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Neal Sociedad: The Real Deal

At last, someone to break the stranglehold on Spanish football.
Started on 6 April 2014 by Neal
Latest Reply on 4 July 2014 by pokarioboy
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Good Luck Neal
Better tie down Vela into a new contract! I hope you aren't jokin about the Chairmans name :P
An interesting choice of team with some decent players. Good luck for the coming season.
Wow, haven't even updated and there are 17 replies!! Thank you guys so much for all of this early support, I hope you will all enjoy this story when it gets underway! (Also, I hope the title pun didn't make you all cringe too much :P )
Neal's avatar Group Neal
10 yearsEdited


Having led Real Sociedad to a 4th place finish, their best finish since the 2002-2003 La Liga season, manager Philippe Montanier has chosen not to renew his contract and has left the club. The Frenchman is rumored to confirm a contract with Ligue 1 side Stade Rennais within the coming days to immediately return to football management.

It is a bitter blow to many Real Sociedad fans to lose Montanier. The charismatic coach had taken over Los Txuri-Urdin in 2011, leading them to a respectable 12th placed finish just two years after their promotion to the Spanish top flight. However, in the 2012-2013 season, Montanier's Sociedad side shocked the nation with their 4th placed finish, leaving them in the Champions League playoff round for next season.

The new manager will have a very talented squad to work with. The likes of Carlos Vela, Antoine Griezmann, and newly signed Sergio Canales lead a star studded attack, while the talented youth international Inigo Martinez is set to take charge of the heart of the club's defense for years to come.

However, no new manager is confirmed yet, and no real targets have been released to the press. Roberto Di Matteo, still jobless after being unceremoniously sacked by Chelsea despite winning the UEFA Champions League, is a major contender for the job. However, the firm favorite to land the post remains Marcelo Bielsa, still unemployed after leaving Athletic Bilbao.

Whoever is appointed, Sociedad will want to act fast. With preseason not too far away, Los Txuri-Urdin will want to have their squad and manager fully set for their UEFA Champions League playoff to kick off the season.

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Nais update
Nice update. The title suggests you'll be using yourself?
Nice update!!!!1111 You always do nice updates though so ye...
I've now commented on 2/2 updates!
Good Luck neal. You should be top 4 :p
Don't sell Griezmann or Inigo!!
Pauker: Thanks dood :P

LFC: Good observation mate ;)

ZapdosTheGreat: Lol thanks!!11

Walter: Well done, keep it up lad :))

kernel: I certainly will try, but more about my La Liga aspirations once I've even gotten the job! :P

victoras15: I hope I can hold on to them!
Neal's avatar Group Neal
10 yearsEdited

The Bet

"Find Johnny out left! LEFT, LEFT, not RIGHT! Fuck's sake, get your heads out of your asses and PLAY SIMPLE BOYS!"

The other intercepted our central midfielder's pass, thundered through my center backs, and slotted coolly home into the corner. I gazed up at the scoreboard, lighting up next to the waving American flag.


The final whistle blew, and my ragtag group of fifteen year old boys gathered round. I sighed, before waving my hand at the inadequate 'footballers'. If they could even be called that. This country really needs some work on it's youth.

"Go home. We'll talk at training tomorrow."

I checked my watch. 8:30. Why do I even waste my time on this? Not like I'll ever make it big. I started back toward my car, and ran into the U17's coach on my way.

"How'd the 15's do, Neal?"

"3-0. Couldn't complete two passes in a row. We've got a lot to work on with them before they're ready for you, Andy."

He laughed. "Hear about Sociedad? Montanier left." Andy was one of the few coaches around here that actually followed European football, like me. Sometimes it felt like he was the only football friend I even had.

"You down for a friendly bet?" he continued with a glint in his eyes. Intrigued, I nodded.

"We both submit CV's, if either of us get a reply, the other owes the one with the reply $25."

I laughed, sarcastically slapping my knee, before I realized he was serious. He was as tired of working with these garbage American youth programs as I was, and even if there wasn't much of a chance at all, it was worth a shot.

"Yeah, what the fuck, I'll give it a go."

He laughed at me again. "Sounds like a deal. Do you curse like that in front of Nicole?"

I smirked right back. "Speaking of which, she's probably waiting for me at home. See you 'round, Andy."

He waved, and I got into the car. As I put my key into the ignition, I couldn't help but imagine myself on the touchline, surrounding by thousands of fans, screaming my head off at Xabi Prieto not staying wide enough.

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Neal, you're not allowed to curse!! :O

Great update, again, can't wait to see this turn out like your other two.
So many expletives :P $25?! Should be like a grand! :))

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