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Barcelona 2020 - The Future

A New Idea I am trying of starting a save in the year 2020!
Started on 7 April 2014 by AS4
Latest Reply on 20 April 2014 by captainbrickarms
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AS4's avatar Group AS4
10 yearsEdited

It had been just a year since I had left the game I had loved. Retirement had not been easy, but it was definitely something my body needed. As much as I wanted to, I just could not continue playing and had to hang up my cleats. But I had also been feeling what many of my contemporaries did, I had felt a void that I just couldn’t fill. Playing soccer was pretty much all I had known, and desired in life. I opened my eyes as I again contemplated my life. The past one year away from soccer had been pretty much the same – I would get up in the morning, and retrospect. I had been experiencing all the withdrawal symptoms one could think of. And people say quitting cocaine is hard, try quitting soccer when it has been an integral part of your life for 39 years! Hah!

Today, surprisingly, I wasn’t thinking of myself. But of my team. The one club I had made my life. Afterall, it was more than just a club! What a turbulent seven years it had been. The seven years that would see us being dethroned from being one of the giants and powerhouses of European football to being utterly mediocre. The Seven Years that had seen us thirst for any sort of success; The seven years that had deprived us of all silverware. I had had enough now. Quite honestly, it was not just me, infact any fan of this prestigious club would have had enough by now. This was our breaking point. This had to be it. No more. No more.

I tried to pinpoint what exactly was it that had happened in these seven years that changed the dynamics so drastically that from being a top European team – definitely the best team at that time – to being outplayed by every other ‘continental’ team. A terrible seven years for any fan of our club. Seven years that had perhaps killed our thirst for success – and had starved us of ALL silverware. It had in fact been only a year since I had stopped playing, yet I never realised. I never realised the nadir that our club had sunk to in recent times. Had you told me, or any fan that such a thing would happen, back in the early 2010s, we would have laughed at you and called you delusional. These thoughts began a chain of thoughts in my head - one thing leading to the other. I wondered, what was it that had gone wrong? I wondered… how did I never notice this all these years while playing for the club? Or perhaps I had noticed it, but decided to bury it into the echelons of my subconscious mind because I was too afraid to accept it. To acknowledge the fact that indeed we had fallen from ‘grace’. The throne was no longer ours. We were no longer the best, or even amongst the best. As all this dawned upon me, I realised that I had been lying motionless in my bed, in a flurry of thoughts, without any knowledge of time or space. I wanted to forget it all. To go back in time and change it all. Unfortunately, that was one thing that I couldn’t do. I told myself to get over it, to forget about it, ‘your footballing career is over, stop thinking of it’. But could I? Could I get over this club that had been an integral part of my life? Just as in any dilemma, my heart went against my mind. NO! I will not let my club suffer this indignity! We belong up there, lifting the Champions League, not at home getting drubbed by our rivals! I had decided. It was time I did something, for the fans, for myself and for the club. It was time that I revive our glorious club to what it was and should be – A POWERHOUSE! In a matter of seconds, I felt a rush, as if life had meaning for me again. I needed to do something.

Well, the club was looking for a replacement for manager Luis Enrique! He had just been fired and I am sure that they would consider me, keeping in mind the fact that I have spent all my life at the club and know it inside out! But wait, was this just some random thought that I had overanalyzed and pondered upon? Or was it really something that I had wanted? Well, soccer was what I wanted. And this club would be perfect? But then again, would they pick me? I don’t really have any experience per se, oh wait, I have no experience as a manager at all. But then I remembered something, and assured myself, ‘It’s just football, not rocket science’. Tomorrow would be it then. I would announce my candidacy for the managerial vacancy at FC Barcelona. And make it what it was once – more than just a club.
Great introduction mate! looking forward to seeing where this goes
Amazing op! I am defo looking forward to this! Good to have a future story too! Looking forward to what their squad is like.
2014-04-07 16:32#167733 TodayAtTomorrow : Great introduction mate! looking forward to seeing where this goes

Thanks mate! :)

2014-04-07 16:32#167734 EdenHazard17 : Amazing op! I am defo looking forward to this! Good to have a future story too! Looking forward to what their squad is like.

Thanks a lot :D Hope you have fun reading this in the future :D
AS4's avatar Group AS4
10 yearsEdited

I sat there at the Barcelona office, before my scheduled meeting with Sandro Rosell, and looked at the television, as I saw Paris Saint Germain lift their second consecutive Champions League trophy, I could see Edinson Cavani’s face light up with joy as he lifted the trophy, flanked on the right by Marco Veratti, his second in command and 24 year old French forward Juan Marcelo Cardozo – both of whom along with Cavani had been instrumental in leading the French giants to their second consecutive Champions League Trophy. . PSG had had a fairytale rise in recent times, they had dominated the Ligue 1 - it had infact become their monopoly, having not allowed any other side to capture the Ligue 1 title in seven years - followed by two Champions league and a Club World Cup victory had seen them become one of the best clubs in the world, if not the best at least they were the richest! Seeing this spectacle on the television sent me into a flashback. I remembered how we had lifted that trophy, and the world had embraced us as the best footballing side in the world at that moment. What an amazing spectacle that was, we had beaten Manchester United that year in the final, by a score of 3-1. I was brought back to my senses by a voice – that of Sandro Rosell himself, as he walked towards me with open arms and a smile stretched on his face.

“Andrés! Andrés! What a pleasant surprise! Come on in” he said as he gave me a firm handshake and greeted me with a pleasant smile. I couldn’t really decide whether I should have hugged him or just shook his hand, so I went with the safer option and shook his hand. Boy was I pleased to see him. He reminded me of my old days at the club, the good times!

“How have you been Sandro?” I asked him as we entered his office, and I positioned myself quite comfortably on the chair.
“Before that Andrés, let me ask you, what brings you here?” he asked me, arranging some papers on his desk. “.. have you decided to follow Xavi’s footsteps and become a coach?” he cut me off.

“Yeah, something like that” I paused for a while, trying to gather the words that would sound serious enough. “I would like to give the managerial post at Barça a shot!” I finally blurted, There wasn’t any good way to say this!
As soon as he heard this, he stopped filing through the papers and gave me a serious look. ‘What are you thinking Sandro?’ I thought to myself. Well atleast he wasn’t guffawing at the idea that I had just put out there, so this was better than I had thought. There was an awkward moment of silence, a long one.

I decided to break it “I know I don’t have any experience as a manager, but I love this club, and more than anything I want it to succeed. I know this club inside out, Sandro. Its like my family. And you know it!”.. “And lets face it, football isn’t rocket science, I think that by now I know what football is like and how it is played” I continued, trying to make my case all the while. Not a strong argument, but still.

“That’s quite true yes.” Sandro replied. “I don’t doubt your credentials Andrés. You know how much I respect you. I don’t see any reason why not. You have been here all your life. At La Masia. Being a La Masia graduate I am sure that you already understand the main values that this club aims to imbibe”. Suddenly, the crazy idea I had one morning did not seem so crazy anymore, and just a bit closer to reality!

“But there is a problem, Andrés. Despite the respect and adoration that I and the fans have for you, I do have the elections coming up. They’re three years away but I do not want to lose them. Especially after the scandal that broke out as a result of the ban in 2014” he said, his eyes suddenly darting downwards, showing more than just a hint of embarrassment. ‘Please let this not be the bad part’ I wished inside.

Taking the silence as a cue, Sandro continued “Hiring you could, would most probably, prove to be the right move. But giving you a long term contract would be too big a gamble for me to make, Andrés. I hope you understand that”.

“I do” I somehow managed to say, with a lingering sense of disappointment.
“Therefore, I will only be able to offer you a 1 year contract in the beginning, and if you perform as well as I am hoping for you to, I am sure the fans and the board will warm up to you and we will then definitely work at a long term commitment. I hope you do not feel offended by this” Sandro finally completed himself, looking me straight in the eye.

“Ofcourse not, Sandro! Thankyou for giving me this opportunity. I swear I won’t disappoint you. And I will not forget this remarkable display of faith from you, ever.” I replied.

What had just happened? I had bagged the Barcelona job! Back to the club I love! This is just like a dream! Oh god!
I shook hands with Sandro, and vowed to meet him tomorrow, in a more official manner and discuss out further details. This was the new life of Andrés Iniesta. Manager of Barcelona.
Big unexpected twist here! I like it!, But I think you should have chose someone else instead.

However a great update and keep it up dude!
AS4's avatar Group AS4
10 yearsEdited

A Glimpse - The World At 2020

Population - 6.92 billion (Still!?)
Nations - 224
Teams - 35,177

2014-04-07 18:36#167775 EdenHazard17 : Big unexpected twist here! I like it!, But I think you should have chose someone else instead.

However a great update and keep it up dude!

Thanks mate! :D
I didnt really have a lot of choices. I basically had to choose between Iniesta, Xavi and Puyol. However, Xavi and Puyol are still in game, Xavi as Asst Mgr of ManUtd and Puyol of LOSC Lille, so Iniesta was my only choice. :)
Thanks :) Hope you enjoy this!
OMG, Musa has second best player :O, that is ridiculous!

Good to see Messi still the best!

Great update!
Damn! Madrid owning!
2014-04-07 19:09#167786 EdenHazard17 : OMG, Musa has second best player :O, that is ridiculous!

Good to see Messi still the best!

Great update!
Damn! Madrid owning!

Haha, I know. Seems there is a dearth of footballing talent :P

Yesss :D But he is 33. So, not gonna last long.

Thanks :)

P.S. Bayern and PSG tho :O
Good update mate; just wondering if you could shed some light on how Liverpool are doing?
2014-04-07 20:27#167803 TodayAtTomorrow : Good update mate; just wondering if you could shed some light on how Liverpool are doing?

Cheers mate! Yes ofcourse!
Liverpool are predicted to finish 5th this season, Suarez is Captain and James Milner (!) is your Vice Captain. Managed by Oscar Garcia.
The only silverware Liverpool have earned thus far is the Under 16s Cup in 2016 and the Runners Up Spot in the FA Cup the same year. Apart from that, it has been a rather dry spell!

Starting XI, as I see it :
GK - Mignolet
Wingbacks - Sead Kolasinac and Simon Baldock (Regen)
CDs - Harry Maguire and Sokratis Popastathopoulous (Did I spell it right?)
DM - Jorge Enriquez
CMs - Gael Bigirimana and Ross Watson (Regen)
Wingers - Alexis Sacnchez and Todor Nedelev
Striker - Juan Ignacio Duma (Suarez seems to be injured)

Hope that helped :)
If you need anything, just ask :)
This is great!
2014-04-08 06:52#167850 tallery1164 : This is great!

Thanks mate :D Hope you enjoy this! :)

The first day
I made my way to the training ground, and I made sure I arrived there before anyone else did. I could feel a new wave of energy inside me as I made way to the training ground. However, just as I stepped in and looked around the ground, I was in for quite a bit of shock, I was not the first one there. Messi, Gabriel Aiello and Juan had already arrived over there. Messi and Gabriel were practicing free kicks and this was actually warming up Juan and helping him work on his positioning and reflexes. I had known Messi to be quite determined and punctual, so this was not really much of a surprise. Gabriel and Juan though, did surprise me, in a pleasant manner. It had been quite some time since I had seen such dedication from players, and to see it in players of such a young age was definitely assuring. We have a bright future ahead of us, I told myself.

Messi’s voice however, did shake me out of my thoughts, “Andrés! Congratulations! I had heard that the board had appointed you, but had not quite believed it!” he said to me.

“Ah, Leo, it all happened in such a quick time. It was surreal believe me. How have you been? A little early for practice isn’t it?” I asked my ex teammate.

“Oh nothing, you know, just the usual! Gotta practice to make sure we don’t fall behind” he said, with humility that was unbelievable of someone who had just won his tenth Ballon d’Or. He hadn’t fallen behind, it was clear, the team had. As a whole. And this was something I had to change.

“I am sure you are still good enough. Well, enough of that for now, the others must be coming. Lets get ready for practice shall we?” I replied.

“Oh yes, so I’ll see you after practice! And yeah, all the best, I know you will lead us to glory” Leo said, as he walked back to practice and started his free kick drills again. I hope I do lead you to glory, Leo, no one deserves it more than you do.

I then settled my mind for the day ahead, my very first as manager. I then attended the training session, preceded by the team meeting, which went better than I had thought. I was unsure of how the squad would react on seeing a rookie manager, like me, taking control of the club – at such a dire time. It was all for naught though, because Pique, Neymar, Busquets and Messi ensured I got a warm welcome. The squad looked generally pleased with me!
From the training sessions, it was quite evident that even though Messi was still a very good player, it was infact Neymar who now had the responsibility of carrying the team. Messi was 33 now, and it was only a matter of time before his body began to show signs of this aging (and I say this from experience), and that is why Neymar looked to be the person the team would look forward to in the future. The near future.

We had quite a strong squad, and it was quite unbelievable that we had not been able to challenge for a trophy all these years, and that would hopefully change this year. Oh it better change this year.
Our top five players right now, were Neymar, Gino Peruzzi, Messi, Busquets and Aguero, with Doria almost equally as good. Incorporating all these players at the same time would prove to be a challenge, as there were a lot of overlapping positions amongst them.

Despite the quality of the squad, it was hard to not notice the fact that this squad was old. Yes, old. But the youth players did give us some hope. The goalkeeping position was Juan Enrique Dopico’s for the future, with him looking like the most perfect candidate – someone reliable between the sticks in a few years time. Leandro Pagés would be our future striker, and I was certain we could have him take over from fellow Argentinian Messi once Messi decided to hang his cleats. Our second strike option would be Gabriel – and he could be top notch stuff in a couple seasons. Argentina seems to produce the best strikers! Uruguayan Rubén Ferro will be the rock in the central defensive position soon. We have no dearth of quality young players.

As I was evaluating the whole squad, oblivious to me, Sandro had quietly walked up to me from behind and his words gave me quite a few chills! “I hope you’re having a good first day, Andrés!”.

“Oh, Sandro! Didn’t see you coming from behind! Yes yes, quite a good one. Better than I thought!” I replied.

“I am pleased to hear that. We have something to discuss! The transfer budgets! The club had a budget of £50 million at the start, however, before Luis Enrique was relieved of his duties at Barcelona, he spent some of it to bring in quite a few players” he said, continuing “and he brought in Alex Telles on a free transfer from Shakhtar, Alexandr Bryzgalov for £15.75 million from Hoffenheim, Isaac Via from Valencia Mestalla for £5 million, and Abdelhak Nouri for £14.25 million from Manchester United. So, sadly, because of that, our transfer budget has been decreased and we are not in a position to increase it again. Therefore, you will only have a warchest of £13.5 million to work with. I hope you can make do with it!” Sandro told me, perhaps a bit disappointed to bring me this news.

“I suppose that will be fine, but just ensure that you free up some funds for me whenever the club can afford to. Otherwise I am happy with the squad. Just a few tweaks are all that’s needed!” I assured him.

With that done, I was nonetheless disappointed to have a reduced budget, but I was sure that it wont be that big of a problem. We can get through it. Yes, we can.

Player Profiles :

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