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Poll: cant go on holiday!

Started on 7 March 2009 by playmaker7
Latest Reply on 10 March 2009 by joannes3000
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cant go on holiday! (6 votes)
hi ya'll, well i can't seem to go on holiday and simulate games. does anyone know why? i was able to do this in previous versions of the game. like fm2008.
there was a post earlier this year- something SI did to prevent cracks was disabling holidays. If it is a crack that is why. If the proper game then i have no idea.
buy the game and you wont have problems.
oh, i see..thanks
its just that i can't find the game here where i live in chicago & i hate buying things online. so i went for the easiest way to get it. does anyone know stores in the u.s. that carry them? have to get it online...i tried man
there is alsoways to use the cracked version properly...but i don't think i'm allowed to share that on here....but since i can't afford it i am using a copy i didn't buy the game this time...i bought last year's tho
y is it not on sale in america?
I haven't found it in north america yet...i live in canada...i know its supposed to be sold under a different name and all but i have been to biggest places in canada and the US and I never found i always got it off of ebay...not too comfortable with that process the book and the cover that accompany the game are always in some strange language so they are completely useless...that kinda annoys me too
anyways...if anyone knows where it is sold let me know...but again i never found it
but like i stated before i know of a way of using a copied version and there is absolutely no issues with it
i've only seen the 360 version of this game :( i would love to buy it. but i really don't trust eBAY. plus it always takes like a week to get here. i hate the process too. where can i buy the serial?
i have never bought any of the FM-series...nor some other game...i can't understand why are you wasting your money on something, when you can find it for free...i really,really can't's the same thing with software etc ...
Maybe it's because everything is cracked and hacked over here,and no one gives a cent for computer technology (except for Goverment and companies) :dontgetit

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