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Poll: 3D Match Engine

Started on 28 February 2009 by Fackman
Latest Reply on 8 August 2009 by Danix
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3D Match Engine (90 votes)
Do you use the 3D match engine?

I don't use it as I feel that all thoose dots running around your screen give the true Football Manager vibe.:yes
never! it is not very good, so maybe in a few years when they have perfected it
I never use it because on my comp it's annoyingly slow...
still dots moving all over the screen
i think in the future we will grow to like the 3dmatch engine with improved graphics and the good realistic play on the pitch.

i watch some games on 3d but i still prefer 2d.
I like the 3d match engine but the spec on my laptop means i can't really use it. What im more dissapointed with is the normal and tv views. The normal view is useless because it makes the pitch far too smalland I am constantly having to exit the tv view to edit my tactics and check other information; Most of which is available in little widget boxes which are too big, cannot be made smaller/adjusted and are not translucent enough so as to allow me to see the pitch. I don't see what was wrong with the old view. It was far better and I hope SI revert back to it on fm10. Rant over :)
Dots all the way!
i've gotten used to it. the only frustrating things are players kicking the ball against each other instead of clearing, and the stupidly hesitant goalkeepers. oh, and the amount of silly own goals.
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no, i love dots <3
I use it but sometimes, I don't know why I bother.
i a couple of years the developers will probably dorp the 2d match engine in the favour of the 3d one, so we should get used to it.
Although I still use the 2d engine I have to agree with with sun_becali... SI won't stick with the dots for much longer... Either I get a new, better pc or I will have to play FM viewing commentaries only. :blush
maybe if we tempt them to stick with the dots.
we are affiliates with SI and the number of members we have, who all want dots could change thier minds.
I love watching the games in 3D. I find it easier to yell at players instead of dots. =D
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I watch 3d but it does make me extremely mad when the goalie doesn't stop a slow rolling ball right at him and it sits on the line of the goal and he stands facing the other way for 10sec until the offensive player has time to run from 40 yards away and tap it in. I hope, they improve the graphics drastically next year. It looks REALLY cheap but I like the idea.

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