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Father Like Son: The Story

Started on 6 January 2014 by FM King
Latest Reply on 6 January 2014 by FM King
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Father Like Son:
The Story

Hi my name is Jason Ferguson, yes the son of the Great Alex Ferguson. I have been watching my dad all my life and have learned a lot of things from him. Not just about football but about life and how it changes you. I have always looked up to him not just as a father but as an idol, what he has done is unreal but not at the same time, he was always going to change the world of football.

Over the last 5 years I have been getting my coaching badges, my dad always said I did not need to get them that he could help me out, I always said no. I don’t want to take the easy way of getting them, I want to work and work hard to get them. So that’s what I did, I never played for a team, and to be honest I did not like to play the sport but I loved to manage, build teams turn them all into a family.

I have always said to my dad that I want to be better than you, he would always look and with a cheeky smile he would say, there will never be anyone better than me. My older brother Darren is already following in are father’s footsteps and is doing really well, but I also know that I can do better. One thing I have learned from Dad is no matter how good you do there is always room for improvement.

Now that I have what I need to become a manager, all I need to do is to find a club willing to take someone on that has no experience.
Nice intro :) Good luck
The Meal

Weeks have passed and I still have heard noting from any club I applied for. I knew this was not going to be easy, I have no experience, and that will make clubs look twice at me. But I know in my head what I can offer, any club I go to, they will get a manager that wants to win, that wants to impress everyone at the club and within in the club.

So it’s the first Sunday of the month, and like every Sunday its family lunch day, so as I make my way out to the restraint to meet up with my family. It’s only a 20 minute drive from my house to Aberdeen, as I get there I see my dad is already there. He is mobbed by loads off fans giving his autograph, when I walk in nobody knows me, but dad looks over sees me calls me over and then we walk to are table.

So as we take are seat at the table I see the table is only for two people, I asked dad why is the table for two. I want to have a talk with just me and you son, ok dad about what. I want to talk to you about what you are doing. Dad I want to do this I know I can, with a lot of work I want to be the best. I know you do, but with this road you are going to take I just want to tell you what can happen, you past will all be brought back up Dad said. I don’t care I want this more than anything and if that happens well then so be it.

I have watched you and Darren and use have done some great things, I don’t want to be the only one out of the family not to be talked about. Yes I made a lot of mistakes when I was growing up but I was young and stupid and that’s 10 years ago. Son that will never go away, you have to think why did none of that stuff make it to the paper, I had to pay a lot of money to keep all the stuff you did out. Once you get into management that all changes.

So dad are we here so you can try and stop me from doing this, you don’t want the family name brought down. Well dad this is selfish of me but I am doing this even if you don’t like it. As I get up and walk away I look back to see if my dad would say anything and nothing, so I say that’s dad, I will show you.
The Chance

As I am sitting at home watching the T.V Only fools and Horses is coming on. While it’s on a break I look at my emails, and to my surprise there is one there from East Stirlingshire, Asking me to come in and talk to the chairman, the message is a day old, I have the meeting tomorrow morning at 8.30. Off two bed so, have to be ready for this tomorrow.

As I make my way to the Stadium, I am greeted at the main door by Tony Ford the chairman off the club, Hello Mr Ferguson thank you for coming in today. That’s ok thanks for the email. Well the reason we called you in, is we are stuck at the moment we can’t pay much, and we can only give you a year contract on $ 350 per week, there is no interview as we need someone straight away and someone to take a small wage.

Yes ok I understand that, few things if things change will I be offered a new deal with the club, also the team is very small will I be given any money for transfers. And where is it you want me to finish the season.

Ok and I suppose they are things we are going try to work on, in terms of transfer fund we won’t be able to give you anything as we don’t have the money. We want the club to finish 5th our higher, anything under that and we will lose money for the year. If you get us 5th our Higher I will give you a new deal with the club. And with a dad like Alex Ferguson you have a good mentor.

Ok that seems fair enough, I will sign the deal. With the deal signed Tony had to go as he said he had a meeting with the bank. So as I make my way back home I give Darren a call and told him the news. He laughed down the phone, saying you have no idea what sort of trouble the club is in, it’s in debt it plays in the lowest league in Scotland. All I can say is good look.

So at home I decide to look up more about the club, as I am looking I am shocked I completely forgot, that dad manage them to for 4 years. Great I thought to myself I will show him, I will do better things with the club than he did. But not to forget the club, it is in a very bad way and its up to me to get them out.

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