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Started on 28 March 2009 by Paddy_666
Latest Reply on 21 August 2009 by The !RedDevil!
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my blackburn team is quite masterful and yet
whatever formation/tactis i use i dont get goals

i lost 3-2 to birmingham in the fa cup
and that was a replay!!!


my strikers are quality but they are just not doing the job
i have some awesome am's (r, l and c)
well you scored twice in that match haha

what's ur team line-up???
funny guy
they were both pens anyways

i had gone with a traditional 4-4-2
wasnt working
changed to a 4-2-3-1
then tried 3-4-3

various combinations have been attempted
nothing sticks
Roque Santa Cruz is absolutely immense if you get him to hold up the ball. I'm playing with Blackburn and oddly he scores more goals like this but he's also quite good at bringing other players into the game.

If the two goals were a bit of a fluke and your not scoring like that normally then i usuallly find it's to do with passing and tempo. I'm not really and expert but take a look at this it might help. Also if your conceding a lot of goals perhaps you'r playing style is too attacking.
cheers for the link

i sold santa cruz
got uche and bojan
along with some quality regens
i have this problem also, i just promoted to coca-cola league 2, before promoted, my two striker have score about 60 goal between them, but now already 5 game in league 2, my two did not score at all, lucky for me my midfield n defender score some , so avoid so many losing...

i used 4-4-2 formation, 1 fast striker n 1 target striker,

any suggestion beside buy another striker:no:no
I have same problem. I am aston villa, and my strikers are baftembi gomes, bojan, leidson, and dean ashton. and they dont seem to score hardly any goals. I dont chop and change to much, i try and give each a couple of games, 2/3rds through the season and they just aint scoring.
change to a 1 striker formation or criticize there form a lot. Are they get chances and missing or just plain old not scoirng
i have the same problem with my west brom team. i play frazier campbell & ishmael miller upfront they make the chances but they dont finish them im currently 18th in the premier league.

what could i do so they would score more goals for me.?
make sure you give the strikers good support from the midfield, good passers and crossers.

make sure they are target men and crossing is towards them. also at times you might want to use someone as target man, fast strikers to run onto ball and counter attacks away from home usually works good.

make sure that at times your strikers dont have too much freedom. or at times that they get a bit more freedom.

also look at from where they are missing etc, at times some will shoot always, maybe dont let them shoot that often.

try different team talks, at times no pressure, at times expect performance from them etc.

go to player interaction and maybe tell him to place his shots or something.
I use Villarreal and I have Giuseppe Rossi and Kun Aguero for my strikers.
They scored some goals, but not in all my matches and it's like 4 goals in 10 matches. when they don't score any goal, their rating always between 5 and 6.5 . Is there something wrong with them??
Is there any specific player instruction for 2 fast strikers?

P.S I don't give them too much creative freedom... thanks
I use barca with 3 strikers (eto'o at CF, henry & messi attack from left & right) just like in the real life (4-1-2-2-1). But things just won't work like the real life heh... :) henry (high creativity, always on forward run & run with ball, crossing & long shot rarely, through ball mixed) but he seems afraid to run through the penalty box, always long shots from outside penalty box. messi ( with the same setting, but with free role) a bit better (cut into penalty box either shoot or pass) and sometimes do long shot from outside. etoo (forward run & run with ball always, others rarely except through ball on mixed, high creativity) a bit invisible (rare goals) even i set run unto ball setting for target man.
xavi (forward run, run with ball, through pass always, long shot & crossing mixed, with free role ticked with high creativity) is always wander around, but most of his assist came from dead balls.
Team instruction : passing is short & normal tempo, deep defensive line, normal wide & use playmaker (xavi).
Any idea how to make it work the best of this? like messi & henry storming from both flanks, etoo creates spaces for through ball from xavi or from both flanks or release henry & messi with his pass or just show some trick and shoot for a goal.
Kind of lost my touch, since i just play FM'09 recently after 1 or 2 years of hiatus.

I guess I asked too much :D, but thanks anyway
bst 20, always run onto through ball for fast strikers, maybe play with some width.
but generally aguero is horrendous in the game haha
you can try asking them to run down the channels etc...

masa0ke, push your defenders high up the pitch, play down the flanks, lots of creative freedom to iniesta and xavi. maybe a slow short game like barce play in real life

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