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Atribute's Q, A

Started on 3 March 2009 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
Latest Reply on 11 May 2009 by RedArmy20
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I will start it off

You know the attribut aggession, is that how bad it is, or how good they are at coping with it?
I don't know...I think it how aggressively your played will attack when your team is trailing, how often will he go deep and concentrate more on attack than defense...Or how your player is aggressive, is he gonna break legs and heads or not...
i think its like how they cope with like dirtines..
it is what it says :P

but it acts in different ways. an aggressive player will be a tough player on the pitch.

TO MAKE it all simple.

lets just say a player with 20 in aggression never goes in half heartedly. :)

i hope that explains it overall.
okay its just a confusive choice of words- but i spose there is no better words.
well an aggressive player is also usually a one who kinda "never stops" doing what he does.

like im aggressive when im attacking. get the point?
So what makes a player dirty?
hey, just discovered on genie 09 if you click on one of the ratings it shows a description. For agression it says:
"This reflects a players mentality but not necassirliy in a dirtiness indicator. A agressive player will look to involve himself in every incident and get stuck in- perhaps at the expense of a yellow card or two. A less agressive player may shy away from these situations and merely stay in his comfort zone."
Basically from what i can find out barmy the tackling rating is what signifies dirtiness- with a lower rating meaning more dirty.
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does anyone have a way to erase the hall of fame?

iv tried lookin, but cant find anything.
rhys : does anyone have a way to erase the hall of fame?

iv tried lookin, but cant find anything.

no i don't i have tried it myself but can't.

the only way to erase them is buy re-formatting your PC. and re installing windows and everything.


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