophy means they're generally smart enough not to stack all 5 men on top of each other.

So: decent, or did Is tumble on a team that would have won so long as they were put into any vaguely coherent formation?

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