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Players dropping stats

Started on 15 January 2014 by Big_Boar
Latest Reply on 16 January 2014 by RevolutioN
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I touched on this on the 'frustrations' thread but interested to know what others think about this -

So many players in this game have been made alot worse from the last 2 games, its far too harsh imo. Once some player hit 30, the stats take a nose dive, its ridiculous.

An example, I signed Robinho who for some reason has been made pretty rubbish to begin with, for 1.5mil as Lazio when he was 30. He was a 3 and a half star 'quality' rated player in my squad. Despite playing him most games he has dropped to a 2 star 'useful' player at age 31. Where the hell are they getting this from? It needs fixed asap or I'm going back to fm12 or 13.

There are countless other examples, Lucio, one of the best centre backs in fm12 and 13 is now rubbish for some reason, it doesn't make sense. Others that stick out include Tymoschuk, Maicon, even players at big clubs like Kolarov and Dani Alves have been made alot worse.

Thoughts on this folks?
Robinho's a bad example. I currently manage Inter which is clearly an aging squad, my main problem seems to be injuries to the older guys.
Robinho's a bad example. I currently manage Inter which is clearly an ageing squad, my main problem seems to be injuries to the older guys.
Robinho is a bad example his a weak player anyway but yes understand the drop in player attributes is a bit too much ,maybe the makers of the game are biased towards non -English players ...
Why is Robinho a bad example? He is a quality player in real life, a Milan regular and Brazil Internationl. As I said he is 31; when I checked his development tab, he has went from a first touch of 18 to 17 and from flair 18 to 16. How the hell to you become worse at controlling the ball becaue you are 31?

The only stats a player should ever lose form ageing are physical stats. Losing any others is ludicrous.
He's very inconsistent in real life. He's having a decent season so far with 3 goals and 5 assists but he's not doing anything special considering how bad Milan are playing in general. Not to mention he's played for teams like Real Madrid and Man City and clearly hasn't become the payer everyone thought he would.
I would agree with you to a certain extent Rev; yes he is very inconsistent but this doesn't mean his stats should start off so bad, he should be much, much better.

Its the decline of stats that bother me more though, its just too much, it pretty much kills the game for me. From my experience with this league it seems after the age of 30 the decline is rapid. It makes no sense. They need to fix it soon.
I've also noticed injuries have far too much of an impact on a players stats. A player getting injured and coming back much worse is not a common occurance.

An example of this, I have De Silvestri playing right back for Lazio, he is rated as a 3 star 'good' player. He got injured for 1 month and came back as a 2 and a hlf 'fairly good' player and has never went back to a 3. His crossing and tackling dropped in that time. Obviously this is stupid, he is 27!
Yeah I agree with you that they have been more harsh towards the older players though, it seems as soon as a player hits 30 he begins to do bad in training and so on. Even though defenders used to hit their peak at that age in FM games but now it seems like they just decline. You should just look forward to FM15 cos I doubt they will do anything about this in an update.

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