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Poll: Community Story Vote

Help me choose a team and create my first story.
Started on 4 March 2014 by DarylG
Latest Reply on 6 March 2014 by DarylG
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Hello I ‘am thinking of starting my first story with in the next few days but I want the community to help me choose what team to manage. I have a shortlist of teams and objectives that I will list below for you all to read and cast a vote on what story you would like to see. I want to really give my all to this story and try updating it as much as possible and keeping the community interested. I will also list my managing style below.

Manager Profile

I love playing Attacking football and really going at teams from the start. I play with attacking wingers and 2 front men a lot of the time. Young players I think are a must I try and bring in young quality as much as I can to produce them into quality footballers. I ‘am the sort of manager who needs a bit of money for players I don’t like not signing players from the start of a save.

Possible Teams


League: Scottish Premier League

Objective: Win the Champions League within 3-5 seasons

Story: Celtic the Scottish giants win the league every year and also pick up most domestic cups each season but the Champions League is a different kettle of fish. Celtic to even try and compete for the champion’s league would need a lot more quality pumped into the team from day one. With a 3to 5 year deadline I would have to change the squad drastically and bring in young players that would grow in the next 3 years to champions league quality.

Manchester United

League: Barclays Premier League

Objective: World Domination 3 Seasons

Story: With Sir Alex Ferguson retiring and with Manchester United already behind the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and a lot of Europe teams improving each season at a rapid rate I want to get United competing with Barcelona and the best in Europe and winning most trophies every year. To complete this goal I would need to buy world class players early and a mixture of young quality working beside them. I would want a trophy in the first season then go from there.


League: Barclays Premier League

Objective: Top 4 with in 3 seasons and stay their competing year in year with the best in Europe.

Story: David Moyes Leaving Everton means 1 of two things either a new man will come in and take them to new heights or sink them and never be able to do as well as Moyes did. With Everton I would play Attacking free flowing football brining in new faces early and trying to keep hold of Leighton Baines. A new Striker to play alongside Lukaku and replace him after the first season I think is a must.

Atletico Madrid

League: La Liga

Objective: Win the Spanish title and become the best team in Spain overcoming Real Madrid and Barcelona within 3 seasons. Then go on and win the Champions League.
Story: I have never managed in the Spanish league so this would be very new for me if I did start this save I would need to fully evaluate the squad and then work out were I need to improve. I would stick to my guns though and play attacking free flowing football.

Each of these options may have been covered in a story before but I will not give away who I’ll be and how I will be appointed that will come when the votes of been counted. Each team I have worked out a different story so when the team is decided I ‘am ready to go. Please vote on what team you prefer to see in a new story and the team with the most votes I will take control of. If there is another team you would love to see please state them also and ill keep them in mind.

Thank you
Ill keep Palace noted would be a good challenge! :)
will be starting this with in the next 24 hours so please get your votes in :)
Everton would be best… and I'm not biased at all! ;)
would be interesting to see how another everton save goes. But i think celtic winning the champions league in 3-5 years would be a good effort
Cheers for everyones thoughts and votes! I am hoping to start the save today if all goes well so keep voting people. Looks like Atletico is the favourite the one I was dreading haha! Ill keep to my word and the team with the most votes I will manage! :)

Thank you

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