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FM 14 Career - Youngster Manager by Force

Started on 27 December 2013 by Robloxrepairer
Latest Reply on 27 December 2013 by Robloxrepairer
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7 yearsEdited
Ohai guys, its me.
You may have heard me before, I like hanging around the General Chat and the Manager Story section. I've decided to go and start my own. I'm still getting used to Windowed mode and I am not an expert on fourms, so sorry if this is bad.

The plot is about an extremely young manager who goes by the name of Luke Green. Unfourtunately for us, he contains an element of slight bad luck, because he was born on the 13th of June. He was previously an international footballer for his secondary country Northern Island, but stress with contracts and injuries forced him out the game and become a manager.

Seems like most people want me in England XD

Luke Green retires from playing

6th May 2013

Today has been a shock as international Green has decided to retire from playing football. He says there is plans for himself to go into management in the new season. This should take place, especially with clubs like Granada, Monaco and Swansea taking serious interest in him.

Swansea in talks with Green

10th July 2013

The Green story is back running as Swansea have offered Green a professional contract. Green could be earning 50k a week with this job. Granada still are interested and could hijack any deal.
I want some replies before telling you what happens next :P
Seems interesting, I'll be keeping an eye on this story...
Good luck. Maybe some more detail in the posts would bring more readers but will follow to see how you get on
Good luck!
All good things start small XD

Swansea offer REJECTED, Aston Villa interview Green

27th July 2013

Green might be heading off to Villa. The wanted manager rejected the offer from Swansea and declared interest in Villa instead. Villa have interviewed him and so far, he looks to be the prime contender for the job over Tony Pulis and Ian Holloway, whom both have not given in an official offer yet.
However, Granada are reportedly ready to offer Green a very large contract, but as Green supports the Villa, he is very likely to reject the contract offer, even if it means he has to take the lowest possible pay.

Luke Green = 4/1
Gianfranco Zola = 5/1
Ian Holloway = 3/1
Tony Pulis = 3/1

Aston Villa sign Green

11th July 2013

Green has been signed by Aston Villa, at first, Randy Lerner was a bit reluctant, but as the only person who came forward, Lerner had no choice but to sign him. Reports say he has been offered 31k a week, on a risky three year contract.

Sorry about the lack of detail. Hopefully it should build up in the next few real days.

11th August 2013

Well, today was my first day in management of my dream club, Villa. I knew what to do the first thing I entered the office. I headed straight to the boardroom and asked for something. It was a bit like this...

Green = Me
Orange = Lerner
Red = Faulkner

Lerner, I want to ask for something. I know i've only been in the office for about ten minutes. But this is my first request.
Go ahead...
Well, I know Lambert liked youth, so I've been thinking these past five minutes and i've decided we should upgrade our youth facilities
Are you nuts? Lambert made us lose 10 matches in a row last year thanks to the youth!
(Barges in) I must take the side of Green there, If we can get good youth, we could either sell them for a fortune or we can make the youth better than the team Lambert signed!
Oh fine, i'll get the paperwork and i'll plan to upgrade the facilities (mumbles some 'bad' stuff)

Well, that was how it went simply. Overall it would be about 50 lines if I wrote it all in. 39 of them would be swear words from Lerner.
Some surprises for the transfers :P
should be interesting ive always found villa a tough team, not much room for maneuvering financially and a few areas that need strengthening. will be following with interest
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August Results

Villa 1 - 1 Fulham - A decent result for the first game of the season, we were stupid to give away a penalty like that though. SCORERS : Villa = Helenius (70) Fulham = Berbatrov (pen) (35)

West Ham ? - ? Villa - TBP

Villa ? - ? Huddersfield - TBP (C1C)

Arsenal ? - ? Villa - TBP

MBP = Match Being Played
TBP = To be Played

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