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Mathias Jørgensen - The Great Dane

I do not try to win, I try to be my best and I win as a result.
Started on 10 January 2014 by Justice
Latest Reply on 20 April 2014 by Aaron
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Good luck with the story. Great to see you back involved...stick with this one!!!
@Jamesg237, thanks, and I will ;)
You better not stop this, because I'll kill you. that most likely won't happen, since you live thousands of miles away from me, but okay.
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah :D

Good luck with this Justice, can count on you for a good read.
@Walter, and I can trust you to be a reader :P

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Who Is Mathias Jørgensen?

Josef "Jupp" Heynckes - Bayern Munich Manager 1987-1991, 2009, 2011-2013

Jupp Heynckes:
"Who is Mathias Jørgensen? He's the greatest coach of all time, and possibly one of the most kind and modest people that you will ever meet. He's the kind of guy that you would never forget an encounter with, he is just a special person, with a special background. The story of his career will be told for many years to come.

I remember meeting him for the first time a long, long time ago. I had just taken the job at Bayern Munich for the first time in 1987 and I was invited to a local school to meet one of the school's football teams, one which was quite successful. Mathias stood out from the team as the leader, I noticed him straight away. The way he spoke about football, the way he spoke about the team, I just knew that he had something special in him.

He was a big part of that team, but he wasn't a player. He was the coach, despite being the same age as the players in his team. I don't know how the football association running the local school team leagues allowed it, but he was coach, and he seemed to be doing one hell of a job! The players respected him, they trusted him, and he lead them to a league and cup double. He was quite the manager already, despite his age.

I was quite puzzled as to why he didn't want to play for the team rather than manage it, as he seemed to have a lot of football intelligence, and he looked physically fit. He simply replied to me with 'I enjoy coaching more than playing, it is just my own personal feeling'. I respected that, some people just want to coach instead of play. I knew that he had potential to be a special manager, and he didn't prove me wrong.

If I remember correctly, his mother was Danish and his father was German, and he took the Danish nationality. He was born in Copenhagen but moved to Munich when he was a small kid. He lived there for twenty years, got his coaching qualification and a degree in logistics before moving to Brøndbyvester when he was 30. He settled down, with a wife and kids. He lived quite an ordinary life in Denmark. We kept in touch over e-mail and later through Skype, once that was invented. He always spoke of his beliefs in football, he was always kind to my management skills.

He did, however, impress a Swedish football club called AIK with some articles he sent in to newspapers around Scandinavia regarding tactics and player development. He was eventually offered a role as a coach, which he took. After two years of being a coach at the club, their manager left the club for personal reasons and Mathias was there to pick up the pieces and take over the reigns. Who knew at that stage that the Dane would become who he is now?"

Next Episode: Part 1 - AIK Fotbol, The First Conquest
great writing style, I love it!
Mmm, he's obviously alright if Jupp thinks so ;)
Nice write up :D
@ARSENAL_ruleZ, @Walter, @P-KIDDY, thanks guys, I'm looking forward to getting in to this :)
O rly? Was that the way it happened? I remark another tale of how his management begun..
2014-01-12 00:15#154036 Pauker : O rly? Was that the way it happened? I remark another tale of how his management begun..
Please, you tell the story of Mathias then! ;)
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9 yearsEdited

Part 1 - AIK Fotboll, The First Conquest

Sven Larsson (Swedish Football Analyst):
"I remember the day that Mathias took charge as if it was yesterday. I think that it came as a surprise to everybody; that a relatively inexperienced coach would take charge of such a big club in Sweden. His work as a coach was not unheard of, however. He had helped develop struggling players in the squad in to magnificent stallions leading the great line of Gnaget (AIK's Nickname).

He was very modest with his first press-conference; he did not boast his abilities and he did not promise immediate great success. He kept it nice and simple and promised only 100% commitment and determination. He set himself straight to work off the scenes too; creating a feel-good atmosphere at training and setting about creating his 'system of success', which was designed to get the best out of every single player for the full 90 minutes on the pitch.

In terms of tactics, he never gave anything away. He always kept his cards close to his chest and liked to tinker his system from game to game. I think that was what really brought success to his football; the unpredictability. Nobody knew what to expect when they faced AIK, which made them that bit more fearsome.

I think everybody knew right from the start that Mathias would be the right man to take AIK forward, and the fans gave him their patience and their support, and the players gave him their loyalty. Mathias Jørgensen will never be forgotten here in Sweden!"

Oh my god Niko it's back yeeeeessssss!!!!
As Walter said, it's back yeeeeessssss!!!!
Please stick with this now! :P

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