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One Man's Journey

Started on 12 March 2014 by coldyb
Latest Reply on 14 March 2014 by Viaza
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Ever since he was a young boy Craig Miller always dreamed about being a footballer, until at a later age he realised he was shit and would never make it. After he had come to this realisation he decided to look into the management side of football. For a while he was serious about this new found dream of becoming a manager, fuelled by late night sessions on the popular video game series Football Manager he decided to go for his coaching badges. But after achieving his first badge he decided to give up and let his life slide back into mediocrity.

Now aged 29 and stuck in a dead end office job Chris realised that this my be his last opportunity to follow his dream. After a moment or two of thought he decided this is it. He jumped up from his chair in his tiny cramped cubical and stormed into his boss's office and screamed "I QUIT" and before the puzzled Boss could get a word in Chris was out of the building. As he slammed the door closed on his tiny rust bucket of a car he know this was the start of something special.
A few days after sending some applications all over the world I got a call from a number I did not recognise.

"Hello" I said cautiously

"Hello" said the voice on the line in a strong African accent "This is Martin Boumal of Bamboutos FC De Mbouda in Cameroon I would like to offer you a job."

I was shocked a job offer so early, scepticism grew "yeah is that right ?" I said sarcasticly

"I am willing to fly to Scotland to meet with you, would you be ok with that ?"

"Yeah I would"

We then agreed a meeting place and were due to meet in a few days.

A few days later I was sat in the coffee shop we had agreed to meet in waiting nervously. After what had seemed like hours but was really about ten minutes, A large African man came into the shop and stood at the edge of my table.

"Mr.Miller I presume" He said in a deep voice.

"Yes" I whimpered.

"Hello, I am Martin Boumal and I want you to manage my football team."

We sat for a good few hours discussing the terms of my new contract. In the end we agreed on a deal that consisted of £375 p/w contract that lasted until 31/12/2014 and a house near the stadium. It was now offical I was the manager of a football team.
Watch out, Cameroon! The British - or, more specifically, the Scottish - are coming!

Also: "he found out he was shit"
That quote has just ruined every young football fan's dream! :))
Good luck :)
On the plane flying to Cameroon I did some research into my new club. They were based in a town called Mbouda which had a population of nearly 50,000 people. There stadium has a 12,000 capacity and they play in the second division of Cameroonian football. Some scandal surrounded the club in 2007 when the team was involved in a match fixing scandal and relegated 2 divisions. I can assure you that I wont be involved in any match fixing.
After a few days in Cameroon I looked into signing a few players after a few phone calls and some discussions I managed to add 5 new players to my squad.

Joseph Fotso, a 30 year old Striker signed from Asswehly in Libya. Fotso is an extremely hard working player, he is fast on the ball and is very good a finishing.

Ndoh Jusha Mbuluba, a 22 year old left back signed from Cameroonian side Tiko United. Mbuluba is physically a very strong player, and for his strength he is a very fast player.

Eric Song, a 16 year old left midfielder signed on a free agent, Bamboutos is his first professional club. Song is naturally a very fit player and along with his fitness he is also an extremely skilful player.

Donald Mangan, a 16 year old Striker signed on a free agent, Bamboutos is the young strikers first professional team. Mangan's shooting ability is very good at close and long range.

Andre Kwin, a 17 year old right midfielder, like Mangan and Song this is Kwin's first club. Mangan is a very fit player and is extremely fast player.
I have also added young striker Denis Obamba who is a 17 year old striker.
some good sounding signings there mate, hopefully they do a job for you :)

February Update

Bamboutos 5-0 Dragon de Yaoundé

Donald Mangan (14)
Karl Dona Ndoh (30,45)
Narcisse Tchoumi Own Goal (79)
Alain Ngwompo Nono (90+1)
Donald Mangan

Botafogo (CMR) 2-2 Bamboutos

William Ayuk (8,34)
Andre Kwin (41)
Alain Ngwompo Nono (50)
William Ayuk

Bamboutos 3-1 AS Matelots

Albert Atangana Own Goal (72)
Karl Dona Ndoh (77,87)
Jules Ndeme Ndeme (82)
Karl Dona Ndoh

Cintra 1-1 Bamboutos

Rostand Mohamadou (52)
Karl Dona Ndoh (82)
Rostand Mohamadou

February was a decent month for the club getting 2 wins and 2 draws. Considering this was my first month in charge the team have played very well. I was very disappointed though at at our 1-1 draw with Cintra, I feel that we should have got 3 points from that game. With these results we currently sit 4th in the league, by the end of the season I hope to get one of the 3 promotion spots and get promoted to MTN Elite 1.

Player Of The Month

The Player Of The Month Award Goes To ........ Karl Dona Ndoh. Karl has played brilliantly this month, notching up 5 goals in 4 games. As this is my first month at the club I was experimenting with allot of my first team players and its now fair to day that Karl his secured a place in my first team squad for the time being.
Teh First Post:
Ever since he was a young boy Craig Miller always dreamed about being a footballer, until at a later age he realised he was shit and would never make it.


March Update

Bamboutos 1-1 Tiko United

Severin Talonfo (40)
Gustave Essomba (90+1)
Eric Song

Universite Ngaoundere 1-0 Bamboutos

Laurent Owona (55)
Laurent Owona

Sahel FC 1-0 Bamboutos

Eric Donald Etougou (78)
Eric Donald Etougou

Bamboutos 2-1 Esperance Guider

Jules Ndame Ndame (33)
Charles Song (47)
Karl Dona Ndoh (58)
Jules Ndame Ndame

Aigle Royal 1-0 Bamboutos

Thomas Junior Libiih (23)
Tah Impoua

March was a bad month for the club. It was like watching a different team, my honeymoon period at the club it over we must now work hard to get wins and progress up the table. There were some positives though our 2-1 win over Esperance Guider who are currently 1st was good. We currently sit 13th in a 18 team league.

Player Of The Month

POTM was a tough one this week because because we didn't play very well and there wasn't many stand out preferences. So POTM goes to .......... Jules Ndame Ndame. Ndame was the best of a bad bunch this month and of out of them all played the best, well done Jules.
Awesome story :) Can't wait for the next update :)

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