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Access Violation

When loading a screen pops up
Started on 14 March 2014 by alexsaba13
Latest Reply on 21 March 2014 by btg123
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The problem is this.when i load the game
at the converting people indexes a screen pops up
saying access violation.

In new saves i dont have any problem,it works fine.
but i dont intend to start a new game...

any solutions?

*i uninstalled/installed genie scout again.
i also did via steam the repair cache..
Guys anything?i seriously need an answer,if smth can be done
I'm experiencing the same difficulties on and off. Reinstalled FM and Genie Scout, started a new game, tried old saves - nothing. There are different kinds of errors:
1. Usually: Range check error on continents followed by Access Violation Error.
2. After a few tries I get this error (even though my game is fully loaded):
"Your game data is not found. Please make sure your game is completely loaded in FM..." and so on.
3. Once I managed to get it to work. I didn't do anything in particular, just loaded the same game and it suddenly worked. Then I closed Genie Scout, started it again and I was back to first error.

My OS is Windows 7 (64-bit). Please respond to this issue.
Solved it!

1. Turn off all of your antivirus/firewall programs.
2. Run Genie Scout as an administrator.
After the update geniescout works fine!
i have finally started a newgame...but now back t my favorite atletico!
I downloaded the most recently updated version of GenieScout (both the "vanilla" public version as well as the 14g version u get by donating) but continue to get the "Access violation at address 008AFBEF in module FMGenieScout.exe" error msg after my saved FM14 game is loaded into it. GS loads the players, staff, clubs, etc as it should, then I get the error msg and cannot run GS. I've tried re-installs, disabling firewall, running as admin, placing the GS program files in same directory as my FM14, etc (all possible solutions that previously were posted), but still get this error msg. This applies to both the public version of GS as well as the 14g version that I donated $ for. If anyone has come up with a possible solution to this prob or has any potential solutions that haven't been posted before, please let me know. Im running Windows XP w/all latest service packs.

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