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Wonderkid Central v2!

Started on 23 December 2013 by AlexTHFC
Latest Reply on 27 December 2013 by NVDTahir
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7 yearsEdited
Name: Luke Green
Date of Birth (1997): 13th June
Nationality: English, but eligible for San Marino
Top person attributes (3): Professionalism
Languages (3): English, German (basic)
Height (cm): 188
Weight (kg): 79
Positions (3): ST, CF
Top mental attributes (3): Composure, Decisions, Concentration
Top physical attributes (3): Stamina, Pace, Acceleration
Top technical attributes (3): Finishing, Long Shots, Penalty Taking
Preferred Moves (3): Places Shots
Favourite People (2): Jores Okore, Libor Kozak
Favourite Clubs (2): Aston Villa, Solihull Moors
Disliked People (2): Nathan Redmond, Emile Heskey
Disliked Clubs (2): Birmingham City, West Brom
Name: Sam Ward
Date of Birth (1997): Feb 20th 1997
Nationality: English
Top person attributes (3): Ambition, Adaptability, Loyalty
Languages (3): English, French, Spanish
Strong foot: Right
Height (cm): 178
Weight (kg): 72
Positions (3): AML, AMC, AMR
Top mental attributes (3): Determination, Creativity, Flair
Top physical attributes (3): Acceleration, Pace, Stamina
Top technical attributes (3): First Touch, Technique, Dribbling
Preferred Moves (3): Tries killers balls often, Cuts inside, Runs with ball often
Favourite People (2): Rudi Garcia, Brendan Rodgers
Favourite Clubs (2): Tottenham, Watford
Disliked People (2): Mark Hughes, Paul Lambert
Disliked Clubs (2): Arsenal, Leeds
Name: Bob Writer
Date of Birth (1997): 6th April
Nationality: German
Top person attributes (3): Adaptability, Ambition, Professionalism
Languages (3): German, Belgian, English
Height (cm): 169
Weight (kg): 66
Positions (3): AMC, ST, AMR
Top mental attributes (3): Creativity, Flair, Anticipation
Top physical attributes (3): Acceleration, Agility, Balance
Top technical attributes (3): Dribbling, First Touch, Technique
Preferred Moves (3): Plays one-twos, Dictates tempo, Tries killer balls often
Favourite People (2): Didier Drogba, Oscar
Favourite Clubs (2): Chelsea, Derby County
Disliked People (2): Wayne Rooney, David Moyes
Disliked Clubs (2): Manchester United, Southend
Name: Tiago Rocha
Date of Birth (1997): 18th October
Nationality: Portuguese
Top person attributes (3): Loyalty, Professionalism, Versatility
Languages (3): Portuguese, English, Spanish
Height (cm): 173
Weight (kg): 71
Positions (3): AML, CAM, AMR
Top mental attributes (3): Flair, Vision, Creativity
Top physical attributes (3): Acceleration,Balance, Stamina
Top technical attributes (3): Technique, First-Touch, Finishing
Preferred Moves (3): Places shots, Tries killer balls often, Cuts inside
Favourite People (2): Olivier Giroud, Jackson Martinez
Favourite Clubs (2): Arsenal, Porto
Disliked People (2): Robin van Persie, Rodrigo
Disliked Clubs (2): Benfica, Tottenham
Name: Naveed Tahir
Date of Birth (1997): 5th July
Nationality: English
Top person attributes (3): Professionalism, Consistency, Ambition
Languages (3): English, Spanish, German
Height (cm): 185cm
Weight (kg): 75kg
Positions (3): ST(C) / AM(R) / AM(L)
Top mental attributes (3): Determination, Off the Ball, Work Rate
Top physical attributes (3): Stamina, Agility, Strength
Top technical attributes (3): Dribbling, Finishing, Free-Kicks
Preferred Moves (3): Cuts Inside, Runs with balls often, Curls Ball
Favourite People (2): Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo
Favourite Clubs (2): Manchester United, Real Madrid
Disliked People (2): Luis Suarez, Carlos Tevez
Disliked Clubs (2): Manchester City, Liverpool
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7 yearsEdited
CLOSED. Sorry to NVDTahir and DialSquare_1886, you applied the latest.
Ah that's annoying. Oh well..
Whew, I got the 2nd last spot XD
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7 yearsEdited

Player List

Montgomery Sandiego Torres VII (LFC) - MADE
Ben Dover (Pauker) - MADE
Danilo Sunset (TK69) - MADE
Steven Saint Nicholas (k1rups) - MADE
Ray Peest (TCO) - MADE
George Forman (AaronHJFT96) - MADE
Jésús Wagner (Justice) - MADE
Nicolas Raaf (Nick) - MADE
Pircalabu George Alexandru (taurul)
Hakan Sukur Jr. (HamoudiLFC)
Albu Alin (AAN) - MADE
Felipe Contran (Chris)
John Smith (Hortensius)
Luke Green (robloxrepair)
Sam Ward (Inquisition) - MADE
Bob Writer (TVDLC123) - MADE
Alessandro Hermano (AlexTHFC) - MADE
Ahh well :/ lol

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