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Super Soccer 4-2-3-1 (9.3) Tactic.

Started on 3 May 2009 by FmLover
Latest Reply on 4 June 2009 by RedArmy20
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Almost the same as wonderful football tactic, but this is made up for 9.3 patch.
And its for you who are big fans of 4-2-3-1 tactic.

The type of player you need:
GK : Standard Goalkeeper.

CB : Your right CB's must have a good marking,tackling,jumping,and heading (heading and jumping are very important,because he will give you a goal from a corner)
And your Left CB's must have a good marking,tackling,and pace. (put your best pace defender here)

FB : Tackling,pace,and dribbling is a very needed attributes, as they act to support heavily on defend and will get forward whenever possible. (just make your FB often run with the ball if your team playing at home or facing a team that are slightly/heavily weaker than you)

MC : Right MC must have a good Passing,Creativity,and work rate..tackling and long shot is a bonus (support on attack)
Left MC is support on defend so he must have a good tackling,work rate,and passing..creativity and long shot is a bonus too.

AMC : AM center will act like your second striker so you must have player with a good finishing,passing,creativity,and flair.
AM right and left must have a good dribbling,pace,finishing,flair.. passing and flair is a bonus.

Target Striker : its totally up to you. If u put a tall strong striker he will score most goals with the head from side croses. if u put a fast technical he will score most goals from running through defense line and searching the passes from OMC to score himself.

and also No playmaker and targetman ticked in this tac.

This tactic will work better if your midfield player has a good long shot skill. Example player is Gokhan Inler from Udinese.

I split this tactic into 3 parts:

Super Soccer Attack: Home or facing the inferior team
Super Soccer Standard: Away or facing the superior team (home)
Super Soccer Control: Away when facing the superior team (away)


When you are leading at first half, try to switch the tactic on the break.

- Attack to Standard
- Standard to Control

And here it is the download link:

I’m currently managing Man City and Udinese and having success with them, and if you ask me to post the screenshots, I will post it later.

To make this tactic better, I hope you can help me with your feedback.

we know because theres already a topic and download page about it
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esta tactica me funcionaria en la liga española?
kun10 : esta tactica me funcionaria en la liga española?

then click on "SUBMIT A NEW ENTRY".

do it please.
This is superb tactic i've been thought so...
i've been used this for my manchester utd team
sumtimes 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-1-2-1 or sumtimes 4-3-2-1 or maybe 4-4-2
i always change formation if needed
absolutely briliant tactics
there's no save & load or whatever...
i've been totally surprised with this team

1st season won 7 trophies but struggling with the lower team
2nd season won another 7 trophies but still struggling with the underdogs
3rd season won 6 trophies struggling with the Liverpool,Man City,Villa & lower team

juz bought 5 players in three season

M.Veloso -21M pound
Lionel Messi - 100M pound
Akinfeev - 19M pound
J.Moutinho - 12.75M pound
M.Sakho - 12.75M pound
can you post screen shots please?
read my comment above, if you have a good tactic to share to people. make a page about it on the link i gave 2 posts earlier. thanks :)

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