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David Beckham - 'Football doesn't stop here'

Started on 22 March 2014 by Josh_MU
Latest Reply on 26 March 2014 by jcshy
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David Beckham - 'Football doesn't stop here'

Hey everyone and welcome to my new story! Looks familiar? Yeah, I thought so. I made this story a while ago with a different title of course but based on David Beckham. What happened to it? I lost all my saves when my FM broke and that save was one of those which got lost. So I've decided to 'restart' this story, possibly with different decisions and outcomes but I really hope you all enjoy this one!
I will try and update daily but with me being in my final year at high school and my GCSE exams coming up soon, I can't guarantee that this story will be updated all the time.

Okaaay, to the story now!

In this story, I will be playing as:

Former Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, AC Milan, PSG and England midfielder David Beckham!

So... Why Beckham?

Beckham is my favourite footballer ever. Although he has retired now, he will always be my favourite player.
My favourite moment of his playing career? Either the goal from the halfway line against Wimbledon:

Or Beckham's free-kick against Greece in the World Cup:

Basically, he is a very nice man for all the work he does on and off the pitch and he is for me, the best midfielder of all time!

Author's Notes

Before I fully begin the story, it will be set near the end of 2012/13 season! I hope you all enjoy this too!
I promise this time that I won't stop this story and try a new one!
(Unless the save has got corrupt or gets very boring!)
Josh_MU's avatar Group Josh_MU
10 yearsEdited

Chapter 1 - A Sad Goodbye

I looked up after Brest had pulled a goal back and I realised that it was MY number on the substitution board, my God, my career... it's finally over.
I couldn't keep my emotions in, I walked up to Javier Pastore and he gave me a cuddle, I looked at him and tried to pull a smile, but I just couldn't.

I left him and carried on walking forward, starting to take off my armband when Blaise Matuidi ran up to me and gave me a hug, as did Sakho. I couldn't handle my emotion, each hug and handshake I got, more tears started to stream down my face.

More of the team surrounded me, patting me on the back and giving me a hug, even the keeper came up to the half way line and gave me a quick hug. I was then in the middle of a circle they made and they all applauded me, the noise in the stadium was deafening, almost every fan I looked at was clapping their hands.

Then Lucas came over and bowed. He bowed in front of me, and that set me off even more, I gave him a long hug and he said to me:

"Don't cry David, enjoy this moment!"

I gave him a short smile and shook his hand before I started to head off to the sideline.
I applauded all the of stadium, even the Brest fans were applauding me.

I got to the sideline and gave Lavezzi, who was coming on for me a hug, and then I walked a little further and saw my family in the corner and I blew them a kiss.
I then saw Carlo Ancelotti and he gave me a huge hug, as did the rest of the PSG bench.
I took a place on the bench and carried on watching the game.

I still couldn't stop crying, every time the camera focused on me the stadium erupted in applause, I knew this day would finally come but I didn't know it would be as emotional as this.

The final whistle went and everyone again embraced me and applauded me, I didn't want to go but I knew it was the right time to hang up my boots and I can sit here now and look back at the many good years in my football career.

What now for me? I'm really not sure.
A good start to the story. There was a well known Beckham story on this site a while back so it will take quite a bit to match it!

An Old Man's Advice

"You should become a manager."

I spat out my tea and looked right at him speechless.

"I mean it, you should."

"But... I have no experience?"

"Look at me. Started out at Aberdeen with no experience, got to Manchester United and won so many trophies, David, Listen to me, you can do it."

I put down my cup and started to think about what Alex said, I knew there was something strange about him inviting me out for tea after he announced his retirement.

"Where do I go then Alex? What kind of club would want an in-experienced manager like me?"

He looked at me and smiled as he got up and left the coffee shop.

"Wait! You didn't tell me who!"

It was too late, he was already gone, I have to say it was a quick exit for a man who will be having hip surgery soon!
I looked down at the table and he had left some money for the bill on top of a piece of folded paper which looked like the bill.

"I guess I better see how much this costs."

I pushed away the money and lifted up the piece of paper and unfolded it.
The waitress walked up to me and asked me for the rest of the money.

I read the information on the piece of paper and dropped a cup on the table, handed the waitress the money and picked up my phone before walking out.

"What was his problem?"

The waitress looked down at the piece of paper which read:

Hope this David have more success than the current
Really good start to the story, good luck in the future posts to come :)

Family Vacation - Interrupted.

Now I'm retired from football, I can now relax. As much as I'm going to miss being up early and going to the training ground, I can get used to this, relaxing and living a stress-free life.
I've decided to book tickets for the whole family to go to Spain, Madrid to be precise, and no, I'm not going there to manage Real Madrid, in fact I'm going no where near the Bernabéu, I'm just going to Madrid with my family for a few weeks to relax and clear my mind about all this 'management' business Sir Alex said I should go into.

We packed our bags and set off to the airport.

"Good morning everyone and welcome to 5 live sport, this morning we will be discussing the potential successors of Sir Alex Ferguson."

I heard the boys in the back of the car talking quietly about who should be Sir Alex's successor, and quite frankly, I wanted them to shut up. I've come on holiday to get away from all this!

"Dad! Switch the radio up would you?"

I hesitated, I know that Brooklyn supports United, as do I, but I really didn't want to listen to this.
I sighed and switched up the radio.

"I think it'll be David Moyes, he is a good friend of Ferguson and I reckon he'll suit United well."

Huh, yeah right, Appointing David Moyes? That'll be a laugh.

"I think it'll be Jurgen Klopp honestly. He's a great young manager with a lot of potential and I reckon the United job would suit him."

Jurgen Klopp? That would be a decent appointment, I rate him highly after the job he has done at Dortmund.

"I think it'll be David Beckham. Apparently he met Ferguson at a coffee shop and offered him the United job."

Uh, what. I stopped the car and turned up the radio.

"It seems legit, as many of the people in the coffee shop saw them both together talking about Manchester United and the waitress saw the words 'Manchester United' on a piece of paper in what looks like Ferguson's handwriting."

I can't believe it, I can't believe they found out so quick.

"Dad! You're the new manager?"

"No, no I'm not Brooklyn."

"But the radio just said that you were with..."

"I'm not Brooklyn!"

He shut up then and quietly whispered "Sorry", I quickly smiled at him and continued the journey to the airport.
We passed through security easily and headed off to the plane, finally a chance to clear my mind. I need this. We all need this.

The journey there was smooth, I had a long rest on the plane and soon enough we arrived. The weather there was absolutely beautiful, reminded me of my playing days back at Madrid, makes a change from the weather in England, that's for sure.
We headed off to our hotel which was brilliant, the view, the rooms and the food looked perfect.
We unpacked and headed straight off the the beach, which was close by to the hotel as we could see it from our balcony.

We found a perfect spot on the beach with a lot of space, Me and Victoria lay down and enjoyed the sun whilst the kids were either in the sea or were building sand castles, whereas Brooklyn was chatting to some Spanish girls beside us.

"This is the life."

Victoria looked at me and smiled.

"It is Dave, it is. How long are we staying here for?"

"I wish I could say forever, but probably a few weeks."

She smirked and carried on sunbathing whereas I got up and help the kids build a mighty sandcastle near the sea.
We heard a huge noise coming from the sea and as I looked over in the distance, we saw a few speedboats heading towards our direction.

We stepped back as the speedboats came closer and hit the beach, crushing our sandcastle which we spent quite a bit of time making.
I was furious.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing? You've just destroyed our..."

I was speechless, as stood before me was someone I never expected to be here.

"Hello David."

"Good morning Alex."

"Nice weather here huh?"

"Look Alex, what do you want? Can't you see me and my family are enjoying our vacation here?"

"I can see that, but David, you'll have to tell them to pack their bags once again."


"Because David, as of today, you are the new Manchester United manager."

"But I haven't signed anything...?"

"I know, and now is your chance."

He handed me a contract and a black pen, do I want to do this? Sacrifice my vacation and go and manage the biggest club in England?
I signed on the dotted line and Alex shook my hand before getting back on the speedboat, I had to go and tell my family which wasn't the easiest of tasks.

What have I got myself into...
Great start mate and good luck :)
2014-03-23 11:43#165794 pompeyblue : Great start mate and good luck :)
Thanks man! :)
Josh_MU's avatar Group Josh_MU
10 yearsEdited

Welcome Home.

After a long flight back from Madrid, the plane had landed and my family and I made our way towards the exit doors, I took a quick glance out of the window and saw it was pouring down with rain, typical England, but more so, typical Manchester.
We got off the plane and ran into the airport, the rain was getting heavier with each stride I took.

We got inside and I immediately went to call a taxi, we were going to have to book a room in a Premier Inn nearby until I got the situation sorted out regarding becoming the manager of Manchester United, however before I was able to dial the number, my mobile started to ring;

"Uh, Hello?"

"David? Hi, It's Alex."

"Hi, what's up?"

"Are you back in Manchester now?"

"I am, just trying to find somewhere to stay for a few days."

"Ah, no need David, you see, becoming Manchester United's manager gives you benefits, and well, we've got you and your family a house near the stadium."

I was speechless, did the club just buy me a house in Manchester and it didn't cost me a penny?

"Wow, er, I don't really know what to say... Thank you I guess."

"No problem David."

He told me the address and gave me directions whilst I frantically wrote them down on a piece of paper and then he hung up, that was rather generous of him.
I walked back over to my family and told them about the conversation and showed them the directions to the house. Soon enough the taxi arrived and we headed off to our new house.

After the long journey in the taxi and a hefty sum of money took out of my wallet for the taxi fee, we arrived at the new house, and boy, was it a beauty.
A big open area, very well designed house, It was perfect, and it was free! We headed into the house and saw there was a lot of furniture already inside.

"Woah, how did all this get in here?"

I looked at my family puzzled.

"The last owners may have left it here."

"But Victoria, look, it's brand new.

She felt the sofa and looked at me in amazement.

"My God, you're right! Maybe the club bought it all for us?"

"If they did, than that's very generous."

We looked around the house and every room was filled with the necessary items needed. In the kitchen, we had a top of the range oven, stove, microwave, fridge/freezer. In the living room we had sofas, chairs, a 50 inch television, bookshelves etc. They have actually spoilt us.

The kids had already decided on who got each bedroom and soon enough we were all settled in nicely, we were outside in the garden, I was sat next to Victoria having a nice drink watching Romeo, Brooklyn and Cruz playing football, these boys have a future, that's for sure, whilst Harper was next to Victoria asleep.

"You know David, you may have made the right choice, it's beautiful here."

"I know, it's great!"

"When do you start by the way?"


"That soon?"

"Yeah, I'll keep in touch with you when I have the chance."

We sat there for another hour or so and enjoyed the rest of the day in our new house. It was great but then again I could lose this all so easily if I don't perform well as Manchester Untied manager...

Chapter 2 - New Start In Life

Urgh, what a horrible nights sleep, no matter how hard I tried I could just not get comfortable. I headed to the wardrobe and pulled out my nicest suit. Yep, today is the day. Nervous, I am, I don't know what my reception will be, I don't think anyone knows who the manager is as of yet, and straight away I have a news conference to address my views for the club this season. I grabbed a piece of toast and took a bite out of it whilst heading to the door.

"I'm off now Victoria! See you later!"

"Good luck David! Be careful!"

I walked out of the door, locked it and headed towards to garage where my Bentley Mulsanne is parked. I unlocked the garage door and got in my car before heading out into the open road.

The weather was terrible, as usual, my windscreen wipers were on the fastest setting the rain was that bad, I could hardly see out of my windscreen at this rate, so I had to pull over and have a coffee waiting for the rain the die down a bit.

Soon enough I was back on the road, Old Trafford was really close now, I turned right and I saw the mighty stadium in all it's glory, and I said to myself:

"I'm home."

I got into the car park, parked my car and headed off into the stadium, luckily for me, there was no media around the stadium!
As I entered, Sir Alex Ferguson was stood at the main doors waiting for me.

"David! Glad you could make it!"

"Haha, Morning Alex!"

"Morning! How are you feeling?"

"Nervous, very very nervous."

"Don't be! You'll do fine! Follow me!"

Alex walked off in the direction towards the offices, I look around at a few people and smiled. He eventually stopped outside the media room and I could hear lots of chatter through the doors. I was nervous as hell. Alex turned to me and said;

"You ready?"

I cleared my throat and replied;

"Ready as I'll ever be."

He opened the door and all I could see was flashing lights, I took a step in the room and I heard some gasps around the media, however the flashing did not stop. I followed Sir Alex and sat down next to him on the table infront of the media.
Sir Alex addressed the media;

"Good morning everyone, this will only be a short conference to unveil our new manager today, however you will all have the chance to ask Mr.Beckham questions in the near future. Today he will only be addressing a short message to you all, Over to you David."

Well, here goes nothing.

"Morning. Yes, I am the new Manchester United boss surprisingly! However I am absolutely honoured to have this chance and I will not let any of you down. When I was offered this job, I was too nervous to accept it, however Sir Alex believed in me and that inspired me to take the job. I know I have hardly any managerial experience but I want to prove to you all that I can handle this type of job and continue the legacy of Manchester Untied for now and seasons to come."

There was applause around the room and I smiled. I've actually done it, I've actually become the Manchester United manager. Sir Alex took some quick questions about me and soon enough he rounded off the quick conference.
We headed out of the door and I couldn't stop smiling.

"Well done David! See, you could do it!"

"I know! Thanks for the help!"

"It's no problem whatsoever, now before I go, would you like any help?"

"Uh, no, no I'm fine thanks.."

"Are you sure?"

"Yep, I am.."

He started to head away from me as I looked around trying to find something.

"Looking for your office by chance?"

"Uh... yeah.."

He chuckled and went towards the Glazer's office whereas I headed towards my office and put my personal items on my desk, including a picture of my family and my boots from my final ever game.

A little while later, I heard a knock on my door.

"Come in!"

The door swung open and in came Ryan Giggs.

"Ryan! It's been a while!"

"It certainly has!"

He came in and sat down infront my of desk.

"Look at you David! Manager of Manchester United! Who would have thought huh?"

"I know, I couldn't believe it either. Now Ryan, I have a question to ask you."

"Yeah what's up?"

"Well me being the new manager and all and Mike and Rene leaving, how would you like to become my assistant manager? I mean don't think I'm forcing you to, It's just an offer."

"Hmm, I don't know, I kind of want to carry on playing, how about I'll be a player and a coach this season, and become the assistant next season?"

"That sounds great Ryan. Good to see you mate."

"You too David! I wish you luck!

He left the room and I sat back on my chair and turned it around to face outside the window. I could get used to this...
Nice update mate!
Hopefully you can have a long and successful career at United just like Sir Alex :D
2014-03-23 19:21#165864 pompeyblue : Nice update mate!
Hopefully you can have a long and successful career at United just like Sir Alex :D
Thanks a lot mate! Yeah, here's hoping!

Meeting the Players.

After my unveiling, I decided to call a team meeting and scheduled it for 10am, as this'll give the players enough time to get here. I had a quick chat with Ryan Giggs about the upcoming season and asked him to help me figure out the best tactic later on today.

I headed into my office and instructed Chris Woods, our goalkeeping coach, to inform me when all the players have arrived. I started to look at some potential formations to play in the mean time and looked at potential players to get rid off and they are no longer needed at the club.

Soon enough my walkie talkie emitted sound;

"Hey boss, the whole squad are in the changing room now."

"Alright cheers Chris, I'll head down there now."

I walked down towards the changing room, got to the door, cleared my throat and walked in.

"Morning lads."

I looked at them all and smiled, as I walked past each one of them I gave them a firm handshake and then I walked back into the centre of the changing room.

"So, as your probably well aware, I am your new manager now."

Nemanja Vidic stood up and spoke confidently saying;

"Welcome Mr.Beckham. It is an honour for you to be our new manager. I want to assure you on behalf of the team that we will play to our very best this season and that we will always be backing you no matter what the circumstances come to."

"Thank you Nemanja, Does anyone else want to mention anything?"

Wayne Rooney stood up and said;

"As Nemanja said, it is an honour that you are our new manager and we are looking forward to working with your ideas."

"Thanks Wayne, I'm glad to here that. I'd also like to mention that I fully trust all of you, and I believe that we can go on and win the title again this season. If you all perform to your very best who knows what we can achieve this season."

The players cheered and applauded with some of them saying;

"Yeah, you're right gaffer!"

"Come on boys! We can win the league!"

It gave a positive vibe around the changing rooms and Ryan Giggs looked at me and gave me two thumbs up.

"Thank you all for coming today, I know it was quite early but thank you. I'll be seeing you lads at training later on, but for now, enjoy your day!"

The players got up, they were talking and laughing, one by one they filed out of the changing rooms, giving me a high-five as they left. Soon enough they were all gone and I turned to Ryan Giggs.

"So, how'd I do?"


"Want to go and get a coffee and discuss tactics?"


We both left the changing rooms and went to get a coffee to discuss our tactics for the upcoming season, A very positive morning it has been. Good to see the players believe in me.

Fallouts and Broken Relationships.

Later on that day I called a training session and I wanted all the lads to attend so I could evaluate them and consider their future for this season. I had a few players in mind to get rid off and basically their only chance of survival is putting in a good training session and proving to me that they have the qualities that a Manchester United player needs to possess.

I phoned up Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt who were going to also run the training session with me and asked them to get to Carrington as soon as possible, then I grabbed my coat and headed off to Carrington to meet with the others.
The journey was quiet, there wasn't lots of people on the road that afternoon surprisingly so the journey wasn't as long as I expected and soon enough I arrived at Carrington to see Nicky Butt getting out of the car.

"Nicky! Good to see you mate!"

"Alright David."

I walked over and gave him a brief hug.

"It's been a while eh?"

"I second that, look at you! You're a manager now!"

"Yeah, it's surreal isn't it?"

"You've got that spot on."

We both headed inside and carried on towards to outdoor training complex to see the players running a few basic drills with Paul Scholes and Phil Neville who must have already been here.

"Alright guys, how's it going?"

"It's going good David, just got the players doing some drills."

Paul showed me a clipboard with the drills that they have just done.

"Cheers Paul!"

Phil came up to me and said;

"Hey David, good to see your doing well, I see you've called a training session, would you like me to help run it?"

"Sure Phil, the more help the better!"

We rounded up the lads and told them to do some basic passing drills, I wanted to really evaluate the following players this training session:

  • Tom Cleverley
  • Ashley Young
  • Patrice Evra
  • Antonio Valencia
  • Javier Hernandez

I've chose these lads as I see many weaknesses in their game and I need to see whether or not they are 'Manchester United standard'.
They all got on well with the passing drills except Tom Cleverley who surprisingly struggled to even pass 30 yards, This was worrying. I got the other players to carry on doing more drills and called Tom over.

"Hey Tom."

"Hi Boss, what's up?"

"Well Tom, I've been watching you and you seem to be struggling to pass well, explanation please?"

"Well I tried by best and that's all you can ask for."

This infuriated me.

"You 'tried your best'?! Goodness me Tom if that's your best why the hell are you playing football? You need to improve Tom! This is for your own good!"

"Are you criticizing me?! You know what boss you are are driving my patience hear. I am very good at football and everyone can notice that."

"Really Tom..."

"YES REALLY. If your that worried then sell me!"

"Great idea! I'll list you up now."

He stormed off into the changing room, however before he entered he turned around and said;

"F**k you boss."

Paul and Nicky looked at me in shock, who would have thought Tom Cleverley has a bad mouth? I went over and told them about my decision and they agreed that it was the right thing to do.

We carried on doing some drills and I was very impressed with Wayne and Robin, they were creating goals for each other and I think that if they maintain this good partnership they'll be a force to reckon with in the league.

Later on we were finishing up training and apart from the Tom Cleverley saga the whole squad performed to a good standard, changes will be made for sure but for the majority of the players they'll be keeping their place at Manchester United.

As for Tom Cleverley. AS Monaco are interested in his services, why? I don't know but they can have him!

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