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Thoughts On 14.2?

What the title says
Started on 21 December 2013 by haken89
Latest Reply on 28 December 2013 by RevolutioN
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Almost everything is definetly improved.

The good:
-Dead balls are generally better. You can now score direct free kicks and corners are much harder to score from and even when scored, the defending team now closes players instead of walking around like zombies. Also, I haven't occured (yet?) the annoying long range free kicks in which the player launches a fast ball to the opposition's box and a player recieves it without any of the opposition players hassling him, to score against a goalie who positions himself VERY poorly.

-Counterattacks are much more productive now with players trying to find a smart pass that will break the opposition's defense instead of running with the ball all the 70-80 meters.

-Match engine in general is much better and more realistic. You can finally see a high ball in 2D mode. Long shots can actually be scored now. "Shoot On Sight" now has a purpose. Goalies stopped making unrealistic saves in which they jumped from one end of the post to the other to make a save. Tactics finally mean something.

The bad:
-I've seen a bug or two so far. Not a game breaker but still annoying. I've seen a player running super fast to another position right after I scored a goal so it didn't matter. I just hope it doesn't happen when he's with the ball or when the ball is played on the pitch.

-More injuries than before. I'm lucky if I get only 1 injury during a match. The good thing though, is that the injuries now are usually small. I had a game in which I had 4 injuries, 2 were forced out and 2 could still play. 1 of those who were forced out got injured for a couple of weeks, the other for 10 days. Regarding the other 2, 1 wasn't injured at the end of the match and the other got injured for 5 days. I had a lot more injuries during the not-so-much time I've been playing and the worst injury I've seen so far was for 6 weeks. I'm still not sure if it's a good or a bad thing...

Might have more opinions the more I play. So far it's better but I still wish I could play 2 consecutive matches without getting an injury.
So far it's okay. But they've completely ruined chances of scoring penalties. Messi has 18 for the attribute yet only scores 1 in 10 :s

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