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A.C. Milan: Returning To Glory

Started on 4 January 2014 by Jack
Latest Reply on 7 January 2014 by The-forgotten-one
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Allegri Will Leave In The Summer

AC Milan manager Massimiliano Allegri has confirmed he will leave in the summer after failing to win the Serie A title after coming 3rd

The pressure has been building on the former Cagliari boss, who guided Milan to the Serie A title in 2011, and he now admits his time at the helm is coming to an end.

"This season was my last as AC Milan" He told Gazzetta dello Sport.

"I do not know who will be the new coach, that is a problem that does not concern me.”

Dutchman Clarence Seedorf, a former Milan midfielder, has been heavily tipped to take the reins in the Italian media. Other former players such as Marco van Basten and Andriy Shevchenko have also been tipped for the job and recently sacked Spurs manager Andre Villas-Boas is also a name being thrown around by Italian papers.

The first job for the new manager at the San Siro is to get rid of the amount of strikers brought in by Allegri.

Milan fans are angry at the team Allegri has left behind for the new manager, players such as Sulley Muntari and Cristian Zapata in the deadwood list. They are angry because he hasn't re-invested the income of the departures of Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovich to buy two world-class replacements.

Good luck! :)
Good luck. An AC Milan story is always difficult to beat after the brilliant story from Dabool. I hope the season goes well for you.
Noo not Seedorf, he's happy at Botafogo :'(
Nice idea with Seedorf as a manager ;) I'll follow this one!

Seedorf Hired For Milan Post

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport

A.C. Milan president Silvio Berlusconi has today announced Rossoneri legend Clarence Seedorf as manager. During his playing days Seedorf spent 10 years of a glistening career at Milan after just moving from rivals Interzionale in 2002 after being included in a swap deal with Milan left-back Francesco Coco but after a series of injuries Coco's way it seemed Inter's city rivals got the better deal

The Rossoneri got the better of the Seedorf/Coco deal

Returning midfield legend Kaká has praised Berlusconi and the club for their chosen manager after spending 6 years playing with the Dutchman at the San Siro after he admitted he had put a word in for his former midfield partner. "He helped me develop as a player after I joined from Sao Paulo in 2003, everyone else at the club had their own friends and me and Clarence joined around the same time as each other and he really helped me develop because he had just had spells at Ajax, Real Madrid and Interzionale, all fantastic clubs with great resources and he taught me just about everything and that earned me a move to one of Europe's biggest sides, no disrepect to Milan at all. If he wasn't there I wouldn't of been the player that was a world-record signing that I was" Said the Brazilian who will be looking for game time to have a chance of making the Brazil side for the World Cup in 2014.

"Ricardo (Kaká) is a superb player, one of the best in the world at one point and I never reached his standard, no way. It's great to have good comments about you when you are only a couple of days into your new job. I have real faith in him as a player and person, he will make the Brazil team for the World Cup in no shadow of a doubt, he's a superb player" Said new manager Seedorf

Milan's golden generation
Josh: Thanks :)

James: Thanks, I'll be making this the best I can and may use some of Dabool's techniques

Walt: Shame :P

Kubik: Thanks :)
Great choice of manager! I look forward to reading this story, good luck :D

Seedorf Daily Diaries

10 July 2013: First Training Session

It was a big day for me today, if I said or did something wrong I could lose the trust of the squad on day one which isn't really my plan to be quite honest. It was a beautiful summer morning, the grass was fine, much different from Botafogo and better. I remember the hours of time I spent on here working and working to be the ultimate midfielder, of course, I never was the best player in the world but I was a hard worker which is partly why I'm here, managing the side I've loved since 2002 when I moved here. There were 100's of photographers, fans and just general public all watching. I still had my A.C. Milan shorts that I wore while I was training here and, woah... Is that Maldini? He still looked as fit as a flea!

It was about 11 A.M. when the squad came out. It was a totally new squad. I was expecting a lot of players to have played with me before, only a few did! I spotted a few of my friends though, Abbiati, Kaká and Bonera and I remember De Sciglio training with the youth team a few times. He looked like a quality right-back when I saw him play.

"Good to see you back, Clarence" said Kaká
"And you Ricardo" I smiled.
"Gather round boys!" I shouted. "Now, a few of you may remember me playing for Milan a few years ago and we won the Champions League and won the league twice, coming 2nd many times when I played for these, but it's a new start. It's not the same squad as it was years ago, I knew that when I took the job but I know that you're all good lads and quality players. I want to win the league or at least come close this season, now I think you are all wondering where Robinho is. I sold him yesterday to Monaco. Now, I'll try bring in some good players to bolster our squad. Now, I've just introduced myself. You need to introduce yourselves to me and prove why you should be in the starting eleven on the 21st of August when we play in our Champions League play-off match, now, time for some five-a-sides!"

"Paolo!" I shouted to Maldini.
"Yes boss?" He replied
"After these matches will you take the defenders off for some training, I'll take midfielders and I'll Tassotti (The assistant manager) to do something with the attackers" I ordered
"Sure, and Clarence"
"Welcome back" Maldini smiled
"Thank you Paolo, good to see you again!" I replied

I went over to watch the under-19s, managed by a player I used to play with, Filippo Inzaghi.

"Ey! Filippo!" I shouted
"Aha! Clarence! Good to see you again!" He shouted back
"And you, I've just come down to see our youth resources" I replied
"Well, we've got a treat for you here!"

I watched as one of the youngsters scored a cracker from 30 yards out

"Hell, what a finish! Who's that?" I asked
"Well, that is one of our brightest prospects and he's 3 maybe 4 years behind some of these players, he is called Hachim Mastour, he's only 15 years old. HACHIM!" He shouted
"Yes boss?" he asked
"Come over here, the senior squad coach wants a word"
I shook hands with him.
"Hi" He said, he sounded nervous
"Your manager has just told me that you're the best player in our squad and you're only 15?"
"Thank you boss, and yeah I'm 15" He smiled at me and Inzaghi
"Ok, I'll take a look at you and who knows, you might end up being a first-team regular this season? You certainly look like a player that 80,000 fans will love after just seeing you then"
"Thank you so much!" He replied
"Now I want to see more of you so get back on the pitch and show me some more" I said
"Ok, thanks"

"Clarence, I think you should watch this" Inzaghi brought his iPad out and went onto YouTube to show me some video a fan had made of Mastour

"Hell, he's a great player. I'll be using him at least once this season I reckon"
"Oh and he's been voted as the worlds best football talent by the world-renowned FBO website"
"Woah. He's gonna be a better player than me then, no doubt haha"

13:30: End of training

"So, that was a good session today. You've all had positive reviews from your coaches so be ready for the OGC Nice game, it's only a friendly but it's important for me and my judgement of the squad"

"Cheers boss" They all said in unison
Great update! Nice inclusion of a video too!
Radders & Josh: Thanks :)
This is a lovely start and I look forward to see where u take it from here
Great last update, like the video :D keep up the good work

Seedorf Daily Diaries

21st July 2013: The Meeting

"I know it's a bit harsh to comment after judging a team after one game but we're crying out for a center-back" I said to Berlusconi
"Yes? Are you saying you have a particular target which is out of your budget?" He replied, sternly
"Well yeah, I've tried negotiating to €8,500,000 and they're accepting that but wanting €2,100,000 over 12 months but if we can get a good Champions League run we'll have the money to pay for that but I don't want to take that risk"
"Well, it's either that or you sell El Shaarawy" Berlusconi said
"WHAT?! He's our best winger and you, the man who is supposed to be wanting the best for the team is actually considering we sell our best winger and possibly player?!"
"Chelsea, the Premier League side rung up today. They'll be ready to offer if you do decide its time to go for El Shaarawy"

This was a real brain teaser. I could go for this center back and maybe a new winger. Or I could play no wingers and sell the rest of the wingers and make a bit of money. Berlusconi sat there, staring at me. I felt pressured.

"I'll think about it" I said
"Anyway, who's this player you want"
"His name is Éder Álvarez Balanta. He plays for River Plate, 20 years old, center back and Colombian. Oh, and his agent's a cunt."
"Ah, I see. How do you mean about his agent?"
"Well, he's demanding €1.5M if we decide to buy him"
"Well, don't bother with him"
"NO!" I sounded like a 5 year old speaking to his mum in ToysRus.
"Goodbye Clarence" as Berlusconi opened the door for me.
"Goodbye Mr Berlusconi" I mumbled as I walked out of the door.

El Shaarawy Up For Sale!

Sensational news from the San Siro today as new A.C. Milan manager Clarence Seedorf has opened the availability of star winger Stephan El Shaarawy. El Shaarawy joined A.C. Milan in 2011 as an 18 year old in a risky €15.75M deal which seemed to pay off in his second season but now seems to be a cashflow at the San Siro with president Silvio Berlusconi seems unprepared to trust Seedorf with funds to buy the players he wants. Seedorf hasn't managed to sign one player yet but has sold Robinho to AS Monaco for €2.4M.

"It's disappointing really. I join the team that sold Zlatan Ibrahimovich and Thiago Silva and Kaká a few years ago with a combined fee of around, I'd say €130,000,000 and only give me a little amount to spend" Said the unhappy manager, Seedorf.

Media reports are suggesting the fee that El Shaarawy has been put up for is between the €35-40M mark and reports from England say Chelsea, Man Utd and Man City are all in for the Italian left-winger.

You are reading "A.C. Milan: Returning To Glory".

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