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My Alphabet story

Second alphabet story, idea inspired by MrJK
Started on 14 February 2014 by Cameroncox96
Latest Reply on 18 February 2014 by Cameroncox96
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Hi Guys I have started a new challenge my last one didn’t go as well as I would have liked, this one is the same concept as MrJK alphabet challenge, I did ask if he wouldn’t mind me making my own story to this and he said he didn’t mind so here I am. I’m not trying to copy, I just thought this challenge would interest the most.
This challenge will follow the same sort of rules, I have to complete all the top leagues in each letter before going onto the next letter, I don’t have as many leagues to go through as MrJK but I expect this challenge to take quite a while. I will be starting unemployed with my experience being Sunday League footballer.
I will try and update as much as possible but it’s likely because the save is going to be a big one, I will probably only update seasonally or twice a season.
I hope you enjoy!
I have applied for every job that was available to me in the A countries:
Algeria Andorra
But all of the teams I applied for put caretaker managers in charge of the club and then after a few days brought another manager in, which of course was a major disappointment.
But one club from Armenia decided that they were going to give me a chance, but by the time the job was offered the Armenian season was finished and they despite being the strongest team in the league finished 6th, the team is…

Pyunik Yerevan
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Good luck.
Coming into this I didn't know much about the Armenian league let alone Pyunik Yerevan. But I decided to take the Job. In all fairness they have been the most successful team in the Armenian Premier League. They have won it 12 times twice as Pyunik and 10 times as Pyunik Yerevan since 2001, winning the title 10 years in a row. They have also won 5 Armenian cups and 8 Armenian super cups, looking at their facilities and reputation I can't understand why they took on a manager with just local reputation, but I'm not going to complain should be a good way to start my career.

Club Info:
Club – Pyunik Yerevan
Division – Armenian Premier League
Media Prediction – 4th
Board Requirements – Qualify for Euro League
Reputation - National
Training Facilities - Great
Youth Facilities – Superb
Junior Coaching - Good
Youth Recruitment - Extensive
Club Value - £5.5M
Stadium - 14935
Transfer Budget- £1.84M
Wage Budget- £14K

Manager Info:
Reputation - Local
Wage - £875

The Goalkeepers in the squad are quite average, saying that though Manukyan is only 20 and has the potential to become a 3 and half star player, our other keeper is nearly the same rating and has a better potential rating of 4 stars which is good for the future of this club.
Our Centre backs are decent, we have Culebras and Pashaj who are likely to be our starters both of them are star players for this league and to be honest should be moving to better teams when the transfer window open, but I will try to keep them.
Our best right back isn't actually most effective in that position which isn't great but I'll either have to move on and sign someone else or not play with full backs, our second best right back is only young and has a 4 star potential so watch out for him.

Again our Left backs are pretty poor, the fullback areas are both pretty poor and I am contemplating playing a formation without using full backs. The best Left back is 27 and to only be rated 2 stars is pretty bad.

The DM and CM positions are very strong I think its fair to say, but the only think is the best DM is also the best CM, but we have players that can do the Job okay if both positions, I will be bringing in a player to fill the DM role as I would prefer to use Manoyan as a CM

The right side of the midfield is by far the stronger side, but as I said about the DM position I am not going to Manoyan as a Right Midfielder, but we have an exciting prospect in Hovhannisyan, he has a 4 and a half star potential, this guy is going to be a major threat to any team we play against. The left side is pathetic, this is definitely a area of the squad that is in dyer need of recovery and fast.
I am also very pleased with the AM position, we have a 4 and a half star player there and his back up is a 3 and a half star which isn't too bad.

The strikers are a little weaker then I had hoped but this can be changed with a little bit of transfer magic, our strongest striker being a 3 and a half star, which isn't bad but isn't excellent.

Not to shabby is the verdict, I think if we attack down the middle it's going to take a lot to stop us, but definitely the wide areas of the squad need tending too.
Actually thr Pyunic that won the leaue twice in the 90's is a separate club. It all gets very confusing but they became Kilikia who dissolved 3 years ago and at one point there was 3 teams named Pyunic in the Armenian League. Most sources now refer to them by their later names or Pyunic (1) Pyunic (2) and Pyunic (3). There was also a very good Pyunik Yerevan story on this site before :)

As you can see I have been very busy in the transfer market, but some of the players I have brought are going to be useless because of the new formation that is being played.

I found this formation on the Fmscout website, and it seems like a very good formation, the two preseason games that have been played have been wins a 3-1 and a 5-2 win. The only problem with this formation is the fact that defensively the formation isn't great and I wide positions we lack defensively anyway.
2014-02-14 19:17#160566 Louis O. : Actually thr Pyunic that won the leaue twice in the 90's is a separate club. It all gets very confusing but they became Kilikia who dissolved 3 years ago and at one point there was 3 teams named Pyunic in the Armenian League. Most sources now refer to them by their later names or Pyunic (1) Pyunic (2) and Pyunic (3). There was also a very good Pyunik Yerevan story on this site before :)
Thanks for that man, I thought I had put that but I didn't, correct it's all confusing, don't understand the Armenian league whatsoever, but it's a very good start. :)

Pre-season was good for me, got to utilise my new tactics and of course my new players. I got 3 wins and 1 draw, the draw was against a terrible team that we really should have been 5-6 nil, but no worries, the new season is upon us and my first game is against the favourite to win the league should be fun.
I managed Pyunik last season and this year too, Keep Ayvazyan at all costs!!

1st Half of season
As you can see we had a pathetic start to the season, but this might be down to the fact that I was trying an extremely obscure formation, it wasn't working at the start but that is definitely due to the fact that the team weren't used to it. We also got knocked out of the Armenian cup which I think really was the teams only chance of continental football next season.
At the moment though in the Armenian premier league we are on a 7 game unbeaten streak and we have gone from bottom on 10 points to 2nd with 23 points. This is excellent for the team after the first 7 games I seriously thought about leaving the club, or else I would have been sacked anyway, but we have now picked up our performance and have a little chance of fighting for the league title. Also as you can see from the fixtures we haven't got a clean sheet this season which is very disappointing, I am trying to sort this out but is quite different when you are playing attacking football.
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Not a bad start to the season in all fairness, only 3 points from Banants

So at the end of the season I generally felt disappointed that we hadn't won the league, after I posted my last post I carried on the unbeaten run, and was soon top of the table and I even pulled out a gap at the top but the final quarter of the season really let us down and we ended up scraping Euro league qualification. I had a decision though, I could either stay with the team until I won the league or got sacked, or I could pursue a new challenge either in the same country or another country listed under the A category. All I knew is that either way I would still have to win the Armenian Premier league to go onto the B category.
Here is the fixture list, you can see there was a definite shift in momentum, our loss to Gandzasar seemed to be a pivotal point in our season, we won 1 game in the run in to the end of the season and everyone other game we played we lost or struggled to get a draw.
Ohhhhh crap, during the Armenia pre-season I set up some friendly games, these games were 58 days away and I decided to go on holiday, I must of accidently clicked the apply for jobs options, and this ended up with me applying to several different jobs and I ended up with a ultimatum by the board, which because I was on holiday I didn't reply to and this ended up with me getting the sack, which left me disappointed and of course without completing the Armenian League.

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