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FM 2010 Expectations

Started on 18 March 2009 by raydenvm
Latest Reply on 27 August 2009 by Niknar
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I want to be able to create (while playing, through press talking or winning games) rivalry with new clubs. Even if it takes 10 years to happen. And I want to be able to offer directly to any possible club to be an Affiliate. Not to mention a more complete control of Stadium and tickets. :)
GeoffWilson70 : I'd like to see the english league extended beyond the Blue Square north and south.
Apparently the new CM2009, if it ever comes out, is going to include the Unibond Premier and alike! So FM2010 should go down that route too! Don't you think?

well more leagues will always be nice to see, but the thing is, it is hard to scout the lower leagues. and it adds a lot of work to them. but yeah maybe we might get to see more. aint anything bad about it though.

forster : I want to be able to create (while playing, through press talking or winning games) rivalry with new clubs. Even if it takes 10 years to happen. And I want to be able to offer directly to any possible club to be an Affiliate. Not to mention a more complete control of Stadium and tickets. :)

i agree on the rivalry, i think it should be created automatically though, kinda. there are different kinds of rivalries though. i mean some rivalries are created by fans first.

some are created on the pitch over a course of matches between the teams. or/and when 2 teams fight for a title.(sometimes it only lasts for a while, sometimes it is on forever).
yes i agree with this..... the arrows!
why the hell would they get rid of the arrows, it adds another depth of tactics, instead of lot of forward runs or not a lot of forward runs.

a better manager profile is also a good idea.

and the german, japanese national teams licence. advice here, are these not licenced due to them having contracts with other games? i think i heard that somewhere.
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i love the game to bits but playing on laptop is hell its so slow and i cant be arsed watching the matches cause the make it alot slower
It is 50/50 on the arrow changes, as it is being used like that on fmlive for as long as I can remember although it would be great to have them back
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What about with your wage as manager to buy things with it? I don't know what like but it seems pointless to have a wage and not do anything about it. Also what about being able to choose your sponsors and get a new deal with say Nike or Umbro.

Although must say, this is the first football manager i've played and i really really like it!!!
you know how much they would have to pay umbro and nike etc. to use their brand names, it would be too much to be worthwhile. maybe use imbro and niko haha.
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i want a more powerful data editor which can edit competition's rules and create competition.
it would be really great too if si releases an "asia version" with more asian teams and leagues.
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15 yearsEdited
I think there should be more tactical options and interaction with player and staff options available.

Also I would like to see more control in the training area. I mean that you could adjust the type of training and so different styles of play so you can prepare for your next match.
Example: Being a small club one week you want to focus on the attacking side as you are playing against a weaker team, the next week you need to play against the champions and want to focus on defending and possibly counter attack.

Maybe you could also attend a training session once in a while to see who is performing and give individual instruction to certain players to work on finishing more...

This would make the game even more interesting and addictive =D

It would be great to make a new 'gameplan'. Such as; when you have a free kick you could try different types. So the take could pass to a player which you have put in place during training, someone else makes a run from the left and gets the ball and scores! I can imagine that that would be an amazing feeling when it works =D
Hurrah for more training options! Very good suggestion, completely agree.

Double Hurrah for arrows!!! I used to set my AMR to run forward and cross, and my AML to dribble and cut in, now its not as easy, you have to tell them how much to dribble an cross etc and they dont always do what you want.

I think maybe a minor revision of preferred moves, and maybe ones to directly improve player stats.

ie: take a young generated striker, much like Forlan, great finishing and low composure. Train him in one on ones to build his composure up? I guess you could build this into training options....

Yeah more player interaction, if theyre not training well then have an angry/inspiring word?
Also I was thinking about more coaching options during a match. Such as an easy to access tactic area, so you can make minor adjustments really fast instead of waiting for the ball to go out of play to change things.
I want that the manager itself has a lot more power in the club, and that you could choose affilated clubs you´re self.
Another thing who could make it more alive is to add on a option during match where you can jell out things to players. (what you want them to do)
I also like the idea about spending the manager wages on something. It also should be a opportunity to fire players with more powers and tell to the press or someone for what reason you did it.!
i dnt want it to change tht much,

for example what do u mean let the manager spend things with his wages?? wat like new car etc?? is so to me tht crap, tht lead on to something stupid and really not needed

but yer when i go into contract negoations for a new contract im not bothered about new money but about

I want more money avaiable for transfers?
i want a higher wage budget
i want to choose a affiltration club?
etc etc

and if your not doing well they could offer you reduced budgets if you want to keep your job or even better offer you 10 match deal to turn the club round or be sacked???? tht be awesome

other thing i would like which is realistic is to complain about an oppisite manager for repeated bids...or tryin to unsettle a player

not to the media but to the FA
having the option to move players to your reserves - "until match fit" and for them then to return automatically to your first team
having the option to move players into a squad for a period of time

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