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Real Sociedad - Breaching The Top

Started on 20 February 2014 by FMJynx
Latest Reply on 21 February 2014 by FMJynx
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Sociedad Act Fast As Jagoba Arrasate Axed.

Real Sociedad today announced the sacking of manager Jagoba Arrasate and the arrival of his successor Josephy Jynx within hours.

Real Sociedad are sad to announced the departure of Jagoba Arrasate, However we are honoured to announce the arrival of Joseph Jynx. The club would like to thank Jagoba for his service over the last 6-months of the season and wish him luck in his future ventures. However, know is a time of excitement at Real Sociedad as Joseph takes the reins.

Sociedad spoke of relatively-unkown Joseph Jynx in a very high manager in a press conference this afternoon. Geoff Shreeves was there to report for us.

'Joseph is a manager who has excited us over the interview period. The club had a shortlist of around 10 people and after a number of interviews we narrowed down the options to the people we felt were most suitable to the job. Joe has demonstrated a great tactical expertise and hopes to implement a great fluid possession based style of football which he hopes will represent us for years to come. He has expressed a keen interest in building a top European force and building a squad around players such as Antoine Greizmann, Ruben Pardo and Inigo Martinez.

Sociedad fans around the stadium were a little uneasy about the situation but seemed to have great trust in the clubs board about making such a decision.
Good luck :)
2014-02-20 00:43#162292 pompeyblue : Good luck :)
thankyou for the comment, i had begun a story last week and it drifted straight off for me as I began to feel a lack of interest so little comments like that help:)

The Board Opener

Upon arrival in Sociedad, I was summoned Jokin Aperribai for talks of our transfer prospects and basic running of the squad, He told me we must chat about the players I'm looking to bring in and how we were going to go about making that happen. As I entered the room there was a long conference table with whisky glasses layed out infront of each seat with clear water topped in each.

Apperibai: Hello Joe, Sit down. Welcome to Sociedad.

Jynx: Hi, Thankyou. I'm looking forward to getting started. What is it you've asked me here for?

Apperibai: Well it's simply really... How can i help?. I want to talk about your prospects lets have you any transfers in mind?, If so who. I have taken a keen interest in all transfers since I bought this club and I don't intend to stop now. Have you brought the shortlist I asked.

I sat down. Beginning to open up my case and reaching towards him with a small file containing a list of hopefuls I was looking to bring to the club. After a brief look he smiled and commented that a number were available as free agents or simply by the offer of a contract and a small compensation fee due to being so young.

Apperibai: Aha' I see you like to bring in young youth prospects. I like it!, I also like the number of free agents. A man who realises the worth of his own money. The two here I can see clearly. Anthony Reveillere and Sergi Samper. Both are players I can make offers for immediately if you'd like?. Sergi has been breaking in over pre-season and has made a few appearances for Barcelona however we can snipe him and bring him in for minimal compensation.

Jynx: That would be great. I have received reports on weak areas of the squad from José Lumbreras and he has stressed the importance of a new full-back. But why may I ask did you pick those two from the bunch?

He chuckled and replied...

Apperibai: Contacts my boy, I am good friends with their agent. Having been long time drinking friends, The game can be funny some times and a lot of the people you meet can stick. Since our first ever dealings over players me and Juan Mirales have been friends for over 23 years.

Jynx: Well, that's the perfect scenario. I hope to bring in the players I want soon as to help them settle. I will leave the shortlist with you and we can chat some more over the window. But for know as your aware I must get to the training ground. Set the example and all. Goodbye, and may I have an update on the pair when you've made your calls?

Apperibai: Of course, I'll ring Juan immediately and inform you of his decision, We may be friends but football is football and I cannot work magic. Goodbye, and good luck in your first session.

Martinez Ruled Out For 2 Months

Bad news for Sociedad fans as Commanding centre-back Inigo Martinez was ruled out for 2 months, Martinez went down in a challenge during training and has damaged his spine, rumours are also coming that Jynx has lined up Serbian centre-back Slobodan Rajkovic as cover and a potential partner when Martinez returns.

'Martinez was injured in a collision with a team-mate in training today, unfortunately for the lad it doesn't look to good and preliminary checks by our medical team suggesting he could be out for at least 2-months. However, He will travel to Barcelona today to see a specialist in the hopes he can come to a speedier recovery.'

When asked about potential signings such as Samper, Reveillere and Rajkovic, Jynx had this to say...

'We are looking into some options, before this news we had our eyes on some potential recruits and with this news we're hoping to have something finalised sooner rather than later. Slobodan is a player on the list but as of now that is all, just a player on a list and the media will become aware once any deal is complete but no sooner. However, Sergi and Anthony are coming closer and closer to the club and we hope to have something to announce by the morning.'

Despite the glums of Martinez this is surely great news for Real, with the imminent arrivals of Sergi Samper and Anthony Reveillere.

Chat with the Assistant

I had a meeting with Jose Lumberas after training we both decided we needed to talk and evaluate the squad after the calamity of Martinez' injury.

Lumberas: Hi Boss, what was it you felt we needed to chat about?

Jynx: I thought it would be quite obvious, I need some help with an evaluation of the squad and thought you could benefit me with that. What are your suggestions for areas we need to bolster?

Lumberas: Well, our defense is looking a little slim, even more so now with the injury, I recommended when you arrived at the club the need of a new right sided full back, I know we will have Anthony arriving tomorrow but I think it's time to strengthen the central areas. Also, we currently only have one natural central attacking midfielder and even he's a loanee, Granero is our only creative attacking midfielder and I think if we want to progress as a club we need some depth, particularly in that area.

Jynx: Thanks for the advice, what are your thoughts on Yossi Benayoun?, I myself think he would be great to sit in the position you have recommended cover for but it's nice to hear others opinions.

Lumberas: In my opinion he would be an inspired signing, Yossi is a well travelled player and has been at a few top top European clubs. He can only provide great experience to what is currently quite a young, naive set-up. I think he could help boost our reputation in areas of Asia too as a strong representative of the Israeli footballing nation.

Jynx: Thanks Jose, That's all I've required you for, I'll see you tomorrow for training.

Sociedad Sign Three and Jynx Declares 'Business Done'

Real Sociedad today completed a trio of signings in the form of Anthony Reveillere, Sergi Samper and Slobodan Rajkovic. Samper arrived at the club for a compensation fee of 1.4 million euros. Whilst out-of-favour Rajkovic joins for just 220 thousand euros having been transfer listed by HSV. Reveillere has returned to football having been a free-agent following his release from Lyon at the end of last season.

'It's a great day here at the club, I've captured 2 great prospects who can work well for the club for a few years to come, and I've brought in great talent and experience in the form of Anthony. I don't doubt for a minute that any of them will make an impact.'

When quizzed on any more potential arrivals at Sociedad Jynx declared business done unless any players were to depart from the club.

'I've been given budgets and targets to work with at the club, and as of now. The budgets are slim. Jokin Apperibai has agreed that any finances from player departures at my disposal and I thank him for that, but now unless a player is to leave the club there is not a great amount of money we can work with.'
Good signings mate :D
2014-02-20 11:33#162341 DeanByrne1995 : Good signings mate :D

thanks the wage and transfer structure is extremely crappy, i'm hoping to gather up about 5 million in deadwood transfers though but there's no depth in the squad and i'd have to sell like 5 to buy 1 so it's hard to gauge if it's worth it
Nice signings. Samper is a real talent :)

August Results


Real Sociedad 1 - 0 Getafe


- Xabi Prieto(64)

Player of the Match:

- Ion Ansotegi

Elche 3 - 1 Real Sociedad


- Yossi Benayoun(72)

Player of the Match:

- Richard Boayke

Real Sociedad 3 - 3 Athletico Madrid


- Esteban Granero(56),(64) Javi Ros(66)

Champions League Best Placed Playoff

Lyon 5 - 2 Real Sociedad


- Gonzalo Castro(54) Carlos Vela(67)

Player of the Match:

- Clement Grenier

Real Sociedad 2 - 1 Lyon


- Maxime Gonalons OG(2, Slobodan Rajkovic(21)

Player of the Match:

- Slobodan Rajkovic
Good start mate, and a great team to pick. I will be following.

My Thoughts

After a tough fought victory in the league, Lyon handed us a thrashing in the Champions League 1st Leg and the team seemed to become disenchanted, We went into the Elche game in bad spirit after the drubbing and we came out with what we deserved, no body had shown any fight or any bottle and are only goal we scored was a result of some brilliant flair but to play for 2 minutes in a 90 minute game is far from acceptable. All that seemed to change though in the return leg, We came out fighting against Lyon and we looked as though we could pull off a wondrous comeback until Gomis come up wit the goods for his club and left us to continue our European charge in the Europa League instead. However, it gave us some hope. The victory left us feeling somewhat revitalised and we took that into the Madrid game. It looked gloomy as Athletico thumped 2 past us in under 15 minutes but Granero began to pull the strings in midfield playing one-twos and become the creator of his own goals in many way by beginning some great footballing moves. We took the lead through a Javi Ros worldy but the strength of Athletico was too much and we were unable to keep them out. Although, coming away from the game with a draw when nobody expecting us to do anything in the game but concede was fantastic and a huge point for us.

I'm hoping we can take that spirit and form into the next month, we have a Europa group fixture coming up against Vitesse and a tough test of our iron against Barcelona. We're currently sitting 7th in the league and if we hoped to stay there of climb higher we need to begin racking up the points against opponents similar to Elche.

September Results


Levante 1 - 1 Real Sociedad


- Javi Ros

Player of the Match:

- Javi Ros

Real Sociedad 3 - 0 Malaga


- Ruben Pardo, Xabi Prieto, Antoine Griezmann

Player of the Match:

- Ruben Pardo

Barcelona 6 - 0 Real Sociedad


- N/A

Player of the Match:

- Alexis Sanchez

Real Sociedad 1 - 2 Sevilla


- Carlos Vela

Player of the Match:

- Ivan Rakitic

Europa League Group Stage

Vitesse 3 - 2 Real Sociedad


- Anthony Reveillere, Sergi Samper

Player of the Match:

- Sergi Samper

Managers Discussion

I was invited to speak to the chairman Jokin Apperibai after the dreadful Barcelona game. I was told by Lumberas he wanted to question me on what I thought the faults of the team were in the game. I was panicky, I didn't want to seem sarcastic but the instant thought in my mind was to reply 'everything'. I had to think. Why did he want such an explanation?, In many ways the defeat in that manner was what was expected especially being 10-men down from within the 15th minute.

Apperibai: Sit down Joe please, We must talk about what we have just seen.

Jynx: I agree, I can only apologize for the dismal effort shown by the players and vow to not let it happen again.

Apperibai: Nonsense, I understand that these things happen. I merely want to talk about your philosophy. Are you sure it is what's right for the club?

Jynx: Yes, It is something i've looked to implement into the lads since arriving. We haven't really settled into the style yet but it is coming, We seen that in the Malaga game. I just think we are in transition, I know that this season will be tough for us. But come to the summer and I am fully confident I can pull some strings in the transfer market and create a wonderful force within this league.

Apperibai: Good, that's exactly what I wanted to hear. I was looking for such an answer!. I didn't want you to have a change of heart from a simple question, I want somebody who is willing to prove their worth, and have a belief in their own system. It is all I can ask of you. It's all I have asked you to come for tonight. On your way now. Thankyou for coming.

Jynx: Erm, Okay!, I appreciate that very much. Thankyou and Good night Boss.

I stepped away from the room and gave myself a brief moment to think about what had just happened, It was a strange moment. I felt pressured. Is that what he wanted me to feel?, Was he pressuring me so soon... It worried me a little. But he seemed quite content with my conduction in the meeting and for that I can only feel confident.

We are currently sitting in 10th in the league. I do not think that's acceptable however it's early days and there is plenty of time to improve. We need to begin picking up results. As of yet we become really lacklustre and complacent after one victory and that's something I cannot stress the importance of the lads to not do.

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