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Who Dares Wins - The Story

Started on 28 December 2013 by TylerK
Latest Reply on 7 January 2014 by k1rups
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I'm disappointed with the lack of activity by Man United...

Wenger Responds

In a stunning war of words between Marcelo Biesla, Arsene Wenger has told the Tottenham manager to keep his mouth shut and mind his own business. Wenger's tactical knowledge and ability has proven him to be a great manager and he feels Biesla is sticking his nose in where it's not wanted.

"Frankly, Biesla clearly knows nothing about me as a manager. I was the man to create the invincibles and I know who I have bought. I have an eye for talent and I will make sure that the players we have can work well with Neuer, Ribery and Isco. He is a very unprofessional manager for attacking me like this he doesn't even know me"

The reaction is a strong one and Wenger firmly believes he will be able to keep the club up and make progress with the group of players he has. He must hope the big three players he has do not ask for transfer requests otherwise relegation is a real possibility. The war of words continues.

League Table

Robert Lewandowski, Shane Long and Andriy Yarmelenko are keeping there teams at the top.

Capital One Cup

Man City vs Spurs jumps out here as does Southampton and Man Utd
Palace off to a good start but out the cup..oh well

Mourinho comments on latest saga

Jose Mourinho has had his say over the recent saga between Arsene Wenger and Marco Biesla, calling it "comedic" and that both men need to "get a grip and grow up!"

"You know, I think it is quite comedic. Although the attack is unwarrented, Wenger being his miserable self responds back. I know if I were in monsieur Wenger's position, I would not comment. Frankly both men need to get a grip and grow up!"

Wenger and Mourinho have quite a history, with Jose undefeated against Arsene.
The Diary of the Special One
I feel this month has fairly good. We were knocked out early in the Mickey Mouse cup so I am not too bothered about that, come on would the Special One care about that? I am not any ordinary, average manager! We are still in the top four of the Premier League despite two disappointing losses. Our star striker Edinson Cavani has been on fire; his average rating calculated by my ser-advisers is 7.90! Very good indeed! Hopefully we can kick on against monsieur Wenger and his so-called "Eagles" *scoff*.

The Special One, out.
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Simeone's Words

Some of the transfers made in this transfer window were absolutely appalling. I'm aware of the Wenger-Bielsa feud which is currently ongoing and, to be completely honest, I love manager feuds. I have my opinions on each individual manager and how they're doing, that's just the sort of person I am.

Jose Mourinho, he recently commented on this Wenger-Bielsa feud, saying they need to grow up. Well maybe he should keep his oar out of stuff, eh? His transfers aren't exactly the best! I mean, who buys Demba Ba and Peter Brezovan, yet forgets to get a coup like Adnan Januzaj!

And then there's Marcelo Lippi of Aston Villa. One of those forgettable clubs which no one really cares about. Their signings make them look like a Championship side - Chris Eagles, Shane Long, seriously?

Cardiff City. GO BACK TO YOUR OWN DAMN COUNTRY! Oscar Garcia will be so much better in a team in Uruguay. Hunny, don't waste your time in a Wales-England hybrid. Even their "big three" signings were awful - Aiden bloody McGeady and Emile Heskey. I'm not very worried about them...

Poor old Chelsea. They didn't make many signings under Jurgen Klopp, did they? Frigid little fucker. Klopp signs a dude from Preston in League 400 or whatever, and then forgets the obvious little deals he could've made.

Crystal Palace and Arsene Wenger. Finally someone I can get on board with! We're both just amazing, legendary, misunderstood managers who will get abuse the rest of our careers. We'll still carry on though. I have faith in Wenger. Maybe it'll be us two in the fight for the title.

Carlo Ancelotti? Everton? Bitch, please. Not even the amount of signings you made will go far - especially when you're signing crap bags like Wayne Hennessey, Yossi Benayoun and Sylvian Distin. This is a football league not a retirement home!

Fulham, who are they again? Oh, right, the crappy London club. Managed by that unknown dude Ewe Rustler or something. They've done absolutely terribly in the transfer window. Quentin Bernadette-Tissue? No thanks.

Oh, Hull will be going doing straight away with their team of Championship rejects led by Manuel Linguini. Dwight Gayle, Kazenga Lua Lua and Nathan Delfouneso are probably the most high-profile signings there. That's saying something.

To read more of Simeone's words, go online to

Is you manager struggling!

Defend your position or talk about how amazing you are atm :)

The Diary of the Special One

As this table shows, I am certainly secure! I can only thank myself, my tactics, my training methods, my approach and my wonderful footballing brain.

While I was saddened to see my close friend Pep Guardiola having his job insecure, I could not stop myself hysterically laughing at Klopp's current job position! His transfers, his training methods and generally the way he thinks. Pray for Klopp! Haha, oh I do amuse myself sometimes..
How is Guus Hiddink down as United Manager?
because Jason Wilcox cant manage and u wasnt on so i had to let them sign there own manager

Press Conference

Reporter = R
Bielsa = B

R: Hello Marcelo, thank you for your time, we'd just like to ask you some questions.
B: That is fine, as long as they aren't to personal. *chuckles* I don't want to be asked questions about my wife's cans.
R: O......k then! What are you personal opinions on Arsene Wenger?
B: I think he's a joke, he walks around like he's the best manager in the league. Pfft. And saying that I know nothing about him, rubbish! My mother's brother's girlfriend's former room mate was an Arsenal fan. I know of Arsene Wenger!
R: Ok! Next question, what do you think of Mourinho's comments on the subject?
B: I think that he's an inexperienced mong! Calls himself 'The Special One', as if! He's about as special as a tin of beans.
R: Ok, enough questions about other people, what do you think about you're chances this season?
B: Tottenham Hotspurs will be the new Premier League champions!
R: A bit ambitious, don't you think?
Bielsa looked angry and stood up
B: I'm entitled to my own opinions aren't I?
R: Yes, I guess so...
Bielsa stormed off.

League Table

BIG shout out to Arsene Wenger's Crystal Palace who are performing awesomely, its tight at the bottom

Capital One Cup

Southampton beat Man Utd, Man City scraped through and Liverpool vs Newcastle stands out.
The Diary of the Special One

We are still up there! Ten games gone and we right in the mix. We have been unbeaten for 7 games, drawing 2 and winning 5!

I have to admit I am a little angered about Biesla comments about me.. saying I am about as special as a tin of beans?! (Of course I am the Special One...) If winning 3 1st Divison titles in Italy,England and Spain along with a treble with Inter that includes the Champions League is not special I do not know what is... what has Biesla ever done significant anyway? Yes, he has managed Argentina but has he ever won anything significant in Europe? I look forward to the day we hammer him in the North London Derby... he has got the Special One angry! You don't want to get the Special One angry...
Wow, drew Liverpool in the cup :(

Conte doing well, as usual! 3rd ain't bad.

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