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Reviving the Reds

Started on 11 February 2014 by JimmyRawlings
Latest Reply on 12 February 2014 by JimmyRawlings
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Note; After my last Liverpool save went down alongside the laptop I was using to play it I have decided to restart a fresh save as I struggle to use any other team bar the mighty reds. Hopefully this will be better.

Liverpool have been left in shock as breaking news has just emerged from Anfield suggesting that manager Brendan Rogers has decided to leave the club following a bust up with Werner.

We believe that the argument started when Rogers asked for total control with the transfer business as he has been fed up with missing out on his targets with the transfer committee interrupting his plans for the club, especially after they blocked the bid for new Tottenham midfielder Christian Eriksen who was a player that Rogers seemed very keen to add to his Liverpool squad.

So Liverpool were tipped for a top 4 finish after managerial changes at Chelsea, Everton, Tottenham and both Manchester teams, but now they may be looking at another transitional year with a new manager expected to be hired in the next week or so.

More bad news for Liverpool fans is that due to Rogers leaving players such as Suarez, Lucas and Agger may look for a way out of the club with a host of big European teams looking to sign them up.

The early favourites for the job are being touted as;
  1. Jamie Carragher
  2. Rafa Benitez
  3. Sami Hypia
  4. Jamie Redknapp
  5. Robbie Fowler

With a host of former fan favourites being touted as possible replacements for Rogers who will be employed? We will be sure to let you know up on getting any more news.

Rogers left alone leaving Anfield.

Jim White; Its been two days now since Rogers left Liverpool and he has joined us today live in the studio alongside possible replacement Jamie Redknapp to respond to your questions which can be asked over Twitter using the following hash tags; #AskRogers or #AskRedknapp

Jim; Brendan welcome to the show and your first appearance since leaving Anfield. And Jamie good to see you still around considering your bookies favourite for the job.

Brendan; Thanks for inviting me on to the show.

Jamie; Thanks Jim, Haha yeah I have been hearing a lot of news surrounding my future being linked to Liverpool but so far no contact has been made so for now I'll be staying on the show!

Jim; Well as long as you don't get the call now its fine as we are about to start the Q&A session.

Jim; Okay so the first question is aimed at Brendan and says, 'Are the rumours true that you left after a falling out with the owners as they wouldn't allow you to have control over transfers? And If so then #FSGOUT #AskRogers'

Brendan; Was expecting a question like that! Well I can't really say too much at what was exchanged between us but there was a disagreement and I don't think he was showing enough ambition to keep the club going forward.

Jim; The next question is aimed at Jamie. 'Would you really want to go to a club who are on the decline who's best player is a cannibal racist and as well as the fact you would have no power with transfers? #AskRedknapp

Jamie; Well he's certainly not a Liverpool or Suarez fan. Like I said I have yet to be approached by any Liverpool officials. But if any contact is made I'll have to consider it as Liverpool is a club that I have played for and admire so we will see. (Jamie's phone starts ringing)

Jim; Okay sorry about this but Jamie's phone has gone of! Could this be the moment we find out the future Liverpool manager? This very much could be First Fast and Now! Anyway whilst we wait for Jamie we'll hear some more from Brendan. So Brendan after you left many players were left upset as they believed you are the man to take them forward and now many are threatening to leave! What do you make of this? And would you think Jamie is the man for the job?

Brendan; Well Its difficult with regards to the player I had built up some good friendships with a lot of the lads and now I've left there is always going to be speculation with transfers especially with Suarez who is one of the best in the world right now so I'm not surprised if teams like Barcelona or Madrid are looking at him but its more of a case on Suarez wanting to leave as he has been very happy at late and will be commanding a big fee so we will have to see what happens and I doubt any movement will happen until a new manager is brought in and if that happens to be Jamie then good luck to him and I'm sure he'll do well.

Jim; Okay thanks for that Brendan. Well we have just heard that Jamie has left the building and won't be returning to the Q&A session so we will be cutting it short but we will display some of the more interesting questions we couldn't broadcast. Thanks for watching.

"Brendan would you rather be attacked by 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck? #AskRogers"

"Brendan now your no longer at Liverpool would you consider being my assistant manager for my Carlsile side on FM? #AskRogers

"Jamie if you take over are you glad that your closest rivals are being managed by this clown? #AskRedknapp?

Jamie leaves in a hurry so could the Reds new manger be announced this evening?
Great start mate, enjoying it so far.


Jim White; The next Liverpool boss had been confirmed and it hasn't came as a shock. After Jamie Redknapp left the studio mid show yesterday, he made his way up to Liverpool's training grounds at Melwood in order to meet with Liverpool's owners and we can confirm that he has signed a one year deal at Liverpool and starts with immediate effect. And immediately he did start after he decided to completely revamp his backroom and appointed ex Red Jamie Carragher as his second hand man.

The club had this to say;

'We are delighted that Jamie has accepted are offer and believe he is the right man to take the club forward he had an impressive playing career with the club so hopefully he will do the same as a manager. We are also pleased to announce that with the new manager taking over that we have made some new affiliations with the following clubs;
Leicester, Carlisle, Crewe and Watford. But with heavy heart the former agreements with National, Accrington, Bray Wanderers and MTK have been terminated. However we believe the actions we have taken in the last few days have out the club in a better position.' - Ian Ayre

Jim White; After being appointed as the Red's new manager we go live to Anfield for Jamie's first Press conference.

John Jones (BBC sport); After being appointed as the new manager of Liverpool what do you make of Mr Werner who was the main reason behind Rogers leaving? And do you believe he has the right ambition for the clubs progress?

Jamie; I think Werner is a good man and after having some positive chats with him I believe that he shares my ambitions for this historic club and that the right progress is being made which is evident in the changes we made to affiliated clubs as we believe that our new affiliations are better in terms of sending out youngsters on loan as well as having first option with there players as the clubs we are connected to have good youth bases.

Frank Blank (Daily Mail); It has been confirmed that the majority of your backroom staff have left was it there choice or did you want to bring in your own set of coaches and scouts?

Jamie; Well unfortunately after speaking to Werner and even some of the senior players the decision was made to replace nearly all of our backroom staff as none were really good enough and as you know Jamie Carragher has been offered the chance to be my right hand man at the club.

Ben Turner (Liverpool Echo); After Rogers left the club it was widely accepted that some important players such as Luis Suarez and Lucas Leiva may be leaving?

Jamie; Yes we have all heard the rumours but for now there will be no movement both players are very important for us so ideally they will be staying. Thankyou for your time and questions that is all I have time for.

Jim White; So there you go the new Liverpool boss has been unveiled and confirmed a complete change in the staff as well as club relations. Thank you for watching.

Redknapp has been confirmed as the Reds new boss on a one year deal.

Good luck!
Matt 6320; Thanks mate have hardly played a day yet trying to sort all the preliminary stuff out!

AAN; Thanks mate

Jim White; Well he's been at Liverpool almost a week now and on this instalment of transfer talk we will be speaking to Jamie Redknapp and his plans for the summer. After he completes his first signing of the window which has had a mixed reception amongst Liverpool fans. However it has been rumoured that Liverpool's infamous transfer committee has been dismembered.

Jim; Hello Jamie! Nice to speak to you again, how has your first week been?

Jamie; Jim it has been a while now, all of a week but yeah a while. Haha not bad thanks a bit busy but that's to be expected at first.

Jim; Nice use of sarcasm there Mr Redknapp. Now do you have any news for us regarding your transfer business? As rumours have said that a signing is imminent? And also we have news that Paris Saint-Germain have made a bid for your holding midfielder Lucas?

Jamie; It sure was. Well we have been working hard on players but for now the focus is on getting the right coaching staff as well as some new scouts after the board decided to remove the transfer comittee so that's were my focus is for now. With regards to Lucas we haven't received any bids yet so for now those rumours are false.

Jim; Okay well looks like our sources were wrong today. Now Ian Ayre took it on himself to talk to all clubs who had your players are loan and you have recalled them all why is this?

Jamie; Well this action was taken because I wanted all the players here so I could decide my team and tatics based on what was available to me. Also some of these players are on big wages which we can afford to have on the wages bill.

Jim; Okay thank you Jamie but thats all we have time for, but join us after the break when we talk to David Moyes who has been labelled as the best thing that happened to Liverpool since Istanbul in 2005!

(Jamie laughs in the background)

Lucas could be leaving but who might join?


Jamie Redknapp enjoyed a average pre-season having picked up 3 wins and 2 draws.

Liverpool 5 - 1 sc Heerenveen
Suarez (3)

Liverpool 5 - 1 Ballinamallard UTD
Keenedy (og)

Liverpool 4 - 1 Ballymena UTD
McGrath (og)
Creany (og)
Dougherty (og)

Liverpool 2 - 2 Braga

Liverpool 0 - 0 Roma

Managers thoughts;
That was a good pre-season in my books we went undefeated scored 16 and only conceded 5 which is okay considering the club has gone under big changes the players have responded well to having a new manager. Hopefully we will carry this form into the start of the league with the first match of our season against the local rivals Everton although this match will be tough without Suarez it will be hard not involving him in the squad for the first 6 games but then again we managed to get by pre-season with him making only a couple of half time appearances.

Jim White; Hello and welcome to todays episode of transfer talk the show where we keep you up to date on all the latest deal and rumours of the transfer window in todays instalment we will be talking to the managers of 3 of the biggest teams in England; Jamie Redknapp of Liverpool, Manuel Peligrini and David Moyes of Manchester. So first we will go to Anfield to speak to Jamie.

Jim; Hello Jamie you've certainly made your mark on this Liverpool squad having already made 7 signings as well as one loan signing. Are any more to be expected?

Jamie; Hello Jim. Yeah we have made a few signings but all were key areas that needed strengthening and if you look quite a few of the players I brought in are younger players with the potential to be world class. And for now its unlikely ill sign any one but if the right player became available then we might see movement.

Jim; Okay, so the rumours regarding you with a move for Xabi Alonso are false?

Jamie; Yeah I can confirm that we haven't made an approach for the player he is happy at Madrid and recently signed a new contract so a move won't happen.

Jim; But the last time you denied a rumour (Lucas Leiva) and his possible move to PSG then the day after a bid was accepted of a staggering £40m. Why did you allow one of your best players to go?

Jamie; Well the thing was when you asked about Lucas last time no bid had been placed then the day after PSG made a bid for him which was too good to turn town so the deal was made. Yeah we know that Lucas was one of are important players but the bid was very good and gave us the funds to bring in another player to replace him with money left to look at strengthening other areas.

Jim; Yes and strengthened you have! Now one player you decided to bring in has caused concern amongst the Liverpool fans can you shed light on why you decided to sign an young unknown striker James Rawlings from Gloucester for a fee of £1m? Surely thats a massive risk?

Jamie; I signed for the same reason I would sign any other player because he has something to add to the team, yes he was unknown and playing for Gloucester so I can see why people may be concerned with the price paid but the lad has bas of potential which could lead him to be a future legend at the club.

Jim; Okay thank you again Jamie I'm sure I'll be speaking to you again soon. After the break we will be at The Etihad to speak to Manuel Peligrini.

Alonso heavily linked with Anfield return.
Not sure about the use of yellow as writing text maybe try a different colour makes it a lot easier to read but a nice start mate
K1rups; Okay mate I'll try a darker colour in future and thanks

September would see Liverpool playing three games, two in the league and a cup fixture.

Liverpool 3 - 0 Everton
Gerrard (pen x2)
MOM- Gerrard

Liverpool 7 - 0 West Ham
Gerrard (pen)
Nolan (OG)
MOM- Gaintan

Capitol One Cup
Liverpool 3 - 0 Torquay
Borini (Pen)
MOM- Sterling

Jamies Thoughts;
Well that was great first month for me and the team were top of the league on goal difference. We had a great derby win against Everton, the demolition of West Ham and then progressing in the cup! And to top that off we've yet to concede. The new boys have settled in well and the old players have been in good form especially the captain who has scored 4 goals in just two appearances. So for my player of the month it is none other than captain fantastic Steven Gerrard who has been fantastic so far.

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