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Undiscovered Talent (Story Thread)

Started on 24 January 2014 by Michael
Latest Reply on 29 January 2014 by Michael
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It has Finally Started. Undiscovered Talent is Here, and will stay here. This time with 11 players from 7 countries.

Let me introduce you the Players:

Justin Case is a 14 year old from Holland, playing on the CAM position. Currently wanted by 5 Clubs

Ricky van Perswinkel is another 14 year old from Holland, but this is a striker. He also is wantd by 5 clubs

3rd Dutchie is Hendrik Johannes, another Striker, but this one is 15 year old. Also wanted by 5 clubs.

The 4th player on our list is Bob Writer, The only German in this Undiscovered Talent. This 14 year old CAM is 1 week older than his Dutch Rival Justin Case, and is wanted by 3 clubs

Aaron Hardy is number 5, our only Spanish player, and he is a 15 year old Striker. He is also the only player ingame who has a player with the exact same name. He is wanted by 5 clubs

Our first French guy is Alex Sonwild, a 14 year old Leftwinger. also wanted by 5 clubs

The other French Guy is the only Defender ingame, with being a leftback. Yuri Sneimazin is 14 and wanted by 3 clubs

Our only Central Midfielder is the 15 year old Arvind Kavattur. With 10 clubs on his tail, it wont take long before he gets a team, I think.

The Player with undoubtly the grossest and longest name of this edition is English 14 year old Johnny Fartingbottom. With nine clubs needing extra gasmasks due to chansing this young lad, he wll soon find a club.

Jesus Wagner is our Brazilian Exotic. Justice will be served with this Godlike 14year old Striker, and he is wanted by 3 clubs.

Last and Hopefully not least is the 14 year old Defensive Midfielder from Peru: Alfredo Torres. Repuatationwise this guy is from the smallest country, but he is the only one with a club interested from outside his own Region. The other club is from his own Nation.

We Started, I hope I can count on many replies and updates from your side and players.
Hibs or Leicester please :)
My stats look alright, and hopefully I don't go waste my career in Serbia!
Undiscovered Talent: The 1st Transferpeiriod:

Justin Case:
Picked by FC Groningen, and got no Shirtnumber. 5 Matches in the U19's, with an average of 6.6

Ricky van Perswinkel:
Picked up by nieghboor of FC Groningen, SC Cambuur. He has been given shirtnumber 26. 3 apps in the U19,with a 6.43 average.

Hendrik Johannes:
He is th unluckiest of the Dutchies, getting picked up by an amateur team called SDVB. No apps or Shirtnumber.

Bob Writer:
Our only German player is picked up by Dresden. Due to him being picked up as second player, there is no screen of him being picked. No shirtnumber doesnt mean no apps, 2 with an average of 6.95

Aaron Hardy:
Picked up by 3rd Divisionteam Salamanaca, Hardy is even here just a youth. no yerseynumber, 2 youthappearances, 1 MOTM, and a 7.65 average.

Alex Sonwild:
Being in the 4th league of the French Rankingsystem, Toulouse Fontaines picked this guy up. Being in the reserves rather than being a youth, he has shirtnumber 14, made 1 leagueappearance with a 6.5 rating, and 1 reserve with a 6.0 rating.

Yuri Sniemazin:
Sniemazin is picked up by a club in the same division as Sonwild, but by CS Louhans-Cuiseaux. He has made 5 appearances with shirtnumber 20, having a 6.48 ratio.

Arvind Kavattur:
At this moment the "Star" of the series. Picked up by Portsmouth he certainly has a club with reputation, and he's doing some nice stuff with shirtnumber 17. Having Debuted in the C1C (with a 6.2) and a starting XI place in the leaguematch (with a 5.9), he has played the most official games. With 4 games in the youths too, where he has 1 goal and 1 MOTM, he has a rating there of 6.93

Johnny Fartingbottom:
From the Hero to the unlucky one. To date he is the only one suffering an injury. Being with Wolves he certainly has a high team, but the 3 weekinjury has hit our first victim. No 37 is his number, and with 4 appearances in the youth, he didi ok with a 6.6

Jesus Wagner:
He was first to be picked up (so sadly no screen) by America (RN), in the 2nd Division of Brazil. No shirtnumber, but an astonishing 11 appearances already in the U20, 5 goals, and a 6.76 average.

Alfredo Torres:
The Zero of the story so far. no club, no shirt, no shoes and no service (bonuspoints for the one getting this reference). Still wanted by the same 2 clubs, but no offers made.


Tomorrow: 1 January update, including new skilltables!
Ahhh wot! Salamanca? Not the greatest, but I am sure a bid from Bayern will appear in the coming weeks.
Dw, the Great Alfredo will find a club..
Trust me to get bloody injured but happy i am at Wolves
Terrible start, atleast I'm playing though :P

It has been quite a 6 months for our are the news:

Justin Case:

This fellow has broken some records, with him being the youngest player and goalscorer in the Dutch Eredivisie, in playing 2 matches against AZ, and Ado Den Haag, due to a shitload of injuries in the team. With his goal he saved a point agains ADO, and he is effectively the first one to get points for his team from the series. In those 2 matches, he had an astonishing average of 7.8, whilst in the 30 youth and reserves matches he had a 6.82 average (and 7 yellows).

Ricky van Perswinkel:
This guy is the first to have survived a change of manager, with the manager being sacked due to bad performerances. This Injuryprone player has already played 22 non-official matches, and got an average Rating of 6.36 in it. The injruies however, are not helping his progress.

Hendrik Johannse:
This amateur is playing tonnes of matches, 31 official to date, where he scored 17 goals and gave 8 assists. he was MOTM 3 times, with his average of 7.46. Being injuryfree and playing so many matches should have given him some improvement.

Bob Writer:
Our German attacking Mifielder has seen 17 matches, and 1 injury. he still has no single matche played in the league or cup, whilst he has a 6.71 average in the unofficial

Aaron Hardy:
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, with Hardy having played 24 unofficial games with an average of 6.94. 2 MOTM, and 2 yellows, but also an injury.

Alex Sonwild:
To date justa disappointing number of 4 games, although 1 is a leaguematch. Hehas had one injury, ut there isnt much positive news about him.

Yuri Sniemazin:
The French are unlucky Fellas with also Sniemazin having just played a low total of 11 games in almost 7 months, which 8 of those were in unofficial matches, and the 3 leaguematches were subbed in with an average of 5.87. Also, not being used to the French Kitchen, he has some foodpoisening.

Arvind Kavattur:
The second player to break a record, with being the youngest FA Cup player ever. He already has played 30 matches, of which of them were 6 official. He already got 2 injuries, which may could cause him problems later.

Johnny Fartingbottom:
Our little wolf with too much gas in him has played a total 20 unofficial matches, averaging at 6.61. There were no major Events around him, other than him picking up 2 injuries.

Jesus Wagner:
Wagbo is already at the end of the Brazilian season, having layed 29 matches with a 6.71 average. Like Bob Writer, Wagbo is doing uite well in training, But Wagbo didnt got any injuries.

Alfredo Torres:
He has still no club, and will get another nationality, as otherwise this player will leave the game.




Most Matches: Case (32)
Most Yellows: Case (7)
Most Reds: ------
Most Assists: Johannes (8)
Most Goals: Johannes (8)
awww no change :( worth the joint most though
+1 concentration, in six months. That's bad. :S
Does this count as a comment?
End of Season 1, An Overview.

Justin Case
Final Standing of team: 2nd in Dutch Eredivisie (topleague)

Ricky van Perwinkel
Final Leaguestanding: 7th in Dutch Jupiler League (second level, no prootion)

Hendrik Johannes
Final League Standing: Unknown

Bob Writer
Final League Standing: 13th in German 2nd Division

Aaron Hardy
Final Leaguestanding: 1st in Spanish Second Division B1 (3rd Spanish Level, No Promotion)

Alex Sonwild
Final Leaguestanding: (9th in French CFA-A (4th French Leaguelevel)

Yuri Sniemazin
Final Leaguestanding: (7th in French CFA-A (4th French Leaguelevel)

Arvind Kuvattur
Final Leagueposition: 24th in Npower League 1 (Relegated)

Johnny Fartingbottom
Final Leagueposition: 13th in Npower Championship.

Jesus Wagner
Final Leaguestanding: 9th in Brazilian Second Division (Season ended in December)

Alfredo Torres:
He is finally picked up, after his switch to become a Brazilian Dutchie. Hos new club is a familiar one: FC Groningen.
I seem to be doing alright! Some bad injuries early on but hopefully that won't matter, some good amount of goals as well for a 26 year old:P and assists...
I got a club! :D

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