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SOS Please help me with FM14. I'm just about ready to give up.

Advice request
Started on 26 January 2014 by papwortl
Latest Reply on 28 January 2014 by druss29
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I've played FM for years and have been extremely successful at it. My traditional trajectory is to start in League 2 and make my way up to the Premier League, this is something I've never really struggled to achieve. I know what it takes to bring success to lower league English teams in previous FM games i.e. how to get bargains, the way to play, what instructions to provide, etc... This is no longer the case.

Since November when I purchased FM14 I must have started a new game at least 10 times due to the fact that I always get sacked. My rule is that I must start in League 2 but it does not matter who I am I just cannot succeed. The tricks that have brought me so much success in the past just don't seem to work on this game.

I've started with the likes of Cheltenham, Accrington Stanley, Wycombe Wanderers, Plymouth Argyle, Chesterfield, Torquay and Hartlepool but no matter what I do I cannot win more than a few games. Even Chesterfield, who always seem to get promotion when managed by the computer, I couldn't get them out of the bottom half. Traditionally I'll have my assistant take training, opposition instructions and press conferences. I sign a few loan players and then I'll create a tactic which is usually 4-4-2 with instructions that include getting the ball down the flanks, playing direct, pumping the ball in the box, being disciplined, float crosses, lower tempo and play deep. I also like to play rigid and defensive.

I've tried taking advice from what I read on these forums but nothing seems to work. In previous FM's tactics were not important in the lower leagues; I would play 4-4-2 and use direct passing and this would always bring success as long as the players were good enough but on this one this hasn't worked. I even tried using tactics I discovered on these forums but I got nowhere.

I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that a standard run of form for me on FM14 would be something like this: L, D, L, L, W, L, D, L, L, W, L, L, L, D, D, L, W, L, L, L, L, , W, L, L, L - SACKED! Every single game I've created has never seen me be up the top battling for promotion or even resting safely in mid-table, it's always a relegation battle.

I adore this game and am desperate to turn my fortune around. As we all know the game isn't fun when you're struggling, it's only fun when you're winning and that's been extremely rare for me. I'm actually wondering if my copy of FM14 has an error as it's so hard.

I'm not expecting to win every game but I'd at least like to be competitive. I wonder if someone who may or may not have been in a similar situation could give me some advice? How do you succeed in League 2? Is there a tactic that'll work for the types of players that compete in that division? Is it my training that's the issue? Is there something really basic that I'm not doing? Please could you provide some tips? If you need more info please let me know. Thank you.
If you've altered your tactics and instructions and still see no difference then maybe it's just your players that are the problem? Personally I've never used any of those lower leagues teams so it's hard to understand but if you haven't tried out other tactics then it must be the team.

Also, if you're facing a relegation battle then you should let your board know this when they talk about your expectations.
I tend to do the same, Start low League and work my rep up to get a bigger club. The biggest mistake is changing Tactics to often. Also make sure you have good experienced players. Use the Loan system.
I would say it takes a little longer in FM14. Takes a season to bed your Team. Make them hard to beat first. Dont go looking for big wins. I only use direct ball in poor weather. You can play passing football if short and retain the ball is used.

I use TOXIXBEST AND OGUNHACI both downloaded from here.

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