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how we implement a moneyball approach to this game
Started on 15 March 2014 by le_bron
Latest Reply on 25 March 2014 by uni3s
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52-year old Leeds United F.C. manager, Brian McDermott has been shown exit door by the Chairman, Salah Noorudin. Failure to understand each other’s and different point of view become an issue for both parties to continue their partnership. This situation put Leeds United future on uncertainty. Salah Noorudin need to make a speedy resolution in this early June to find adequate replacement.

The day after the shocking announcement, Leeds United F.C. board make a bigger shock announcement than their manager sacking decision. In what may be seen as a surprise appointment, Mr Salah Noorudin have named a virtually unknown Indonesian manager as their new manager. Tom Boati, 42 years old, was introduced to fans and journalist alike at Elland Road.

Tom Boati agreed to lead Leeds United after he signed the contract that would give him £8,250/week until June 2014. Along with that, the board would like to facilitate him with £ 2M transfer budget and £237k on wage budget to achieve their season objective, top half finish on the league.

The Press Conference
Andrew McNeill (Sky Sport News) : Brian McDermott, the previous manager has been sacked by your chairman because he failed to satisfy him. Do you feel you have something to offer to your chairman?
Tom Boati : I know that my inexperience’s become the main issue for all of you, journalist and fans. But honestly, I think I have something to offer to this club and after some conversations with Mr Noorudin, we think we have some connection about how this club operate in the future and I feel glad that we are on the same page here. And now, I have the opportunity to make our fans to believe in this interesting project here.

Nathan Martin (FourFourTwo) : Given with all of resources you have today, the finances and the humans, do you feel the expectation to finish in top mid table have been fair and realistic?
Tom Boati : I don’t think the expectation is too much for me, in fact, I try to achieve better than those targets. I know that limitation on my resource become an issue later on, but I do have a planning about how I’ll spend the money and how I’ll capitalize the human resources here. You can expect one or two surprises from our side here.

Alice Watson (FMScout) : How about your personal objective and what project do you offer to the chairman so you can get the job here? What plan do you offer to bring to this club actually?
Tom Boati : My team will operate like a American football, where we will have total 33 player on our squad that will be divided into 1st strings players, 2nd strings players, and 3rd strings player. Maybe it would be huge squad with 33 players on the 1st team, but the 3rd strings player would come from the youth setup and has been placed on the reserves team.
The second policy is, I’ll take a long overhaul to the backroom staff. I know that I not experienced enough to take this club alone, I’ll borrow that experience from my staff, which is picked with carefully and they have to be good on their area.
The last one, we will operate exactly the same with Brad Pitt’s Moneyball movies, where we don’t need a big name, that often make the club suffocate, but we prefer a small name that can offer an impact to us. I know it wouldn’t be easy, but I believe we can do that. We are the challenger and a Challenger team is a team that come together become one, and they always aiming for the top.
Nice start. Wish you luck!
2014-03-16 11:48#165140 Akash : Nice start. Wish you luck!

Thanks mate :)
Good start mate :) Good luck!
Great start and good luck!
After I leave the first friendly match to my assistant, in order to do massive research about my team and options, I feel confident that now I have more understanding of my people. Termination of the old staff become my first job to do. Total 2 physio and 1 fitness coach has been shown the exit doors. In the recruitment division, I adding 4 people to the club to assist my one and only scout, the Chief Scout, Terry Porter.
1. John Stephenson (Director of Football)
I brought him from Sheffield United because I was impressed with his previous work at Glasgow Celtic, where he brought Artur Boruc and Shunsuke Nakamura to Celtic. With vast experience on this position, I hope he will help a lot in negotiations.
2. David Hamilton (Scout)
The man that recommended Jimmy Bullard and Antonio Valencia to Paul Jewel (Wigan) that got promoted to Premiership for the very first time. I’m surprised that I found him on the free transfer market.
3. John James (Scout)
Has experience on Torquay and Plymouth.
4. Michael Piwowarski (Scout)
Piwowarski has been experienced as scout, coach, and under 21 manager to several club and Germany. I plan to capitalize his skill on daily scouting, to found a good player for us.

On the coaching department we also manage 3 (three) new appointed coach that will help me on day to day training. Billy Stewart, ex-goalkeeping coach from Liverpool will help us on the goalkeeping area, because from the old regime there is no specialist that helping our squad.
The second one is Keith Ryan that would be hold Under-21 manager position. The ex-employee of QPR would be responsible on training our player at tactics area.
The last one is Jorg Bohme, the former manager of Bielefeld, would be our coach at under-21 squad. The reason behind this signing would be the expertise that Bohme held at ball control and attacking coaching. Hope we can capitalize the expertise to the full potential.

When the reporter of FMScout, Alice Watson, has the opportunity to meet the manager after evening practice session, she has one question to be ask to the newly appointed manager.
Alice Watson (FM Scout) : “It seems that you are too busy on building your backroom staff and can be said that you totally forgot about player transfer. Did this situation reflects that you have a high confidence to your team?
Tom Boati (Leeds United) : ”I take different approach about how I manage my team and maybe this approach would raise concern to all of you. But I feel confidence that we will be okay, because start from now I was surrounded with people that I want to work it and ready to lend their experience to help me manage the expectations, either from the fans or the boards. According to the transfer market nowadays, we do have some potential signings but we choose to take the slow approaches to unveil what position we need to strengthen and who would be the right player to do the job. With already big squad we have, we don’t need an impulsive or panic buying, but I can promise that in the next few day we can announce a deal for all of you.”
@TodayAtTomorrow & @jontearonsson thanks a lot :)
Great one mate :) Good luck

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