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What's the furthest you've gone?

Started on 29 April 2009 by siebdykstra
Latest Reply on 18 April 2013 by Blue
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simplicio2pac : i'm in 2028 with fc basel.they built an arena with my name, what more i can ask?

now dats commitment :yes:wink
simplicio2pac : i'm in 2028 with fc basel.they built an arena with my name, what more i can ask?

woow , thats amazing, i have never played an FM game for so long.

my record i think is at max 2014.
sorry guys, i didn't know the question is only for the football manager 2009 games. my record is made in fm 2008.
I'm in the dim and distant pre season of the 2037-38 season, but i'm a one save one club man at the minute, dragging my beloved Tamworth through the tables. You get bored for a bit, do something else for a bit, the remember that you've STILL not won the FA cup any you're mate Jim has, and he's come round with his laptop specially to demonstrate his superior trophy cabinet to you, so you go back. Then the next version is released and the horror begins again.

Plus it helps i lost my job in the recession, lost my flat and had to move back in with my parents. FM is a great way of dissapearing into a dream world for a few solid weeks and stop you from noticing the horror of your existence...
I usually only last 5 seasons, I go Celtic, and big clubs come after my players and so they become unsettled and I lose the dressing room, usually when I leave
I usualy play 5-12 seasons, but I don't watch games, I go on holiday. I like to pick small team, buy new young stars, and create the best team in world. To do that you nead many seasons, so i go on holiday to spead up game, and only watch Champions League finale. And I hate that Board is so slow in expanding the stadion...
i'm curently playing season 2034/45 witn notthingham forest =D
15 leagues won,5 Champions leagues,1UEFA cup ,and some FA and Liga cups =D
i'm the richest club in the wolrd (695M),arsenal is second (670M)...i have a new staduim (65000 all seated)...oh, and i'm the best payed in my club 200,000 euros p/w
Many players like Ballack,Terry,Lampard,Sakho,Iker Casilas are world class managers now...i signed Adler,retired at my club,became assistant manager,and now he's manager at Arsenal...the clubs are fierce rivals but we're friends as managers :)
wow that is dedication to last to 34/35
i start anew after 3 seasons if im really into it
im into season 2022/23 with Grays Athletic
From 2008 i was with H and W Welders in the NI 2nd Div taking them to the Prem in 7 years then moved on in 2017 after constantly getting 2nd.
Moved to Grays Athletic in The BSP and got promoted to League 2 first season and just got promoted to League 1
Micheal Owen is manager of Birmingham and Australia have crazy regens and have just dominated internationally for the last couple of years :)
In preseason of my 8th season now. :)
i'm two managers
one is legend at liverpool i was manager 8 years then went to Santos fc their for a year won everything then left joined Wigan
for international i won 2 world cups with brazil got sacked 4years later never made semi final of world cup.

as other manager i went athletico madrid won liga bbva, for england i won the european championship, then took over liverpool after my other manager left for brazil
atm im in 2026
but on FM11 went from 2011-2032
There was absolutely no need to dig up a thread from four years ago just to post your achievments. You could have easily just created a new one, instead of wasting space bringing back old topics. Please don't do it again.

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