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Started Unemployed

Started Unemployed Hired by Stockport County Skrill North
Started on 4 February 2014 by ShimmerUK
Latest Reply on 15 February 2014 by ShimmerUK
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9 yearsEdited
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So I've Been Playing Championship Manager to Football Manager with SI from near enough the start But this would be the 1st time I written a Story.

So I Started unemployed and Applied for a job with Stockport County in the Skrill North Division in England.

Opening Discussion I asked for a slight increase to my Wage Budget A Parent Club and Philosophy of signing a lot of young player for 1st team.

They Offered me the job a few day's later and I was pleased to Accept.

First thing I always do is look at the Squad and Clear out the Overpaid for ability and the chaff that I can replace with a better looking youth.

So on entering the club I judged 10 players to be off loaded List below
Scott Duxbury DC/L
Bobby Lofthouse MC/L/AML/AMC
Kristian Dennis SC
Aman Verma MC/AMC
Kyle Jacobs DR
Brandon Windsor SC
Stephen O'Halloran DC/L Injury Prone
Ryan Jones GK

James Tunnicliffe not a Bad DC to be honest you can keep but at 550 wage I felt he was on to much when you wage budget is only 5-6k

Rhys Turner SC I only got rid because I found what I felt was better Poachers on the free but to be honest Turner would be a Decent Striker for this league

OK before I go into player I brought in First thing you should know I chose them by Using my Scout to Scout England for 5 Star PA players Best scout I found was Gavin Tait 14 JPA and 14 JPP very good for a Skrill team.

So after a day or two he had completed his report and I had a huge List I filtered by out of contract and positions and went though every scout report.

What I was looking for was report that suggested that this player would later be a good player for League 1 or above because I am building a Squad for the Future being Forward thinking is the Best way to progress and you want to scout every season looking for the best Prospects.

Before I go into who I brought in I'll go into the player I kept in the Starting Squad

Ian Ormson

Jordan Fabola
Kieran Charnock

Mid fielder's
Jamie Hand
Tunji Moses
Adriano Moke
Iain Howard
Ian Craney
Paris Bateman

Phil Jevons

AS you can See I kept a lot of the midfielder as they where of a good enough stock for the league.

OK now for the Player I brought in there quite a few as You can see I needed to replace a lot of positions for the Start of the Season.
Nikodin Matic GK

Martin Drury DL Season long Loan from Bradford PA
Peter Gregory DL/ML
Bruno Pilatos DR/WBR/MC
Frank Sinclair Player/Coach DC/R From Colwyn Bay to fill the need for a Team Captain
Sam Minihan DR
Mamadou Gomes DL/WBL
Max Fitzgerald DC
Elias Moses DR/DL
Blake Vincent DL/DC

Mid Fielders
Kingsley Francis-Reynolds ML/MR
Luke Ifil MC
William Mellorss-Blair MR/AMR
Jadan Hall MR/AMR

Connor Deards SC
Hatib Cham SC
Robert Salathiel AML/SC
Adam Vickers SC
Joel Ambalu SC
James Thomas SC/AMR
Nabil Guedioura SC Ex Nottingham Forest youth player

So as you can see quite a few player brought in most are on non-Contracts witch means I only need to pay them if they play and can get rid if there no good later for free.

Also for staff I got rid of Jordan Felgate GK coach and Rodger Wylde Head Physio

Brought in
Gavin Tait Scout
Bobby Roberts Scout
John Relish Director of Football Optional
Alan McLeary Head Of Youth
Paul Bennett Coach
Len Bond Couch
Brian Cassidy Head Physio

Ok As you can See I like to Re-build a lot of the staff as well as the Players as this is important another thing I did not mention Is I also try and make sure I bring in player with a Good Professional or Determined personalty There's a few Exceptions when the player is exceptional.

Well I feel this is a lot to read and good a start as Any I update later and Add a few picture in as well as my Starting Tactics :)
Great start, I'm going to follow this story for sure!
All Leagues! You must have a great comp!
Nice start, as a tip maybe include some pics to break up the text
but good luck:)
Nice club choice (my local team!) Anyway, good luck!
2014-02-04 15:56#158638 captainbrickarms : Nice start, as a tip maybe include some pics to break up the text
but good luck:)

Yer that's what I am working on now some Screen Shot's Showing my League Position I am quite a way into the game being Feb 2014 I'll edit 1st post and show the transfers as a Screen shot instead so you can better see who went when and who I've signed :)
ShimmerUK's avatar Group ShimmerUK
9 yearsEdited
So here the Transfers in the Game format so you can better see when And who I signed :)

So on with my Saga As I said above I am at 9/02/2014 So not long till end of Season

Here the League table screen shot

So it's Clear that my Team has done very well this season even with all the new signings

my Biggest Issue I feel is my GK's are poor and not to the standard I will need to progress later

So here what my result looked like

As this show I had quite a poor start this was largely do to me changing Captain to Frank Sinclair upset a lot of them felt I had changed captain to Quick? I did not even choose the previous captain But I felt the 40Yo was a much better leader of the Team and that is very important to have at any Level but once the win started They kept there Form well All thou big shock to lose 0-7 in the FA Cup 4th round that hurt my team a bit had to switch to a Defensive tactic to help them recover from that.

As for my Tactics Here a image of them

there 4-4-2 Tactics With Slight Variants to them this is a less expressive Lower League tactic to keep them tight as they lack the skill to give them the Creative freedom that you need as your progress higher in the leagues.
So I've Completed my First Season And won the Skrill North League

So As you can see there was not much in it towards the end of the Season and I had a a bit of a ropey time of it after losing in the FA Trophy.

I'll go into more Detail later where I'll be taking you though my process for next season where I'll be going though my Squad showing who is going and what position's I'll be signing Like this Season there will be many new Faces But a Few old will be kept.
So It's been a while But I'll now post a Update I'll Start with the coming and going of player's.

As that Image Show I am in September time now so Had a good few matches but I'll get to how the Season is going in a minute.

Kieran Hilton I believe is a Regen so you won't be able to find him Same for Gary Atherton and Elliot Shearing

So this is my Team Sheet at the Moment with Scouted Recommendation at the side as you can see 99% Five Stars only one player is 4 1/2 And that James Tunnicliffe To be honest none of these player will make it into the Premiership and will Struggle in League 2 but they should be good enough to get me promoted to the Professional Leagues and Get a mid-table to top half finish in League 2.

Anyway let talk about the Key player who I let go and who is replacing them this season

Jamie Hand DM/MC Terrible Disciplinary Record last season and Never rly performed Replaced by John Goddard Picked up a few yellow but great playing average.

Phil Jevons Veteran Striker But a huge disappointment to be honest Replaced my Connor Deards Who I signed start of last season.

Frank Sinclair DC/R Veteran Defender but Kept making mistakes witch is no good as he was my team captain letting him go allowed to to change captain with no morale loss Replaced by Jordan Fagbola.

Ian Craney MC/AMC Another disappointment his tech and mental ability looked good but he never seemed to make the right pass and worse spent 90% of the Season Injured Replaced by Luke Ifil.

OK let have a look how my boys are doing so far this Season

So all in All I am Quite Pleased with my teams progress in the League Not the best Goal Scorers but Defense has been playing very solid It's still very early in the Season thou so things might Change but I am hoping not as I would like to be in the Professional League as that where the Real Challenge will begin and you may see me build a entire new Squad for it.

Tactics have Changed a tad no Poacher he's player as a Advanced Forward now to Target man players as a Deep Lying Forward

DM is a still the ball winning Midfielder but the CM has changed to a Box to Box Midfielder Defense are still all Limited Defenders with only changes tending to be on DC role type cover/stopper/Defend depending on what DC I have playing.

And that it rest of the instructions remained the same just player role tweaks.

IF there anything you feel I need to add or would like to know then please reply to my Thread :)
really good story so far good luck with next season, how do you add the screenshots into your story??
Hey mate, nice job on winning the league.
A suggestion, you should do monthly updates instead of seasonal updates, makes for a better story as you can add the finer detail in between months.
2014-02-10 18:29#159860 Josh7798 : Hey mate, nice job on winning the league.
A suggestion, you should do monthly updates instead of seasonal updates, makes for a better story as you can add the finer detail in between months.

To be honest I am just Lazy witch is why I doing pretty much start and end of season updates but I might start doing Quarterly updates instead as to be honest not much happens much month to month except results.

Oh Wait something did Happen I got offered a Job Interview for Brechin City at the 6th of September then my Board Proposed talks to make me stay I chose to stay and Brechin City Club was in the Wrong Direction for what my Ambition is :)

If something like that happens again I'll have to try and make a update :)
2014-02-10 18:24#159856 swaino98 : really good story so far good luck with next season, how do you add the screenshots into your story??

Several tool's can do it Use google to look for Screenshot tool one I using at the mo is not the one I want but I can't find the one I want.

Maybe some one knows of a tool that uploads the image as a link to a website for you when you select it on screen?

For theses images I just used windows 7 Snipping tool
September 2014 Update

7 out of 8 wins and one Draw I am impressed as I was not expecting such strong performance Aldershot was very pleasing as they pulled back from behind to win in extra time.

Also new Striker on Trial was Contacted by his Agent after scouting I find that the scout's say he could become a good league 1 to Championship striker So I've made a move initial move failed as Agent wanted like 900 p/w So I've signed him on a trial contract and offered a new contract once the agent had finished sulking I am on his agent's dislikes list lol.

New contract has been offered he will be on 700 p/w highest paid member of my squad Hoping he proves to be a good as the scout's say he could be.
ShimmerUK's avatar Group ShimmerUK
9 yearsEdited
November & October Update

Form Has Taken a sudden Drop I believe this to be linked with a 2 month Injury to my Team Captain And DM John Goddard.

Omar Bogle is now In my team line up I also brought in a Ex Mansfield Town Player Matt Rhead

One player Left Joel Ambalu Sulked about first team even thou he been injured for most the season He was on a non-contract so I told him he could go no loss really as all my players are now on part time except one guy who won't sign a contract I only keep because he performs each match.

I also got offered a Job Interview for Albion Rovers Scottish League 2 team Again my board came in asking me to stay so I agreed but with one Demand they buy the Stadium and they agreed My reasoning for it is that it actually lower you clubs reputation if they don't actually own the stadium start of next season the stadium will be owned by the club and should help make it possible to sign the player I'll need to carry on with my progression.

My thought on Stockport Board is that there not very ambitious and Tight as hell with improving things 2 mill in bank and there telling me they could not afford to improve the youth training grounds that is at basic level.

Hard to believe this club used to be in the Championship

Note Game Crashed :( So Had to re-do some fixtures results did not seem to change much but still annoying Sorry for the people who read before result I've now saved it thou at the Start of December so result's won't change this time :)

Also any comments would be nice just to let me know peeps are still there As I noted the Chat seems to have gone?

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